Exciting news!

I was doing my daily rounds of blog surfing, and I found out that BOTH me and Julie won Challenge #7 over at ScrapStars!! How exciting is that?! This totally just made my weekend. I won a scrapping gift certificate to Scrap Attack Scrapbooking, and some goodies over at Mollie’s Etsy shop, The Jelly Bean Joint! I’m super excited to play with her stuff. If you haven’t checked out her shop, head on over because she’s got some really cute goodies! Here are a couple of items in her shop:

On top of all of this great stuff, I was offered to be a guest designer for this really fun and inspiring challenge blog site! I can’t wait to start working on my layouts. The gals over at ScrapStars are issuing a new challenge this weekend, so make sure to check back soon for my layout!

Last night, I went to see Mason Jennings in concert at the Fillmore. I had a great time watching people dance around; it’s true… I think that is the best part to a concert – people watching, hehe. Anyway, I really enjoyed listening to Zach Gill, who played alongside Mason. The way he plays the piano is amazing. …and did you know that Zach is part of Jack Johnson‘s band?! No wonder I was mesmorized by Zach’s artistry (…and besides the fact that I thought he looked familiar)! If you haven’t already picked up a copy, make sure to get Jack’s latest album – Sleep Through The Static. It’s one of those CDs I listen to when I want to unwind after a long day.

After the concert, we wanted to extend the night by hitting up Jubili. If you’re ever in San Francisco and you want some really good frozen yogurt, go there! The yogurt was so simple, yet so good. The best part was that it wasn’t too sweet like most yogurts tend to be. There were toppings galore – cereals and fruits of all sorts!

Now, it’s back to work.




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10 responses to “Exciting news!

  1. michelle l.

    that yogurt looks sooooooo delicious. you’re making me want some of that now.

    and congrats on winning! it was such a cute layout you made!

  2. kate

    i have that cd and it’s really good ๐Ÿ™‚ congrats on being a GT for scrapstars, you deserve it! as for that frozen yogurt, YUUUUUUUUUUM-O!

  3. Debbie

    Hi Sarah,
    Just wanted to let you know that you are linked up on Blog Around the World. Check in daily to see where in the world we are headed next!

  4. YEAH! So glad to have you join us over at scrapstars as a guest dt! Cant wait to see your layout!

    Im also going to make sure I have eaten before coming by your blog :)! You are always making me hungry :)!!

  5. Forgot to mention, please send me your email address, so I can send you your G.C for SBC. You are the winner for my RAK I was giving away!

  6. hi new friend,
    super ty for visiting my blog — just had a quick peek at your site and wow — it makes me want to eat bake scrap all at the same time — you gotta teach me how to bake cupcakes,…..

    i hope you can visit our egroup for filo scrappers based in Manila at http://www.scrappinmoms.net
    and click the link to the groups,.. it will take you to scrapbooks exchange.. lots of international scrappers there too..


  7. Congrats on being the DT!!! You so so deserve it!! Your work is awesome!

    And that yogurt looks killer!!!

  8. I’m certainly gonna look at scrapstars when you are the guest designer! Congratulations!

  9. Hi!! Congrats on winning over at scrapstars! ๐Ÿ™‚ You totally deserved it ๐Ÿ™‚ And The Jelly Bean Joint has a new blog and flickr group now so be sure to check that out too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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