Maui Owie. =(

Warning, this is a wordy and long rant about STUPID people, so excuse me if I say mean things. One of the images below looks kind of GROSS, so beware!

I wish that dog owners were more responsible for their dogs. Maui is a regular to the local dog park, and she’s made friends with the dogs that frequently visit the park as well. Yesterday, I decided to take her to run around and get some exercise, but unfortunately some IRRESPONSIBLE dog owner (never seen him before) was there too. ARGH!!

Maui walked towards this man who is sitting on a bench, and he instigated her to come closer while his dog was sitting in front of him. What is a social and friendly dog’s reaction to this? Well, it’s simple, the dog usually approaches the human to get free love and scratches… and that’s what Maui did. His dog was growling menacingly while he kept petting her, and it made me feel really uneasy. I figured this man had his dog under control. While Maui started to walk away from this man, his DAMN dog, a Chow breed, got aggressive and attacked her (random info for non-dog owners: dogs can sometimes get aggressive when they are jealous and possessive of their owners!!!). A Chow breed dog?! That is seriously 5x bigger than Maui! This is what it looked like:

Obviously, this guy knows his dog has jealousy issues, and it can get aggressive when it’s jealous, so why in the heck would he instigate Maui to come closer while his own dog is right there?! I never really care when BIG dogs play rough with her or chase her; she loves it! …but this is the first time I’ve been SUPER upset with another dog owner at this park!

Usually when owners know their dogs have jealousy issues, they ease them into the situation by holding them back while they pet a different dog. Simultaneously, they should give their own dog a treat if no aggression occurs while petting another dog. This is what I’ve learned from taking her to the dog park frequently.

Anyway, this Chow dog scratched and bit her nose. 😦 I was so upset that he let his dog attack her! He didn’t even try to stop his dog’s aggression, and on top of that, he DID NOT APOLOGIZE to me or Maui… and he did not reprimand his dog!!! ARGH! Seriously, he is teaching his dog some horrible behaviors. Now, this Chow dog is going to think it’s okay to attack when it is jealous!

Later that night, I noticed Maui was not her usual self. 😦 She didn’t bother me to play tug-o-war, and she didn’t even want to play fetch. When I left the room, she didn’t want to follow (and she always does). I knew something was wrong, so I looked at her face closely and noticed her nose was discolored. At first, I flipped out because I thought she might have gotten herpes or warts from an infected dog at the park, but then that made no sense to me. We go ALL THE TIME, and the dogs and their owners are all very responsible. Then I thought it might be a laceration from that STUPID DOG (no, I don’t hate Chows. I just dislike stupid people who don’t take care of their animals).

it got bigger this morning, and it extends into the inside of her nose.

Taken last night: it got bigger this morning, and it extends into the inside of her nose.

This morning, I went to to take her out to go to the bathroom, and she didn’t want to get up. She didn’t want to even leave her bed. She kept shivering, and I thought, “Oh crap! I think she has an infection!” I called the pet hospital, and they told me to bring her in as soon as possible. I brought her, and it turns out that Maui has an infection because of the laceration on her nose. It doesn’t help that dogs like to get their noses into everything, so it’s more susceptible to bacteria and viruses! It also turns out that she’s in a lot of pain because she didn’t want anyone to touch or examine her. Now, she’s at home fighting it by sleeping all day and taking TONS of medication. If she doesn’t get better in a few days, we have to take her back. They’re going to have to sedate her and look up her nose for other infections. My bank account is seriously not looking forward to that, so let’s hope she gets better.

…and she also has an E collar around her neck so she does not scratch her nose. She hates this thing with a passion! 😦

Poor baby!

She hates this thing.

She hates this thing.

Dont worry Lovebug, itll be off in a week!

Don't worry, Lovebug! It'll be off in a week!

So, my point to this post — PLEASE be responsible of your pets, especially if they are aggressive. Perhaps, put a muzzle on it when going to the park, or at least reprimand for bad doggy behavior!! …and make sure to apologize 😦 Don’t just get a pet because it looks cute. They are a lot of work, so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

As for scrapping, I actually finished some layouts today. I just have not scanned them. Also, I’ve been working on altered art projects for Christmas, which I am really excited about! Stay tuned for pictures. Hopefully I’ll be able to post tomorrow.

Sorry for the long entry!

Off to take care of Maui,




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26 responses to “Maui Owie. =(

  1. awwww poor Maui!! Let her know I wish her a speedy recovery and that I’m sending virtual treats her way! xox

  2. The world is loaded with stupid people. >_>

    Uncle Scott is going to have to get Maui Zawi a get well present soon!

  3. Sarah M.

    Goodness! I hope she’s feeling better soon. She can have some virtual treats from me as well.

    And you have a good point, pets are like children. You have to be responsible for them. How unfortunate that some irresponsible owner couldn’t keep his dog under control.

  4. Oh my!!!! It’s not dogs that we’re against! It’s people who doesn’t take responsibilities for things happening!

    It’s not a “it’s my right” thing….it’s a “Be a Man! Do the RIGHT thing” thing…. sheesh! I really wonder how can such inconsiderate people be pet owners??

    Give Maui my virtual hugs and kisses! I do hope she gets all better soon!

  5. OMG!! Poor Maui!! Give her my hugs and kissessss!!!

    This owner is totally irresponsible!! #%@#

  6. Jessica

    Awwww, your poor pup! If it helps Maui at all, my dog is also in one of those cone-collar things. :o(
    Irresponsible dog owners annoy me so much. Just cause their dog is nice to them, doesn’t mean they’re nice to everyone else. I hope Maui’s better soon!

  7. I really hope she feels better and gets over her infection! I’ll hate that collar if I have to wear it too! Poor thing! I just hope this dog doesn’t attack any other dogs and I hope you are not at the park at the same time with this dude, ever again!

  8. Awww… that is awful. Give Maui extra hugs + kissses & she’ll feel better soon! 🙂

  9. Andie

    Horrible! Horrible dog owners (squishies) suck! I hope someone reports the guy and the dog gets sent to a better owner who knows how to handle a dog. Obviously the dog was not socialized. I thought dog parks have rules about not bringing in aggressive dogs.

    I hope your lil pup gets better.

  10. OUCH!! it really sickens to hear about such irresponsible owner ! Hope Maui heals soon … 😦

  11. Aww, so sad to hear this happened. Hope your Maui feels better soon!


  12. Oh, poor Maui. I hope she gets better soon. But this is interesting. I used to take my dog ( Eddie) to the dog park when we lived in another city. But one day I saw this car approaching the park with 2 chow dogs inside looking out the window. Suddenly five different dog owners started putting their dogs on the leash and got ready to leave the park. I just left too, before the chow dogs came to the park. I wonder if this is a chow dog behavior? To be aggressive to other dogs? I am from Brazil and that’s not a common bread there, so I don;t know. But hearing what he did with Maui and the attitude of the dog owners in the park, now I wonder…

  13. oh sarah! Poor little Maui, I’m so sorry about what happened, and I was really stunned to read about the owners reaction, that is awful! I hope she gets better soon {HUGS}

  14. Oh noooo Sarah, so sorry about this. Stupid people is right, UGH!!! Being a dog lover myself (I have a Cocker Spaniel), I’m always SO SAD when something like this happens to sweet doggies. I would have went OFF on that man in a BAD way!!

    Hoping Maui is feeling better soon, {{{HUGS}}}!!!

  15. Sue

    My dear dear Sarah.. poor Maui!!!! I’m so not a dog lover but maybe I should say I’m so not a irresponsible dog owner lover precisely because they never ever think about other people more than themselves.. poor poor Maui.. hope you and Maui are feeling better soooooon!!!!!!!!!! HUGS HUGS HUGS..

  16. O my! I hope Maui feels better soon. I had three cows when I was younger. We knew from the get go that they are a jealous type of dogs. So whenever the neighborhood kids came by we had to hold them so they didnt get all crazy when others came to us. It wasnt only other pets, but people too. They are a handful. I wish I had my babies still, but they died when I was in middle school. Well take care of your baby and Im sending tons of cyber love to Maui! 🙂

  17. Hugs for Maui — poor baby!

  18. sorry about your pretty baby getting hurt! as hubbs likes to say…RESPECT the ignorance!!!

  19. Erica

    Poor poochie! I guess that owner was “stuck on stupid”. Sending my love to Maui, and a few barks of sympathy from my seven pups! ~Woof~

  20. Vel

    Aww, poor Maui! People are so stupid, aren’t they? I hope she’s feeling better now.

  21. Just found your site. Very interesting.
    So sorry about what happened to Maui.
    I, too, dislike sssssssssstupid people!

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