Christmas card exchange …and Maui’s vet visit.

I managed to crank out a few layouts this evening, and I only did them in a few hours! Go me! Unfortunately, I made a big mess all over the floor, yet again. Oh well, it’ll give me motivation to clean the rest of the house before I head back home to my parents’ house tomorrow.

Here’s one to share for now. It’s a layout created about my diamond – the baseball diamond! The journaling around the circle says, “a girl’s diamond is the baseball park! watching the sport of baseball has always caught my attention. more specifically the a’s are my team. let’s go oakland!”


I totally love the paper to this layout. Perhaps, it was the colors that caught my attention when I bought this patterned paper.

On to other exciting news, I was wondering… if any of you want to participate in a Christmas card exchange with me? I’d be willing and happy to do that since I love getting Christmas cards in the mail. I’m doing homemade cards, so for those of you who are really interested…

Email me at: and let me know you want to give and receive a card!

For the subject of the email: Christmas Card Exchange

Once you email me with your info, I’ll email you back with my address. Let me know by December 13th!

More random news for today, I had to take Maui to the vet for her follow up appointment from the incident that occurred last week. She seemed scared at first, but she handled it like a big dog!

Im scared, Mommy!

"I'm scared, Mommy!"

We waited inside the pet hospital for the vet.

We waited inside the pet hospital for the vet.

Im scared!! I want to go home!

"I'm scared!! I want to go home!"

The vet notified us that Maui seemed to be doing well. However, he did tell me that the scar on her nose might not grow back as black. šŸ˜¦Ā  I’m hoping it’ll turn black again, but it does not really matter to me. I’m just thankful she’s not sick and in pain anymore!

If I don’t update in the next few days, it’s because I’m off to visit my family! …oh, and if you want to be entered into a RAK giveaway, read the previous post!

Happy Thanksgiving,




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7 responses to “Christmas card exchange …and Maui’s vet visit.

  1. Hey babe, I love that gorgeous LO! Those are MME (My Mind’s Eye) papers right? I think I have those as well =)

    Am glad to know that Maui is getting all better now! Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving!!

  2. Maui is ridiculously photogenic. Unfortunately for many of your readers, they can’t see her in person! She’s cuter in the fur. lol

    Did I take that picture at the Coliseum? Probably not… I tend to sit at the end of the aisle… If the A’s do get around to signing Rafael Furcal (and maybe Nick Johnson) and Eric Chavez is healthy, the team is actually looking to be REALLY good. Chance of winning the division again good. June 22-24… Giants come to the Coliseum.

    If G sees this, thanks to both of you for housing me this past weekend! “Hello!”

  3. Andie


    Love your pictures today. Poor Maui, she seems like a total trouble maker. Anyways, love your LO. It’s very cute!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Maui!

    I just made you a Christmas card today, it will be mailed off tomorrow. Hope you like it!

    I’m so glad you’re doing better! Going to the vet sure can be scary, but you handled it nicely my friend!


  5. Hi Maui and Sarah!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Glad to hear that your visit to the V-E-T went well…=)

    Your Mom is really talented at making those scrapbook layouts! Mom is totally hopeless at those! LOL!

    I’d love to be a part of the Christmas card exchange, but we’ll not be sending a handmade card, so hope you won’t mind! We will email you regarding the addresses…=)

    Happy Thanksgiving by the way! Hope you had a great one! *grins*


    P/S: Is it okay if I added your blog to my buddies’ list? Would love to! Please let me know…*grins*

  6. Sean

    maui is so lucky to have a town named after her. too bad goose is nicer

  7. Oh my, you really have one cute lil dog there. Your cards look great! I don’t have any talent with handmade stuff so I can only cheer you on with the nice cards ^^’

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