Brrrr! It’s cold outside…

I find that it’s mighty cold today. I don’t know why, but it feels like we’re in the middle of January. Brrrr!!! I think I’ll use the fireplace later on tonight to keep the house extra warm and cozy, or maybe I’ll bake cookies to make the whole place smell delicious while warming up all the rooms.

I spent a lot of time today working on Christmas cards. I mailed out a handful yesterday, and the bulk of them are going to go out real soon! Maui got so bored watching me work on them, so she started to nag me to play with her. With this face, I couldn’t resist:

I dont want to scrap anymore! Can we go for a walk, please!?

"I don't want to scrap anymore! Can we go for a walk, pretty please!?"

On the side of our house, Maui loves to run through these leaves!

On the side of our home, Maui loves to run through these leaves!

After our walk, she didn’t bother me much for a good couple of hours. She slept quietly, but not too long after that, she woke up and started to be the little monster that she is.

A while back, I taught her not to take “num nums” out of anyone’s hand. If someone offers her a treat while putting a hand out to her, she is not supposed to eat it. Once the person says, “Take it!” she can then take the treat. She has gotten so good with this command, so I took a video of her today after her walk:

Now it’s time for me to clean, we have a guest staying with us this weekend. Acks!




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9 responses to “Brrrr! It’s cold outside…

  1. Andie

    cuuuute!!! ahhh!!! I love leaves. I can only imagine Maui would bolt through those leaves kicking up a stream of brown and orange.

    Fun! 🙂 Hopefully she’s not annoying you too much.

  2. Melissa

    Can I just have her?! She’s adorable and really smart. Now if I could only get my Ginger to listen to me the way Maui listens to you! What’s your trick, how do you do it? =)

  3. Awww….Maui, whoever can resist that cute face of yours! Mom said she wanted to give you a huge hug after looking at your photo! *wink*

    Thanks for sending us a card! We have sent out a card to you too…hope it will reach you soon! 🙂


  4. You’re going to give me that pic of maui right now aren’t you?

    And btw, you might have TWO guests this weekend. Haven’t decided yet… I’m dead tired and driving to the bay area takes a lot out of a person.

  5. sean

    all you fools are going to do is play animal crossing…mauivale and mauiview. by the way, when should i expect my card? i just got my ticket for the nutcracker today

  6. Wendy

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt today was distinctively colder than usual. I was shivering under my jacket today, thinking, “Already?”

    I think you should bake cookies instead of opting for the fireplace 🙂 hehe. Of course, I’ll always be biased towards food. Or… how about make some chicken sukiyaki tableside/do your own korean bbq with a griddle-grillpan? Take wonderful pics if you do so I can ogle over the yumminess!


    I love this weather!

  7. Im going to have to say cook some cookies and warm the house up! 🙂 I love to look at your photos of Maui. She is so adorable.

  8. Wow! The photo with the leaves is gorgeous. Very well taken. I love the contrast of the green and brown. Lovely…

  9. Those leaves are so pretty and full of my favorite colors! I wanted to join you in the Xmas card swap, but I dont want to send a store card. I will join next year if you play again. I love the idea though. Is it hard to keep Maui so white?

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