Slowly getting settled.

WARNING — this is longer than usual! hehe.

It’s been a little bit over a month since the big move, and for once I’m starting to feel settled. We finally bought a coffee table, and most of the curtains we picked out have been been mounted to the walls. I know that doesn’t seem like very much, but when you start out with nothing, it actually does mean tons. I have “before” pictures, but I’m going to wait for the kitchen to be fixed before I post everything! I’ll give you one “before” picture to contemplate how the “after” will turn out.

Originally, some of the walls had wood paneling, which we ended pulling off the wall. And no, that is not the color of our walls anymore. For the fireplace, we’re still contemplating how to fix it up. Any ideas? (Note: Check out Maui in the corner roaming around!)

Maui’s ear is healing up fast, and it’s not that noticeable! I’m so glad we opted to not pay $500 for the stitching procedure. She’s been thoroughly enjoying the new house, especially the new floor rug we got, and dog park adventures have been keeping her active and healthy. This past weekend we decided to spend some time in the city (San Francisco), and she had tons of fun! Here are some recent fun pictures of her:

Playing in the newly installed curtains.

What a naughty potty!

What a naughty potty!

We learned that she loves to play in them.

Dog park fun with cousin Mina (Westie)

Dog park fun with cousin Mina (Westie).

2.5 mi around the lake! Go, Maui, Go!

2.5 mi around the lake! Go, Maui! ...and Mina and Milo!

On the way to another outdoor adventure.

On the way to another outdoor adventure.

Pink Sketches is now on Sketch #6. Make sure you check it out! It’s one of my favorite sketches so far! The rest of the girls on the DT did a fabulous job with this one, so make sure to head over and join us for tons of fun. Here’s my take on it:

Title: Outdoor Fun

Description:I had fun working with this layout. It’s one of my playing in the jungle trees and shrubs of Hawaii! On this, I got creative and used a brown bag that was lying around. I kept trying to find paper to color coordinate with this layout, but I couldn’t find anything, so I ended up using the brown bag. I crumpled it up to create dimension and texture to the paper.

Materials: Paper: Basic Grey – Mellow, October Afternoon – Gazebo, Bazzill cardstock Other Scenic Route – chipboard, Bazzill – flowers and brads.

And the latest card I made for my special someone who finds dinosaurs interesting!

Until later,




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3 responses to “Slowly getting settled.

  1. I could have sworn you’ve scrapbooked that picture before. Hoshi feels left out because of all the Maui pages–He wants to be “dino-mite” as well. πŸ˜›

    BTW, did you buy me anything at Wal*Mart? I hope I get to see it when you visit Friday. πŸ˜‰

  2. Heya Sarah!
    Seems like things are going pretty well for you!!! You know, I would have thought that house moving would involve that the new house would be all ready (with renovations and interior design all done up) before literally moving in and then unpack!!!

    I was like WOW! when I saw the raw form of it all! It’s really different from how we do things in Singapore! LOL! Looking forward to your beautiful creations for Sketch #7 babe! You rocked Sketch #6!

  3. Hey, the house is coming along! Maui looks very into the curtains! Love the use of the brown paper bag! Also, the card is so very cute! Have a great weekend and thanks for always stopping by!

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