Kitchen Remodel Pictures.

I know, I know… This is the third post of the day, but I couldn’t help posting the pictures of our kitchen. I’m really excited about all of the hard work and money put into the kitchen… I was so excited that dinner was cooked in the new kitchen! …and what’s even better is that I’m ready to shop around for all of my kitchen cooking needs such as pots, pan, dutch ovens, and everything else you can think of!

Walking into the kitchen.

Before: Walking into the kitchen.

Walking into the kitchen.

After: Walking into the kitchen.

The left side.

Before: The left side.

The left side.

After: The left side.

The right side.

Before: The right side.

The right side. (Paint in dining room is not done.)

After: The right side. (Paint in dining room is not done.)

The sink.

Before: The sink.

The sink.

After: The sink. (We still don't have our countertop put in yet.)

Ahh, the bliss of a new kitchen!

Ahh, the bliss of a new kitchen!

Cooking in the new kitchen.

Cooking in the new kitchen.

Eww, dog drool in the new kitchen, haha.

Eww, Maui drool in the new kitchen, haha.

All I can say is that this took a lot of patience. Hopefully, my room will be done soon, and I can update pictures on that as well.

I had the chance to scrapbook this afternoon. Here are my most recent layouts:

My Drive

Title: My Drive

Description: I made this one to indicate a passion I have. That being said, one of my main passions is my determination to make the world a more tolerable place. I say no to H8 (hate). Journaling reads: “i don’t tolerate inequality i believe in loving every one i stand up for what i believe in no on h8 why? because i can”

Soda Fun

Title: Soda Fun

Description: Just a fun layout I did from my trip to the World of Coca-Cola. I used the circle stickers to get that soda pop feel!

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday. It’s making me pretty anxious.




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12 responses to “Kitchen Remodel Pictures.

  1. I’m jealous of the sink. I need to go visit one of these weekends. Get away from this ridiculously conservative town… Oops did I say that out loud?

  2. Vote for EQUALITY! California, vote NO on Prop 8!

  3. Andie

    Love it! Love your new kitchen and your layout. It’s beautiful! I also loved how your little monster drooled all over the floor already.

    Your LO is the first one I’ve seen on how you feel. That is awesome girl!

  4. Vel

    Well holy cow, great kitchen remodel! Must be cold in the kitchen, huh, since Maui’s wearing a sweater. hehehe 😉 LOVE the new pages too!

  5. Hey girl!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog~! I really like your style, too. I am adding you to my blog list.
    And the new kitchen…wow! It really brightens up and looks so more modern!
    Have a great day!

  6. Your kitchen looks great! Enjoy! I love your scrappin style too! Great layouts! 🙂

  7. kristin

    Looks great! How exciting!!! Woohoo!!!! On to the next project heehee

  8. Oh WOW, it looks FABULOUS!! You lucky thang you!!

  9. thank you for the sweet comment sarah!Love your blog !

  10. WOW! Your kitchen looks amazing! What a great change! Love, love the sink! I also love you ” My Drive” lo-great journaling! ” Soda Fun” is great too-I remember how many different kids of coke products they had/still have there. So cool!

  11. blueeyeddog

    Great layouts! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

  12. Oh! I so love the kitchen! I can picture myself cooking feast in there! LOL!

    And awesome layouts! Give me some of your mojo please! I’m so running dry!! :”(

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