Smiles, smiles, smiles… and another RAK!!

I can’t seem to stop smiling. I got an email that notified me that one of my projects is going to be published in a magazine! I’ve been published and featured on the internet before, but I’ve never been printed in a magazine! I don’t even know what to say to that. I guess thanks to all the people around me who have supported my hobby and to all my blog readers.

In celebration, I went out to the city to have dinner at Cafe Flore! I absolutely love their slider burgers. Yummy! If you ever make it out, you have to try it!

Slider burgers, so delicious.

Slider burgers, so delicious.

I can't stop smiling!Can’t stop smiling!!
"Mom, I'm hungry too!"

"Mom, I'm hungry too!"

…and because I would not be the scrapper I am today without the support I get from my family and friends, I’d like to host another RAK! ALL OF YOU drive me to become a better scrapper, so all are welcome to be entered into a random drawing for a small RAK from my scrapping stash!

  • Comment on this posting by Sunday (11/2) to be entered!
  • …and if dressing up for Halloween, share what you are going as,
  • …and if you have a blog, post a link to my blog and share the news about my RAK! The more players, the better!

On another note, I ended up on picking the Winter Scott collar for Maui, and I will be ordering that very soon!

Last but not least, here’s another recent layout that I managed to crank out of my hectic schedule! Hope you like it! I love the bright and bold colors to it!

Smiling big, sarah.



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19 responses to “Smiles, smiles, smiles… and another RAK!!

  1. Maui is thinking: “Can we visit Uncle Scott? He’ll give me treats because he gets paid at the end of the month.”

    P.S.: I suddenly want burgers.

  2. Gloria

    congrats on the publishing. I wish the things I did in life were more fun instead of spending it in a cubicle or an airplane.

    cheers! congrats!

  3. Andie

    Hi!!! Love your stuff! That is so cool that you had so much fun celebrating. Those sliders look spectacular! Anyways, just wanted to say congratulations. Keep us on our toes until we find out which one you’re being published on!

  4. CONGRATS! CONGRATS! You deserve it! Yummy sliders-I wanna have one right now! I love the bright colors on the lo as well and the way you did the title!

  5. kristin

    Congrats!!! How exciting!!! Looks like you guys had fun in the city… Hope you make it for Halloween! heehee

  6. Congrats on getting published! And I love your scrapbooking. You’ve inspired me to post some of my own scrapbooking. Great content for a blog. =)

  7. First of all WTG! In what magazine are you going to be publish in? Also you made me hungry with that picture of those burgers! I can stop laughing at the picture of Maui. What a cute picture! Once again WTG on the being publish and I will update my blog with a link to yours.

  8. Congrats on getting published, how awesome is that! Love the brightness mixed with the neutrals on your layout, very nice :o)

  9. love the new LO! congrats on being published!!! how exciting!!!

  10. Renee K

    Congrats, neighbor! LOL Great job!

  11. Aileen

    Just want to congratulate you on being published. Way to go! Love you layouts! Which magazine, btw?

  12. mel brand

    congrats and that one YUMMY burger!!cute furbaby too

  13. Yuzefa

    Congratulations! Way to go! I’m really happy for you!
    You make gorgeous layouts! 🙂

  14. hey sarah! big congrats to you on the mag publishing!! you deserve it for sure, i love your work! I’m gonna link my blog to your’s, have a great day 🙂

  15. Congratulations to you!!! It’s always great when that happens 🙂 Will definitely send the word round 🙂

  16. Nikki

    congrats on being published! That’s awesome!!!

  17. Yay! Congrats! You so deserve it, my dear!!

    I love the pictures in this layout and how you did the title is awesome!!!

  18. Thats wonderful! It has got to be very satisfying to be recognized like that for doing something that you love and that is so important (for the soul)!! Scrappin….what can I say?

  19. cool blog Sarah! just wanted to say hello, thanks for stopping by ScrapStars, hope we get to see a layout from you 🙂

    Maui is SUPERCUTE & those sliders look delish!!!!

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