Holiday decor and a RAK!!!

Is it just me, or is everyone excited for the holiday season?! Thanksgiving is already this week; can you believe that? Time flies so fast when you don’t pay attention to it. …and Christmas is right around the corner.

Because I’m headed home this week for Thanksgiving, I decided to get most of the Christmas decor out of the boxes. I got a lot of my Christmas decorating done this weekend. My brother drove to town for a weekend visit, so he helped us decorate. Our theme/colors this year are “Winter Wonderland – a white and silver Christmas“! I had the chance to decorate the tree and put up our holiday garland. I still have final touches here and there on the tree that I have to work on this week, but it’s 80%Β  done! Also, once I get pictures taken of the wreath and the stockings, I’ll have to share those with everyone. …and of course, the outdoor lights still have to go up. I’ll wait to do that for after Thanksgiving, hehe.

Here are some pictures of my unfinished Christmas decor. Hopefully, it’ll give inspiration to the ones who still have yet to decorate.

Greens I made for our media console.

Here's the garland I made for the entry to our kitchen.

...and another view of the garland!

...and another view of the garland!

The tree - before!

The tree - before!

The tree - after!

The tree - after!

Another view of the (unfinished) tree.

Another view of the (unfinished) tree.

...and some closer shots of the tree.

...and some closer shots of the tree.

...yup, more pictures of the tree.

...yup, more pictures of the tree.

This ornament is Mauis favorite, hehe.

This ornament is Maui's favorite, hehe.

O, Christmas Tree!

O, Christmas Tree!

…and Maui is feeling MUCH better. She totally enjoyed watching all of us decorate, NOT!

I dont want to help decorate!

"I don't want to help decorate!"

She’s been taking all of her meds, and we’re not having any problems giving them to her. Phew! We even took her back to the dog park a couple of times this past week, and she absolutely loved it! It’s good to see her back on her feet being the little monster that she is.

Scrapping updates:

This week at Pink Sketches, Jana contributed to the beautiful sketch collection over at Pink Sketches. The design of this sketch is very unique and creative, so head on over to join us for another FUN week! Besides, we love seeing your take on our sketches. Here is my take on Jana’s sketch:


Also, more GREAT news! This weekend, I was notified by the founders of ScrapStars that they are inviting me to be part of their design team as a regular! I love the work that the ladies create with every challenge issued, so I decided to hop on board with the rest of the DT! I can’t wait to start working on the challenges with these ladies. It’s gonna be one sweeeeet experience. Make sure to check back for my upcoming layouts.

…and because I’m trying to organize and move all of my scrap stuff into my newly renovated room (yes, it’s finally done), I’m going to host another RAK. Besides, since it’s the week of Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to show my thanks to all you readers for checking back over here at Red Oak Lines.

This time around, to be entered into the RAK, leave a comment letting me know:

1. How do you like my blog?

2. Share one Thanksgiving and/or Christmas tradition.

3. Let others know about the RAK by posting in your blog or by sending them my way. The more players the better!

COMMENT to this post by 11/29, by midnight PST, for your chance to be entered into the random drawing to win the RAK.

Okay, it’s off to bed since it’s LATE!




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27 responses to “Holiday decor and a RAK!!!

  1. i have never been on you blog but now i have to say: it is GREAT!! love all your stuff you make πŸ˜€

    one of our traditions i can remember since i was a baby is that my mom always have pupae (maria, joseph, jesus, herdsmen, angels) that she put on our furnitures and on christmas eve we always hear the story of the birth of jesus. then we sing songs and eat cookies that we made days before and after all we can open our presents. πŸ˜€

    rachel – swiss girl

  2. Lovin’ the white & silver theme… looks very pretty! πŸ™‚

    CONGRATS on Scrapstars DT! What is that like 4 DT’s now??! You GO, girl! πŸ™‚

    We have a new tradition that began last year involving our advent calendar. Every day Bryn opens the door & finds a little note about something special to do that day…. like going out to see a Christmas light display, donating old toys to charity, baking Christmas cookies… just something different every day that we can do as a family & get in the mood for the upcoming Holidays!

    Have a great day! πŸ™‚

  3. Andie

    Love the pictures. Christmas used to be one of my favorite holidays but I haven’t had much luck the past few years. HOwever this year I am more optimistic.

    Love the new LO too. IT’s very cute and earthy. Have a happy gobble week.

  4. Brittany Palin

    Oh my goodness! I just love the beautiful work that you do. It is such a blessing to be able to celebrate Christmas, even though Thanksgiving has not passed yet. Hehe.

    During our celebrations in my family, we always decorate the tree together and on Christmas we go on to church for a midnight celebration. I always make sure my kids Elijah and Esther understand that Christmas isn’t just about presents, but about enjoying core family time.

    I love your new LO and theme of your tree. Ciao Bella!

  5. awesome decorations and we just love your dog!!

  6. Chelsea

    First time at your blog, and I absolutely love it… so much eye candy to look at… For a holiday tradition, we bake cookies the day before Christmas eve, so the kids can leave some for Santa! πŸ™‚

    Your tree looks amazing! Great job putting that up! One year I tried doing a silver/white tree, but it didn’t come out as nice as yours. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration… I’m going to have to start working on my decor ASAP now.

    Also, the newest Pink Sketches layout looks wonderful. I loved the stacked photos! I will definitely have to check that site out…

  7. Melissa

    Love stopping by your blog every now and then. All the pictures you leave for everyone to look at always keep me coming back! A tradition we have at our home during Thanksgiving — we make a variety of pies!! I still have to go out and buy ingredients. have a great week!

  8. i just found out about your blog through ps. i like the look, clean and crisp. we don’t have thanksgiving here in the philippines but from what i see on tv and read on blogs, looks like a fun holiday. i will blog about your rak. thanks for a chance to play. πŸ™‚

  9. Hey gal,

    You know how I like to come by here and read your blog, makes me feel like I’m part of your ongoings in your day as well. Congrats once again for being made DT for Scrapstars!!! Wow! 4 DTs in a short manner of time! Sweet!

    Loving your Christmas Decor! I’m wishing that I could do that much with my house Christmas Decor! LOL! All I have is my fiber-optic trees so that I can do away with adding lights!

    Have a great Thanksgiving yah!

    p/s: Can leave me out of the RAK k? I’ll spread the word fro you on my blog though. *hugs*

  10. Maui!

    Glad to hear you’re back to being the monster! That picture of you is very cute!

    Those Christmas decorations are wonderful… I’m so excited for Christmas this year! Happy Thanksgiving, too!


  11. Congrats on Scrapstars! I think this officially makes us “challenge blog buddies”, now that we’re on 2 of the same DTs! πŸ™‚

    And your decorations are lovely!

    1. Love your blog! I wish I posted as often as you do…gotta get back in the habit!
    2. My family’s Thankgiving tradition is to have dinner at my grandma’s house. Sadly, she is no longer with us, but she always said she wanted us to continue having Thanksgiving there.
    3. I’ll post about this RAK on my blog tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  12. Maui!

    I would love to receive a card from you, and I would love to send you a card as well! Are in in the DWB card exchange? If not, you can just e-mail me your address and then I’ll reply back with mine!

    (My e-mail is sparkybarky @ gmail .com )


  13. kristin

    Decorations look great! I need to get motivated to put mine up. heehee glad Maui is all better! Have fun decorating!!

  14. Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawian Christmas Day… That’s the island greeting that we send to you from the land where palm trees sway…

    I helped decorate your guy’s place. πŸ˜› Err… or I provided moral support while I was playing video games.

  15. WOW! Im so happy for you to join us!

    Beautiful decorations and glad to hear Maui is feeling better.

  16. First time to see your blog, i like the clean white simple colors, easy for the eyes to read. I’ll be your regular reader now πŸ˜‰

    Beautiful decors you have there, thought of putting up ours too.

    Christmas tradition – instead of Godfathers/Godmothers giving gift to my boy, i also make it a point to give gifts to them every year.

    I posted about your RAK in my blog. Thanks for your generosity.

  17. It’s my first time to visit your blog and I loved all of your designs. I loved the clean white and blue colors.

    We don’t have any tradition in my family but, now I have my own family I want to have a little christmas tree in our room and my daughter will be the one to decorate it and every night we opened the lights to see the bright christmas tree.

  18. tna

    first off sarah, i love your tree. i love you white Christmas decors. i love how you share your life through your blog. a peek to it through your blog lets us feel you. πŸ™‚

    one of our Christmas traditions is gathering at our place (i play the hostess because Christmas eve is also my birthday) to enjoy a sumptuous dinner and exchange gifts before attending the Christmas eve mass. πŸ™‚

    and i will post your RAK on my blog.

    happy thanksgiving. πŸ™‚

  19. ooo, love your new layout, your christmas decorations are gorgeous!! I still need to get mine out and start decorating. πŸ˜› I hope you have a great thanksgiving!!

  20. Veronica

    Hey Sarah, congrats on making it to DT of ScrapStars! Love your work!

  21. congrats on the scrapstars DT! i was going to play this last round, but got too busy. 😦 BUT, now that you’re there, i will definately have to play more!

    i love the maui ornament BTW. i think the poodle needs his own ornament. if you happen to stumble across a black poodle (pref with a spike collar), let me know!

    on of my favorite christmas traditions is breaking out the eggnog as soon as thanksgiving is declared over. what does that mean? on black friday, instead of shopping, i decorate and devote myself to all things christmas cheer. i start the morning off with eggnog in my coffee. through out the day i take little nips. towards evening rum is added. by the end of the night i’m full of christmas spirit!!!

  22. totally enjoyed reading your blog post here! your christmas decors are so heavenly. congrats on being chosen DT for ScrapStars.

    one christmas tradition i love is noche buena. its the only time when all the members of the family gather together just to be merry and reminisce of the years that have seemingly passed by so fast.

    happy thanksgiving!

  23. Sean

    is it me are do your decorations look similar to mama rox’s?

  24. Hi Sarah! so happy to know you’re joining Scrapstars! welcome aboard!
    I love your decorations, very elegant!
    It’s always a delight visiting here, just seeing Maui makes me smile πŸ™‚
    Christmas tradition for us is giving gifts on Christmas eve and each of us open the gifts one by one
    I will link up this RAK giveaway later at my blog
    Have a happy week!

  25. Love your blog, your decorations and especially your pup.

    We always open one present on Christmas eve and leave the rest for morning. The kids are impossible if we don’t. The youngest generation has imposed a ‘no pj’ rule … apparently it’s not all that fun and it’s predictable to open pj’s on Christmas eve.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  26. Thanks for stopping by my blog! This is my first visit to yours and I am loving it! Your dog is so darn cute! Your scrapping style rocks! And take a look at the lovely Christmas decorations. Wow!

    Because the hubby and I want to spend the holidays with both or our families, we spend a lot of stressful time in the car traveling around. So it became a tradition early on for us to carve out time to watch some of our favorite holiday dvd’s cuddled up on the couch to make sure we get our time together as well. Like the Charlie Brown ones because there is one for almost every holiday.

    Happy Thanksgiving and I will be sure to let some people know about your RAK.

  27. congrats on your awesome blog… and on your new DT stint at for Scrapstars. :o)

    Christmas in my family is synonymous to feast (we always eat to our hearts’ content) and gifts (to reward those who had been good all year LOL).

    Posted your blog in mine. Thanks for the chance to play. ;o)


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