Boxes, boxes, everywhere.

When I woke and realized it was Monday, my heart started to race. I only have about a week left to pack everything. I’m no where even close to being done. …and not to mention I’m not going to be home this weekend because I’m going up to Tahoe to spend a weekend in a cabin before the move. The trip to Tahoe has been planned for some time, and it’s my mother’s birthday celebration, so I’ve got to manage to pack all of my belongings before Friday.

On another note, I haven’t mentioned in my blog yet that I was selected last week to be a park of Pink Sketches Design Team (Thank you, Kelli). This is really exciting for me because I’ve never designed for anyone before! Look for the launch of Pink Sketches on Aug 17th. I just finished my first LO, and sent it over to Kelli, so look for that soon!

My body feels so tired from this weekend. I feel like I was travelling for days, even though it was only one weekend of fun and adventure. On Sunday, we started our day off earlier and headed over to the city to have breakfast at Dolores Park Cafe. It’s such a cute cafe with a wonderful outdoor patio, which is totally dog friendly. If you want a laid back place to eat and want to bring your pooch with you, check this place out!

After munching on my scrambled eggs and toast, we spent some time playing at Dolores Park. Maui loved all the attention and making new friends with the other dogs. Here’s a funny story to share: while we were sitting just enjoying people watching, a big black dog came over to us, and he started to “number one” on Maui’s bag. His owner was very apologetic towards us and said it’s a new recent bad habit. I could’ve been upset and annoyed, but I just laughed it off and thought to myself, “Well maybe he likes Maui so much, he wanted to mark her as his territory!” hehe.

After playing in the city, we decided to drive down the coast and hit up Half Moon Bay for lunch. I can not even tell you how clear the sky along the coast was yesterday. It was absolutely blue and beautiful. There were surfers galore at Ocean Beach and Pacifica. I think the coolest move I saw was some guy did a really awesome cut back (I don’t know much about surfing, but I’m slowly learning how cool it really is)! While we were in HMB, I searched everywhere for Luna’s Memories, the scrapbook store, and I could not find it even though I gallavanted all around this tiny quaint town. I eventually found out that it had moved to El Granada. Bummers, I was totally looking forward to browsing their paper stash!

For lunch, we had some really great speciality pizza at It’s Italia Pizzeria Risstorante. It was one of the best pizzas I have ever had. It had mild Italian sausage with pesto on it! I absolutely love pesto, so this was definitely my pizza! I think when I had back to Half Moon Bay, I’m going to eat there again! Not only do they have pizza, they’ve got other food as well. Here’s another customer’s order:

If you’re ever  headed to this town, definitely stop by this restaurant. You’ll totally love it. Plus, their free serving of bread is to die for. It tastes so incredible!

Okay, althought it was fun rambling on about my weekend, I can’t procrastinate any longer. I must get back to packing.

Adios, sarah.

Oh, and I can’t forget — my latest creation: “Happy Campers.”

Happy Campers



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3 responses to “Boxes, boxes, everywhere.

  1. That looks better than anything else I’ve eaten in the last 2 weeks…. save for the chow mein and honey-walnut shrimp I keep mentioning. >_>

  2. I love your page. I just got that PP.

  3. fatass

    i was reading through this and started to scroll down and got distracted by the food picture and didn’t finish reading…sorry

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