I voted.

Today is November 4, 2008, which means it’s my brother Sean’s birthday. It also means it is election day in the United States.

I used my right. I voted.

You also have the right to not vote.

Hopeful but anxious,




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4 responses to “I voted.

  1. Gloria

    I hope Sean gets what he wants. As I am not afraid to say…go Barack Obama.

    Thank you for voting today.

  2. kristin

    I voted too! LoL I agree with Gloria im not afraid to say… go Barack and NO on Prop 8!!! heehee I’m anxiously awaiting!!!!!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to Sean! Yay for voting! I wish I can vote, but I can’t. My 5 year old had to ” vote” at school, so he voted instead of me. Go Barack-I’m so exited he won!

  4. Luiza

    I wish I could vote too! I am not american, but I had my choice šŸ™‚

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