Getting into the holiday spirit.

I was trying to unpack and organize some stuff in my room, and I stumbled upon a mini album that I had made earlier this year. I had posted it in one of my galleries, but thought I would share it on my blog since it is the holiday season. Hope you enjoy it!

Heres the cover.

Here's the cover.

Closeup of some of the details inside the mini album.

Closeup of some of the details inside the mini album.

Another shot of some details in the mini album.

Another shot of some details in the mini album.

Heres the mini album fanned out.

Here's the mini album fanned out.

…and yesterday, Maui received her first Christmas card. It was from Sparky! We were so excited to get our first card of the holiday season! Maui was so excited that she wanted to share it with everyone!

Look, Mommy! My 1st Christmas card!

"Look, Mommy! My 1st Christmas card!"

How cute is this!!

How cute is this!!

Again, I mailed out a few more Christmas cards, so if you are exchanging cards with me, make sure to look out for those! I’m off to mail more tomorrow!

I figured out what to put on our coffee table. I just put candles together with pine cones. …no, I’m not going to burn the candles with the pine cones there. That would be one hazardous piece of decor, har har! 🙂 This is what it looks like – a simple and cheap piece of decor:

Our Christmas decor on the coffee table.

Our Christmas decor on the coffee table.

Once I get pictures of our holiday wreath, I’ll post those to share as well.





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15 responses to “Getting into the holiday spirit.

  1. Hello there! Thank you for stopping by my blog! We think that is such an awesome photo album!

  2. Love the mini and OMG Maui is too cute. Our dog Chewy had his holiday photo session last night:) He will do anything for a Dorito. Have a super weekend.

  3. The mini album is so cool! Love all the embellies!
    Congrats Maui, on your first card! Hope you get many, many more!
    The center piece is looking fab!

  4. Oh, such a cute mini album. And so funny that maui got her first card, I think she should meet my dog Eddie some time 🙂

  5. Hi Sarah. Maui gets more adorable all the time – and the Mini Album is Fab! Happy Holidays and Happy Scrappin’!


  6. Maui!

    I’m so glad you got my card! That is grrrrEAT news. I jumped with excitement when I read your comment on my blog about receiving the card. I hope you still have many more to come!


  7. Melissa

    Your mini albums are as beautiful as your layouts! I love your style! Maui is cuter than words! Hopefully, she’ll get more coming in the mail.

    Have a wonderful day,

  8. Andie

    I love your mini album. IT seems pretty rad. I don’t even like the holidays.

    Anyways, good to see Maui up and running. Cheers!

  9. Michelle

    The detail in your mini album is awesome !
    Great job Sarah !


  10. Ya, the mini album is done so nicely, I promise I won’t chew on it :p

    *High paws*

  11. Thanks for dropping by our blog, let us know if you like any of the recipes if you’re trying them 🙂

  12. awww your pup is so cute, and that album is just sweet 😀
    love your work.

  13. love that minibook, some pretty cute embellies too.

  14. Thanks so much for the beautiful card and awesome package.

    Maui~ thanks for your card too! Its so cute that my daughter,Samantha, took off and is now saying it was sent to her :)!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS you should be getting mine soon.

  15. Oh my! That’s such a cute album Sarah! Really Christmassy and I like it!! Love the little bits and pieces that goes on in there!!

    It’s really cute to see how Maui gets her very 1st card!!

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