Hayes Valley, SF.

Everyone knows that I absolutely LOVE my food. I always try to find new eateries to taste or search for new recipes to cook.

Since yesterday was Gloria’s birthday, it was an excuse to eat good food! We headed off to the city to eat at Frjtz for lunch. This place has some amazing Belgian fries; I can’t even explain how good they were. Basically you pick what type of fries you want, and then pick what kind of dip you want! They also have amazing crepes – both sweet and savory!

After lunch, we walked around Hayes Valley checking out the different shops in the area. I can’t wait until Christmastime; the shops’ window displays are going to look amazing! There were a few stores that I thought I’d share with everyone.

  1. Lavish: The place has some cute little things. It’s one of those stores that would catch any scrapper’s attention. It’s so quaint and filled with cute goodies – cards, jewelery, candles, clothing, handbags… basically all things CUTE! This was my favorite item in the store, and I’m totally tempted to put this on my Christmas wish list:
  2. Babies: This is another cute pet boutique in San Francisco. When I first walked in, I was startled by the bark that came from the corner of the store. It was just the owner’s pooch greeting us with a puppy “hello.” They’ve got cute collars and clothes for your pooch or kitty in here. …and Maui started her Christmas woof list as well:
  3. Flight001: If you travel frequently, this will become your new favorite store. They have everything you’ll ever need when you fly. I thought this ID/passport holder was super cute:

After spending time shopping around Hayes Valley, we headed over to Citizen Cake to grab a bite of dessert. We were super lucky and managed to stop by the patisserie when the famous head chef Elizabeth Falkner was there hosting an event. I thought that was really exciting considering I have seen her on the Food Netwok many times before. We ordered vanilla cupcakes and a cup of cappuccino to sip. It was quite the dessert!

…and of course, one cupcake is not enough for me. I’m a cupcake lover, so we headed to Palo Alto to pick up some delicious Sprinkles Cupcakes! I’ve had their cupcakes from the Scottsdale, AZ, location, but since they opened another shop in my area, I could not resist. Besides, I owed Gloria a birthday cupcake (yes, I know it’s an excuse)!

Now, on to some scrapping related stuff… I won a RAK over at Confessions of a Scrapaholic. Thanks for offering out a RAK, Mia!

…and I was tagged by Irene.

So, if I have tagged you, these are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Seven facts about myself.

1. I LOVE ketchup, and I could seriously eat it with anything.

2. I want another Miniature Schnauzer to keep Maui company when I’m not at home.

3. I was born in Chicago, Illinois.

4. I love using neutral and earthy colors when I scrap.

5. I have a slight addiction to Thickers and Stickles, hehe.

6. I graduated from the University of California, Davis with a double major (Sociology with an emphasis in law and society and Psychology).

7. I LOVE decorating for any and all holiday(s)!

I am now going to tag these gals. I’m not sure if they have been tagged already, but it’s worth a shot.








Hopefully off to get some scrapping done,




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16 responses to “Hayes Valley, SF.

  1. Now if you love food and ever come to my area. I’ll have to take you to the “Shrimp Factory” here in Savannah. Its full of sea food and o so good. I should say yummy! 🙂 Now off to do some more scrapping and then to do the tag! Have a fabulous wednesday!

  2. OMG!! I hate you!!! Those killer fries and cupcake! Oh! And that bag!!! I WANT!!!

  3. omg! great post! i’ll start from the top…

    those shops? fabulous! i must head up to the city to check them out.
    1. love that bag. did they have two?
    2. i know a poodle who will have a stuffed stocking this yea.
    3. love that travel wallet! love anything travel related!

    i must get some places from you to stop by when i’m in SF!

    and a sprinkles in palo alto?!!!?? i’m going TOMORROW!

    ps. i think addictions to thickers and stickles are perfectly healthy. and, as for decorating, i would already be working on christmas if it werent for that i was having thanksgivng at my house this year. and i cant stop buying pumpkins!!! its giong to be like a dang pumpkin patch here in two weeks. (will post photos, promise) i even bought another 5 medium sized ones at trader joes for 50 cents each!!!! that being said, the day after thanksgiving, i will be drinking eggnog and putting the garland up on the mantle!

    scratch maui’s ears for me!

  4. You’ve made it your job to make me want cake this week, haven’t you?

    Well done! 😀

  5. Jessica

    Those goodies look soooo yummy! Fun blog challenge to read, too!

  6. Hey gal! Wow! Seems like you’ve been to alot of happening places!

    You gotta bring me to try out those yummy looking cupcakes when I visit San Fran next year!!!

    Oh yes, I’ve done the needful for being tagged =P go and read!

  7. Vel

    OK, you’re just way too cute with your food posts!

  8. Happy Birthday to Gloria! All the best, always! Hope you were able to get to the cupcakes before Sarah! 🙂
    Fries, cupcakes, awesome bag and travel wallet-you are killing me here! I love the bag, and the fries, and the cupcakes-yummy, yumm! Thickers-they must put something in them-everyone loves them, me too!
    And last , but not least, can’t wait to see your Christmas decorations! Have a great day! I’m off to make some fries-9:30 in the a.m. 🙂

  9. Andie

    Love the food! Augh! I drool for fries! those cupcakes are scrumptious

  10. Gloria

    Awesome! Thanks for the birthday wishes and shout out. I absolutely love sprinkles, although compared to Magnolia’s I’d still say MAGS takes the “cake!”

    Thanks for a fun birthday. I haven’t been able to relax in months. Hard work definitely always pays off. 🙂

  11. Yum fries and cupcakes nothing could be better.

  12. oh and she totally needs a buddy too

  13. that cupcake has my mouth watering…

  14. Ok, Sarah… you HAVE to tell me where “Sprinkles” is located in Scottsdale! I was JUST there last week, but will be going back to Phoenix for the 1/2 marathon in January. That would be a delish way to end the race! 🙂

    Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog! Made me smile! 🙂

  15. at one point i thought u said u could eat ketchup W/OUT anything i was like ummmmmmmmm….

    but then again we’re talking about it being 4AM.

    i’m jealous of the fries/crepes place… and the cupcakes… and the RAK (LOL). anytime you are in DFW get ahold of me and i will take you to the best place i’ve ever eaten in my life, it’s in a GAS STATION, it’s cheap, and it’s 5-star gourmet dining every night of the week. i’m not kidding, i have never had better food anywhere… you get to the point halfway through the meal where u look around and go HOLY CRAP IM IN A GAS STATION WTF? just trust me on that one 😉

  16. 1. I enjoy reading your blog because in some way or another you are being creative. Sometimes it is in your decorating or taking fun photos especially of the cute look on Maui’s face in the “I want to go home” pic.

    2. We have a few traditions for the holidays but one of my Favorites this week for thanks giving is after we say grace over the food we take the time to go around the table and tell one another what we are thankful for. Then we eat all the family recipes.

    3. done and done though my blog is in progress I will put it up on mine on sb.com

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