RAK winner!

…and the winner to the RAK is: Kristin

Congratulations and thanks again for being a Red Oak Lines reader! I’ll have your goodies mailed out to you as soon as possible! And to everyone else who participated, thanks again to all who stop by to leave me lots of love and encouragement. All of the encouragement has gotten me pretty far. Another giveaway is scheduled in the near future, so stay tuned for that!

The kitchen is finally done, except for the countertops! We’ve only got plywood in, but it’s still a functional and working kitchen! I am so excited to start cooking and baking again. I’m so tired of eating out at restaurants. Bwech. I’ll take more pictures of the kitchen tonight and post before and after pictures. It was a total embarassment before, but I’m totally loving the look of it now!

Happy Monday,




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2 responses to “RAK winner!

  1. Karen

    Hi Sarah,

    I’ve tagged you – hope that’s ok?? Info is on my blog – http://makeandcreate.blogspot.com/

    Karen xx

  2. kristin

    Yay!!!! I won! haha I cant believe it. heehee Can’t wait to see pics of the kitchen, im so excited for you guys! woohoo!!!! Now we can share fun new recipes… heehee How DG!!!!

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