Scrapbook Convention, here I come!

Today is Friday, and I feel like this week has been so slow! ARGH! Must be because I’ve been so anxious to go to the bay area scrapbook convention. I told myself to set a spending limit, which I did, but we shall see if I stick to my rule. Seriously though, you can’t blame me if I go over that limit because they’re going to have a bunch of new lines and new products. Any scrapper knows you can’t resist when you see something cute and new! I’ll have to post pictures of my cool finds this weekend.

Hopefully there’ll be some samples of the new Basic Grey Granola Collection. When I first saw this line, I swear my eyes were like sparkling. I want this collection, every item!

I’ve always been a Basic Grey fan, but the colors on this paper are so natural and so me! I think this collection will work really great with those photos of your summer outdoor adventures, or any of those outdoorsy pictures you’ve been wanting to scrapbook. And, I can’t wait to get my hands on this collection’s rub ons! I’ve never had a problem with their rub ons. You don’t have to rub at them for days, and you don’t have to rub really hard. They come off really smoothly, and look amazing on any project. If you haven’t tried them, I would totally recommend giving it a shot! It’s totally worth your money.

More good news – We get the keys to our house this weekend! I know that sounds pretty lame, but it’s really exciting for us because we’ve been waiting months and months for this place. It was a short sale, so we had to sit around and wait (and wait and wait) for the bank to process everything. And to make situations even more complicated, the seller’s lender was Countrywide. Yes, this is the bank that was going under so they were bought over by Bank of America. Thus, it took months (and months and months). So, to actually get the keys is a very exciting moment! Once those keys are dangling in our hands, we’re going to start the whole remodeling process, and boy, that’s going to be a long and stressful project. We’re doing the whole house by ourselves, so it’s going to keep me busy for the next couple of months.

Check back soon for pics of my weekend adventure at the scrapbook convention!

Hugs, sarah



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3 responses to “Scrapbook Convention, here I come!

  1. Deanna

    Congrats on the house! We are in a similar situation, except we’re selling a house- short sale. I hope everything goes well for the people who put in an offer. It’s kind of out of our hands at the moment. Hope you have a wonderful time at the convention! I haven’t been to one in years!
    Happy Scrappin’ and enjoy your weekend!

  2. Deanna

    p.s. Love your layouts on your sidebar! Very nice!

  3. Andie

    Yay! Hopefully all goes well with the house! Scrapbook convention? I didn’t even know one existed until you said you were going to one

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