Update on my move.

I haven’t posted in a while, I know. I’ve been so busy this whole week that I haven’t really gotten a chance to blog and keep up to date with everyone! Eeeps! Here’s an update on the move:

The move went fabulously. I moved the majority of my boxes (still not unpacked), but they probably won’t get unpacked because we’re currently remodeling. My thoughts on that are “Why unpack, when I have to move everything out for remodeling!?” I do have access to a box of my scrapbook supplies, so no worries, hopefully this weekend I’ll get a chance to sit down and scrap something!

We have picked out a color to our home, and have started painting. We’ve got about 40% of it done so far. It’s a little tough when there’s work and school to attend to! Boo! Hopefully we’ll be able to demolish our kitchen soon, so that we can get our new cabinets and appliances in… that way, we can start ripping out the old carpet and putting in our floor. Once I dig up my cord to upload photos, I’ll post pictures of how messy our place is right now! …and maybe i’ll update with the remodeling process.

As for me, I’m learning all the new roads and stores around here. I’ve only been here for a few days, and I definitely feel more confident than I did a few days ago. Boy, was I a mess?! hehe. Good news though – I found Michaels and the Joanns. There’s a bunch of local scrapbook stores out here too! YAY. That totally made me feel at home because I was starting to feel homesick.

Okay, I’ll update more later when I get the chance.

Bye for now, sarah.



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2 responses to “Update on my move.

  1. sounds like you’re keeping more than busy. at least you found some good crafting resources!

    good luck with the remodel!

  2. do you a scrapbooking space set up already?! sure beats the floor i bet.

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