New challenges all around!

I’ve got a few layouts to share with everyone!!

1. The Pretty Committee issued its first challenge for the month of December, and it was definitely a FUN one. This challenge was about scrapping something that you want for Christmas! hehe… bet you can’t guess what I want from Santa. πŸ˜‰


If you said, “a plane ticket” to Hawaii, then you were absolutely right. The crumpled piece of paper is my Christmas letter to Santa, and I wrote, “Dearest Santa, This year… all I want for Christmas is a trip to Hawaii. Love, Sarah.” Hopefully, I get what I want. Just kidding! Make sure to check out all the holiday stuff going on over at The Pretty Committee. …also, on December 5th, check back for a Pretty Committee reveal!

2. Over at ScrapStars, there is also a new challenge! This one I had a lot of fun scrapping because I wanted to think outside the box with this challenge. We had to scrap a layout about our Christmas wish list using a really awesome sketch. Instead of doing my own list, I decided to do Maui’s, haha!


The journaling spot is Maui’s letter to Santa. Here’s what LoveBug wrote, “Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is new chew toys (aka “bobo”), tasty treats (no corn and pork, I’m allergic), maybe a brother/sister schnauzer, and NO MORE baths!” Unfortunately, Maui might get some of those things on her list, but she definitely will be taking a bath in the near future because right now she is P-U! hehe. Anyway, come join us!

3. Last but not least, the launch of Butterfly Crafts was today! The first challenge was scrapping about inspiration – who or what drives you. You definitely have to check out all of the gorgeous layouts posted by the rest of the DT. I’m impressed with their work, and I find a lot of their creative style inspirational! I wanted to do a layout about how my older brother inspires me… to stay organized! He’s one super organized kind of guy, and he always gives me tips on how to organize my scrapping supplies. Here’s my inspiration:


Hopefully, he’ll help me come up with great ways to organize my new scrap space. I finally got a desk in my room, and I’m working on that now! NO MORE FLOOR FOR ME! YEEEESSS!!! Make sure to head over to Butterfly Crafts, and submit your layouts by the 30th, and you could potentially be the guest designer for January!

…and just to share, I wanted to post a picture of the monster, Hoshi, for you cat lovers.

Love me; Im beautiful. (Hoshis one pretty vain tabby!)

"Love me; I'm beautiful." (Hoshi's one pretty vain tabby!)

Have a “holly jolly” week,




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17 responses to “New challenges all around!

  1. wonderful layouts sarah! hope you’ll get that wish from santa. aloha, hawaii!

    and congrats on the dt spot for butterfly crafts. i saw your lo there earlier along with the other designers. everything is just awesome.

  2. LOVE your LO’s…. they are ALL so cute! Will have to check out those challenges & try to play along! πŸ™‚

  3. kristin

    Wow! Lots of LO’s heehee I want a trip to Hawaii also! LOL Hope your cards are going well!

  4. thanks so much for the post, Ive been looking all over the web to learn more about my wifes favorite passtime in hopes of finding the perfect christmas gift.

  5. The new los are so beautiful! Love the Christmas list and the beach embelies on the first one!
    Love the idea of doing Maui’s list and the trees are so adorable!
    Cool lo about your bro! I love the colors and the stars! I wanna see pics of the new scrap space!
    And Hoshi – so cute!
    Have a great day! P.S. Hey, when do you find time to do all the amazing los?!?!?!

  6. Brill christmas list….I’ll have to check out those sites.

  7. Am loving your layouts! Especially the Christmas Wish list for The Pretty Committee!!! I love the crush paper effect! Give your LO awhole lot of texture gal!

    You’re rocking the challenges!!! =)

  8. WOW! Great layouts, Sarah! Especially the one with Muai’s picture! And Xmas wish list is awesome!!

  9. WOWZERS, loving your pages!! And your cat is too dang cute!!

  10. Maui!

    My human and I guessed “the beach”, so we were pretty close to guessing Hawaii, hee hee.


  11. Your Mom’s layouts are AWESOME, Maui! Love, LOVE them! Hope you and your Mom get your Christmas wishes fulfilled…*wink*


  12. Man, everyone loves Maui and not me. It’s the facial hair isn’t it?

    I’ve been giving you organization tips for years fool! πŸ˜› Buy shelves, use labels, alphabetize, put dates on stuff, keep separate stacks, and make sure to put things away after you use them. πŸ˜€

    Hoshi love! I thought you forgot about YOUR cat in favor of Mauzers. As you know, I have…. just don’t tell him that. πŸ˜‰ And to those who think Hoshi is “so cute,” try living with that cat for some time and then tell us how cute he is… In fact, he’s sleeping in a pile of laundry that I am in the middle of folding right now. Damn cat…..

  13. Great layout Sarah! I love the 2nd one with the cute pup. What I wouldn’t do for a trip to Hawaii.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  14. Sarah! I’m sooo loving all your beautiful layouts. Had to scroll down to appreciate the others I’ve missed. So wonderful!

    Am so glad to hear Maui’s doing okay. Hope she’s back to her usual cute self.

    Oh gosh, what a wonderful Christmas wish! Hawaii is just so gorgeous. Is that why Maui is named Maui? =)


  15. Andie

    I love your newest LOs. They are cute. Your cat Hoshi looks like a little monster too! How fun! I wish I was in Hawaii too. Specifically Kauai and Maui.

  16. sean

    how come i don’t get a layout? and i bought you food at that one place on blue ravine and east bidwell…you should scrap something about me eating. that’d be a great idea!

  17. Those are some gorgeous layouts. Nice work.

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