Scrapbooking, dog boutiques, and cakes… Oh My!

Today was a very adventurous day for us! We woke up pretty early but ended up with a late start. The scrapbook convention was incredible! Scrappers from all over the area shared in the over excitement and glee of finding bargains all over the Santa Clara convention center! I totally stuck to my budget limit like I had planned. Woot, go me! The best deals, I think, were the great selection of paper! I totally loaded up on my paper stash.

After spending time at the scrapbook convention, Maui got to spend the day out with her Momma.  We explored the bay looking for some fun dog boutiques and learning how to socialize in public. Boy, was she a good pup! While hanging out in Palo Alto, we found two cute boutiques, Bowlicious and Dog Town. Bowlicious had a bunch of cool dog stuff. They had a wide variety of dog collars, which are totally worth looking at. I thought they were a little pricey, but then again, they were totally adorable.

While walking around Palo Alto, Maui met some new friends. She met Jessie, the black Miniature Schnauzer in Dog Town. They spent their whole visit in Dog Town together exploring all the dog treats and toys.  After playing with Jessie, we walked around downtown Palo Alto and made a quick stop at Satura Cakes. We got a tiny cake to go for a yummy dessert after dinner. Yum Yum Yum.

On our way home, we stopped by our new home in Sunnyvale. Maui decided to have tons of fun in our patio. She pounced around the fallen leaves and ran around the house like it was her own stomping grounds, hehe. While we were headed out, she met her neighbor Jackie, the cute and shy Jack Russell Terrier. Not even officially moved in, and we made friends with the neighbors! Jackie loved us so much, she followed us to the car. Now, we really can’t wait to move in – fun patio, new friends, and new house. It can’t get any better!

Tomorrow, we’re off to another fun adventure in the city. We’re headed to a dog friendly cafe followed by a day at the beach, so we’re signing off to get some rest! If we make it to Half Moon Bay tomorrow, we’ll probably take a quick stop to Luna’s Memories.

Ciao, Sarah



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2 responses to “Scrapbooking, dog boutiques, and cakes… Oh My!

  1. Hey Sarah!

    Thanks for dropping by my scrapblog! A great congrats to you too for making the team! I’ll le looking forward to working with you =)

    I saw your gallery and I’m in love with your works!!!

  2. denitza

    WOW! I wish I can grab some of these tiny yummy cakes!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love all your work!

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