Maui at play! RAK winner! Scrap updates!

This past weekend was super tiring for Maui. She played endlessly with her two Westie cousins, Mina and Milo. Here was her visit in pictures:

Her face gets poofy like this after a bath!

"Is it time to go visit Mina and Milo now?"

You want me to play, Milo?

"You want me to play, Milo?"

Milos such a cutie!

Milo's such a cutie!

Treat time for the furry kids!

Treat time for the furry kids! (Milo's face is so cute here.)

Inside and still playing, hehe.

Inside and still playing, hehe.

Im not done playing yet!

"I'm not done playing yet!"

After about four hours of play, this is what you get.

After about four hours of play, this is what you get.

"I'm tired now, Mom!"

...and Milo was tired, as well.

...and Milo was tired, as well.

Here’s a fun video of Maui playing with Mina and Milo around the house. They are such terrors when they’re all together, hehe!

As for scrapping news…

This is a reminder about the Christmas Card Exchange. I’ve gotten a great response to this, and I think it’ll be totally fun for me to send and receive cards! Don’t be shy because I love getting cards in the mail. Also, if any dogs with blogs want to exchange cards, Maui would love to participate. She’s got a handful of pups to exchange cards with as well! It is still open to international and US readers! Again, I will post the information:

Email me at: and let me know you want to give and receive a card!

For the subject of the email: Christmas Card Exchange

Once you email me with your info, I’ll email you back with my address. Let me know by December 13th! (…and for international cards outside of the US, please let me know by Dec 6th, so there’ll be enough time for my card to reach you in time for Christmas!)

The winner to the RAK is… Lydia. I’ll mail out the RAK to you as soon as I get everything packaged up. Thanks again to everyone for playing! Expect more RAKs in the near future because I’m working on my scrap room, and I’m going to organize my whole stash.

Also, here is my Pink Sketches layout for the week! The sketch this week is one that is versatile, so make sure to check this one out!

Title: Say Cheese

Description: I wrote tons on this layout. I wanted to write about Maui’s love for open spaces. It reads, “maui loves OPEN spaces. everytime we go visit my parents’ home, she goes crazy in the grass. she runs nonstop and rolls around in it. @ first, i thought it was just the grass, but when we take her to the beach, she runs around getting sand all over the place! when we take her to the dog park, which is an all-dirt playground for pooches, she goes absolutely nuts over dirt as well. i realized that it’s not about getting dirty. it’s about running around and exploring. apparently, when she was a puppy, she grew up on a farm with wide open spaces! perhaps it reminds her of the “puppy days,” and it makes her smile. when i take her to any space to run, she gives me that big puppy look, and all i can say to her is, “say cheese!”

Materials: Paper SEI; KI Memories; Target paper Others Li’l Davis – Chipboard, Offray – Ribbon, Colorbox – Ink

This upcoming week, Butterfly Crafts will be displaying its first challenge, so look for my layout with the rest of the beautiful work from the DT. Also, a new challenge will be posted on The Pretty Committee. I can’t wait to share those layouts with everyone.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,




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9 responses to “Maui at play! RAK winner! Scrap updates!

  1. Gorgeous gorgeous photos!!! Maui is such a darling!!! She really is!!!!

  2. Totally cute LO about a totally cute doggie! 🙂

  3. Aww, all the pups are so cute, playing together-forever, and getting treats! Love the lo and that you included all the journaling!
    And yes, it does look like Christmas here too-we have snow and the kids love it! Now off to shovel! 😦

  4. Melissa

    omy!! those pups are adorable. and that video is way cute! 🙂 love your latest layouts and can’t wait to be back for your next post!

  5. Holy holy Maui looks whiter than usual! Did she get a bath recently? The beard isn’t as brown as usual. 🙂

  6. Those are some of the cutest photos! And thanks so much! Im about to send you, your G.C! Sorry so late :$

  7. Ooh…Mina and Milo are SOOOO cute! I’ll bet they are really fun to play with, Maui! You sure look like you had great fun there….*grins*

    Love your Mom’s layout of you! That photo of you amongst the grass is GORGEOUS! Your white fur against the green grass…awesome!

    Hope you have a great day!


  8. Hey gal,

    I love your layouts on Maui!! She’s just so cute to boot! Great take on Sketch #16!!

    I just love your postings on Maui and her at play! Makes me wanna get a dog too! I think my boy will be too happy to have a live dog at home!!! Betcha they will snuggle to each other in bed! LOL!

    Oh yes, I used SEI Poppy line of papers for my own layout for Sketch #16. =) Including those cut-outs.

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