Orange, orange, and more orange.

It’s almost Halloween time, which means our house is decked out in orange! (This makes me miss my orange cat, Hoshi. I wish he was here.)

I’m really excited about the pumpkin lights that we hung in our patio. You can see them when driving up to our home, and it totally lights up our whole patio! …And not to mention, it’s fun to be festive during the holidays!

We hung our pumpkin lights!

We hung our pumpkin lights!

Although it’s not quite yet Halloween, we carved our Half Moon Bay pumpkins because our upcoming week is busy with work and home improvement plans. Carving pumpkins was tons and tons of fun. It was totally worth the mess, and we are totally satisfied with the way our pumpkins turned out. To keep it simple, I just carved out a simple funny-faced pumpkin, whereas Gloria wanted to be an “expert.” She decided to do the haunted house design; it turned out fabulously! Maui also has her own pumpkin. Here are some pictures to share:

Maui's pumpkin before the carving.

Maui's pumpkin before the carving.

She's getting ready to carve!

She's getting ready to carve!

I thoroughly love making a mess!

I thoroughly love making a mess!

Our haunted house pumpkin.

Our haunted house pumpkin.

I picked the easy one, hehe.

I picked the easy one, hehe.

Haunted House, Silly Face, and Schnauzer!!

Haunted House, Silly Face, and Miniature Schnauzer!!

Gloria's haunted house illuminated.

The haunted house illuminated.

The cutest little pumpkin, a Miniature Schnauzer.

The cutest little pumpkin, a Miniature Schnauzer.

I also had the chance to dig into more of the scrapping goodies I recently bought. I scrapped away and got a few layouts done! I finished my upcoming layout for Pink Sketches – Sketch #12, so make sure to check back this Sunday for my finished layout. Also, you’re going to want to see all the other amazing work from the rest of the Pink Sketches DT! Here are a couple of others I got done:

I totally need some sleep now. It’s so late.

From the insomniac,




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11 responses to “Orange, orange, and more orange.

  1. Gloria

    Hey hey! I had fun carving the pumpkins. I never knew I could do that. Hahaha. Maybe next year we’ll carve the eiffel tower. =P

    Anyways, I love your pumpkin lights. Your latest layout is cute too!

  2. Andie

    Hiiii, I love your layouts of the beach. It is totally rad! You went to Kennesaw?! What is out there?

    I love your schnauzer pumpkin. It is awesome. Hopefully there aren’t any naughty kids out to destroy your pumpkins! Happy halloween!

  3. brenda

    I love your pumpkins. They are awesome!
    I would have went with easy as well!!!
    Great scrapbook pages!

  4. Oooh! I love ‘The Haunted House’!!

    Great layouts! Love how you did the title on the 2nd one! The birdie is oh so cute!!

  5. Those are some fabulous carving!

    Im trying to make way to doing a sketch over at Pink Sketches. Im hoping to try soon though! πŸ™‚

  6. You Have An Awesome Blog Keep Up The Good Work ..Cheers πŸ™‚

  7. LOVE the pumpkins! They are so awesome! I think they all came out perfectly!

  8. Love those cute pumpkins Sarah! They look fabulous!
    Great new layouts too! I like the Hike LO the best.

  9. RLionel

    OH MY! How cute! Those pumpkins are so precious. I’m hoping kids can carve something like that tomorrow with their new hunting knives!

    You absolutely have to scrapbook something about Halloween. It’s such a fun holiday to get together and enjoy the company of family, friends, and God.

  10. The pumpkins turned out awesome! I love the haunted house! Love the lights too! The photo on ” Our Spot ” is amazing! So is the lo and the other one too-I love the little birdie!

  11. WOOOOOWWWWW!!! those pumpkins turned out amazing — u rock at carving pumpkins!!! keep making messes, cuz its really inspiring πŸ™‚

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