Completely drained, Scrapping Across the Universe #4!

I am unbelievably tired today. This weekend was a productive and fun weekend, but I feel like not doing anything for the rest of this week! We had a friend from Canada stay with us this weekend, so we showed her around many parts of the Bay Area. My brothers also came to hang out, so we had a FULL house.

We stopped at the famous Golden Gate Bridge, and luckily we came on a clear day. Usually, the fog that seeps into the bay makes it hard to see the bridge in its entirety.

Beautiful, yet cold, weather in the bay.

Beautiful, yet cold, weather in the city.

Maui was adventurous and wanted to walk over the bridge.

Maui was adventurous and wanted to walk on the bridge.

Maui hates birds (and squirrels).

She hates birds (and squirrels).

After playing around the Golden Gate, we headed towards Ghiradelli Square and Fisherman’s Wharf to explore the city’s waterfront beauty.

The tree was lit at the wharf.

The tree was stunning at the wharf.

While wandering around the pier, I could not resist going into Fudge House. I could not fight off the smell of chocolate! If you ever visit, you have to try this place.

Yes, I did buy chocolate!

And although it was late, we wanted to take her down Lombard “Crooked” Street and see the illuminated Coit Tower. I don’t have any shots from Lombard Street because the lighting was poor, and my shutter speed was not fast enough to get a clear picture. However, I did get a picture of Coit Tower.

It's pretty even when it's dark.

The following day, we headed further south of San Francisco and showed our guests around Santa Cruz. I couldn’t think of what to do, so I suggested the Mystery Spot. I’ve been here before with my best friend, and I thought it was really interesting. Even the second time around, I can’t seem to figure it out. This place seriously defies gravity!

Mystery Spot entrance.

Mystery Spot entrance.

Gloria leaning? but not falling...

Gloria leaning? but not falling...

After contemplating the theories behind the Mystery Spot, we headed towards the Board Walk and picked up some fish and chips. We had a fun little picnic while watching the surfers.

She tried being cute to get treats!

She tried being cute to get treats!

Why do the look upset?! haha.

Why do they look upset?! ...because I never stop taking pictures! haha.

Isnt it pretty?! ... I think it is!

Isn't it pretty?! ... I think it is!

After lunch, we just shopped around Downtown Santa Cruz! They have a ton of fun independent boutiques, and I’ll definitely have to go back before Christmas to do some major shopping!

Yesterday, we drove to Sausalito to have lunch. The houses there are amazingly beautiful. The view of the city from that side of the bay is gorgeous. I didn’t take pictures because it was too foggy.

With our weekend adventures, I didn’t get much time to scrap, but I did do a layout for the Scrapping Across the Universe challenge #4. Here it is:

The top of my layout got chopped off in the scan. The journaling says, “this year, i had the courage to start a brand new life… a new home in a new place, a new job, a new me. was i ready for this change? i’m not really sure if i was or not, but i’m glad i did. i’ve learned what independence is all about. is it easy to make decisions all on my own? sometimes. other times it’s much harder. but… living the life of an adult, i have to admit, i much harder than i expected, but this independence makes me value so much more. it keeps my GEARS going . it keeps me thinking. it keeps me in motion.”

Time to finish up the last bunch of my Christmas cards,




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21 responses to “Completely drained, Scrapping Across the Universe #4!

  1. racegirl88

    wow youve been a lot of places in one day but I’m sure it was well worth it. Those are some great pics. It seems like you had a lot of fun and lot that’s alot to deal with moving and changing your lifestyle but I’m sure you adjusted and as far as being independent and being on your own you learn a lot about yourself and evryday life.I wish you the best and keep sight seeing .

  2. You’re so blessed to live in such a beautiful place! I’ve been to SF a couple times and it gets more and more pretty every time I go.

  3. omg. you were like 2 miles from my house. we live so close to the mystery spot. i’ve never been though. one day. if only you had emailed me. 😉

    glad you guys got some good weather on your outings!!!

  4. Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful. Ive always wanted to see it. Some day.

  5. Love your photos from San Fran! We went on our wedding trip. The trip began there, & then we made our way to Healdsburg (Sonoma) where we got married at Chateau Souverain Winery (which has since been bought out by Coppola.) Would sooo love to go back (and next time will have to visit the Fudge House! :-))

    LOVE your LO for SATU! Those gears are so cool! Your journaling is awesome & that’s a great photo of you, too! Yeah!!! Thanks for playing along! 🙂

  6. Maui you are soooo very cute!

    Thank you for visiting! Where is your blog? Your mom’s blog is very nice, but a sweet dog like you should have their own blog.

    We hope to see you soon.


    P.S. My mom loves your mom’s scrapbooking pages!

  7. sean

    Man…I am so tired from this weekend and I’m sick of studying for finals and everything else. How come you didn’t post a lot of pictures from Saturday and Sunday by the way? Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s because I haven’t uploaded them for you yet haha. And I’m still waiting for my Christmas Card. Alright I should probably get back to studying already. See you later Ates!

  8. i love how there wasn’t a pic of me in that batch…. as usual.


  9. Hey Sarah,

    Sigh….SF is simply stunning! Love the pics that you took of the Golden Gate Bridge! It’ll definitely be one of the highlights for me when I get there (that is if my hub’s company confirms the dates). And the chocolates looks scrumptious!!!!

    Love your LO for SATU! It’s really way cool!!!

  10. Julie

    Sarah!!!!!!! U did a LO for my other DT!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):) Your photos are amazing….btw! :):):) Your LO is wowwwwwww…love all the gears and loving the colors and the way U journaled….thanks for playing along with us! :):):):):):):)

  11. Love love love your layout about starting anew!!! That is one awesome layout! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog!

  12. Hi Maui and Sarah,
    Thanks for visiting my blog…I hope you will check in often and that we will become friends. Sarah, it sounds like you have been very brave this year to recreate yourself; I hope you are rewarded with happiness and wonderful adventures. Maui you sound like a great best friend to share the adventure with Sarah…your weekend looks like it was much fun.

  13. What a beautiful tree!! We visited SFO last year in February….it was great. I think I must have missed the fudge place…..although I was highly addicted to the mini doughnuts, Trish’s I think?

    We were only there for about 6 hours but plan to go back in the future.

    beautiful pics of all the other stuff as well. And that looks like a pretty cool challenge you did!

  14. We absolutely need to go to Santa Cruz again. So much I DIDN’T see when I lived there that I can see now.

    Plus, I still want to re-visit the campus that was my personal hell at the time. Thankfully, I’ve put those years behind me. Ultimately, failing chemistry and going through an early life crisis stirred me towards psychology, which stirred me towards my current career aspirations.

  15. OMG! I can smell the chocolate from here!!! And what lovely pictures!!

    I really love those ‘wheels’ on the layout!

  16. Andie

    Love the LO. it is so different. I’m jealous, SF looks gorgeous last weekend. I hope you make up for your rest this week.

  17. Love your LO and your journaling. 🙂 Thanks for playing!!

  18. Jalynne

    I really miss SF. I grew up in the East Bay, and my dad worked downtown…so I got to visit regularly. But since moving up to WA, I haven’t gotten a chance to go there in 11 years! Thanks for the beautiful photos that trigger so many happy memories for me!

  19. Love the tour and all the pictures…

  20. Hi Maui,

    Such splendid sights that you took in on your little hike around town 🙂 Nice! You do look sooo cute, so I bet you’ve got your treats at the picnic.


  21. stamprgrl

    love your LO it’s so cute… and your dog is just soooo adorable.

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