California Love.

I flew back into San Francisco late last night. All flights headed back to the West Coast were all delayed due to the storm system brewing on the East Coast today. My flight back from Georgia to Denver was super bumpy, but at least I got back safely! πŸ™‚ Flying over Northern California made me realize how much I love California. We’ve got tons of sun, beaches up and down the coast, mountains, snow, open fields, deserts, forests, and basically all other terrains. I don’t think I could be anywhere else but here. Although born in Chicago, I have decided that California is un-officially my home state.

…and more Atlanta pictures that have been uploaded:

Olympic Centennial Park Statue.

Olympic Centennial Park Statue.

Some of Atlanta's skyline.

Some of Atlanta's skyline.

Olympic Rings Fountain.

Olympic Rings Fountain.

With Gloria in Marietta Square.

With Gloria in Marietta Square.

I finally got the time to scrap! It’s been so long, so it felt good to take the time to pull out all of my new supplies from the Sacramento Expo and my Atlanta visit. Here are a couple of layouts I managed to crank out today:

…and here’s a birthday card I made:

Also, this Sunday, make sure to check back for my version of Pink Sketch #11!

Happy Friday, Sarah.

PS: Hi, Jennie! Say “Hi” to your TWO super friends.



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7 responses to “California Love.

  1. Love your pics and your layouts.


    P.S. We have a mini-schnauzer too. His name is Cooper. Happy Scrappin’!

  2. Wendy

    Hi Sarah!

    I totally agree with you. Isn’t Cali great? Your trip looked like so much fun though~ Glad to see you’ve updated with more pics!
    Hope you get to enjoy your weekend and rest up from an eventful week.


    ps. Hak and Zuni would like to send you their greetings ^__^

  3. Andie

    Love it! It’s soo cute. Yeh, hotLANTA can’t compare to the beaches of california. But hey! At least you get to travel to different places.

    Btw, I love your “all femme at 24” layout. It is soo girl.

  4. Yes but only once. It wasnt here when I left GA but Im glad to see it here now. I live about 30 minutes from there in a little hicktown.

  5. Hey gal,

    Love the layouts that you did! Especially All Femme at 24! It’s really nice to do a LO to reflect on where we’re at.


  6. Dude, I just thoughts of that Olympic jacket that was in your closet! Did you take that with you? It’s an awesome collector’s item. You wore it when we hit up the Cow Palace, remember? The picture is in the hallway. πŸ˜‰

  7. Oooh! Great pictures and layouts! But my favourite is definitely the ‘dog kiss’! Love the alpha you used! Super duper cute layout!!

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