Georgia on my mind.

I flew into Atlanta this past Monday, and I have spent the last couple days out here in Georgia exploring different popular attractions. I got to visit some pretty cool places and, of course, a couple scrapbook stores out here, hehe. My favorite place thus far is World of Coca Cola. I recommend visiting this attraction if you come to visit the Peach State! It’s not just about the soda; it’s also about the history of the company. On top of that, they let you sample 60 different Coke products from all around the world! Downtown Atlanta has some other cool things to check out like Centennial Olympic Park and the largest aquarium in the world! Here are some random photos from my visit!

Free soda!

Free soda!

Playing in the world of Coke!

Coke fun!

The best Coke I've ever had!

The best Coke I've ever had!

Georgia Aquarium goodness!

Georgia Aquarium goodness!

Atlanta, host of the 1996 Olympics.

Atlanta, host of the 1996 Olympics.

Be good, recycle!

Be good, recycle!

CNN Headquarters.

CNN Headquarters.

Civil War canon.

Civil War canon.

Short hike at a civil war battle ground.

Georgia is also a great place to shop for scrapping goodness! I spent way too much at the stores out here, and it’s going to be a challenge to pack it all in my carry-on luggage. I visited Your Scrapbook Clearance Center and Archiver’s.  Here’s one day’s worth from Your Scrapbook Clearance Center (I have not yet taken a picture of all the stuff from Archiver’s that I bought):

And here’s some random photos around Archiver’s (this was a totally fun and well spent visit):

Once I get more pictures uploaded to my computer, I’ll have to share more of my trip out to Georgia with y’all, hehe! 🙂

I’m back to California tomorrow!




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10 responses to “Georgia on my mind.

  1. Andie

    i hope some of that is for my RAK giveaway! jk!

    I’m glad you had so much fun in Georgia. I’m sure Maui misses you like mad. Well update more pictures so I have something to do at work!

    have a safe flight back.

  2. Did you visit CNN? You know you want to!

  3. redoaklines

    yes, i sure saw CNN. i shall post a picture to please you! hehe.


  4. YAY CNN! I should get a CNN tshirt just to piss off Lars.

  5. I.LOVE.ATL! We used to live in GA 6 years ago. So glad you had fun time and found so much sb goodies! More pics, please!

  6. kristin

    Yay! More sb’ing goodies! haha You are going to be so freaking busy when you get back using all your fun new stuff! haha Your going to go into hibernation and not come out of the room for a few days haha Go print lots and lots of pictures!!! bye!

  7. Oh Im glad you enjoyed my state. We just moved back to GA last month and I had completely forget about the world of coke. I LOVed that place as a kiddo. Did superstore did you visiit?

  8. Oh wow!! You looked like you had a ball of a time!! And another round of SB shopping!!! OMG!!

    Muahahaha, wow! I can’t wait to see you play with those items you bought in your layouts girl!!

  9. Oh man! Look at those scrappy goodies!! *drooling*

  10. o

    Hi 🙂 I found the link to your blog over in the We Spy:You Spy comments. You’ve got a cute blog…your pup Maui is adorable! I’m a little envious of all your scrap shopping! How fun! I like your layouts that you’ve posted too.

    Just wanted to say hi. Have a nice weekend!

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