Dog Love.

I just wanted to say, “Gosh, we love Maui!”

Yesterday, Maui was getting groomed and her ear got caught on the razor. It totally snagged her ear and cut it. She started bleeding, and a part of her ear had about 1/2 inch gash. Surprisingly, she didn’t let out a yelp or shed a tear. Just to be safe, we called the vet, and they told us to head over to the pet hospital.

They gave us three option:

1) Get stitches

2) Get it caught off

3) Let it heal on its own

For stitches, the price would have been around $500! So, we just opted to let it heal on its own. Nothing serious. We were told applying an anti-bacterial cream on her ear would suffice. Maui had no complaints; we walked her down the aisle of Petsmart, and she picked out a new toy for being such a trooper.

After the hospital visit, she was bathed and headed over to play with her cousins, two Westies… and her latest friend, Preston. They played for hours while we, humans, ate dinner. She had such a long day yesterday that on the car ride home, she totally passed out (with snoring)!

Now for some scrapbooking news! Scrapbook New and Review loved three of my layouts, and they are going to be published in Issue #6, which is out Sept. 17th! Totally exciting, right? Also, I found this really awesome store in Fremont – Picture Me Perfect. It has a bunch of the latest products, and I’ll definitely have to go back and thoroughly shop! hehe.

Lastly, here’s my latest layout for Pink Sketches. We are already on Sketch #5.

Title: Dog Park Blues

Description: My puppy, Maui, usually gets to go to the dog park a few times during the week. These pictures were taken on a day she didn’t get to go and hang out with her other dog friends. Note the bummed out face.

Materials: Paper: SEI – Park Buddies, MOD – Daisy in Quotes, October Afternoon-  Gazebo Others: American Crafts – Thickers (Subway), Colorbok – Flowers, Bazzill – Brads

Have a fabulous week,




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5 responses to “Dog Love.

  1. Kristin

    Sorry to hear about Maui’s ear!!!! Poor pup! It’s so hard when our baby is hurt and we cant do anything about it (except give them lots of treats) haha Hope she heals quickly! =)

  2. Poor Maui! Hope the ear is betting better! The new lo is great! Love the paper with the dogs and the flowers! Have a great day!

  3. Oh, I forgot to say congrats on the pages being picked for publication!

  4. MAUI!!!! NO!!!!!! Uncle Scott’s gonna get her a treat next time he sees her.

  5. Heya babe! Hope this doesn’t come too as too late but a huge congrats for being on The Pretty Committee DT!!! *hugz* Now I know what you’ve been busy with! *winks*
    Great job on your Pink Sketches as usual! Love them! Hope Maui is all better now =)

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