11 pipers piping – Latest Layout.

Today’s weather was the coldest it’s been all year, in my opinion that is. However, I shouldn’t be complaining because other people around the world are enduring colder and snowy weather. Yikes!

I did not get much done today. I  just shopped around the area looking for little stocking stuffers, and I found a bunch of great deals! I also visited my local scrapbook store, Picture Me Perfect. I picked up some random patterned paper (not that I need anymore, har har). Hopefully, I’ll put those to use this upcoming week. Also, I mentioned in my last post that The Pretty Committee is hosting 12 Days of Scrap-Mas, and it’s going to be a lot of fun! Today, they posted a fun Christmas ornament tutorial from Bekka, so make sure to head on over.

I wanted to share my latest layout of Hoshi, my little monster. He’s a cat who uses the kitty litter, but doesn’t dig to cover “it” up, haha.

Last but not least, I wanted to wish both my brothers lots of love. My older brother is SICK and more SICK; he’s got the sniffles and coughs going on back home. My younger brother ended up in the emergency room today. I guess he was washing dishes, and a glass shattered in his hand leaving him with seven nasty stictches and a tetanus shot. Ouch!

Get better boys because we’ve got fun Christmas plans for Saturday when you visit!

Signing off,




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5 responses to “11 pipers piping – Latest Layout.

  1. Andie

    Yay a shout out to Hoshi. Ho ho ho hoshi!

    Sorry to hear about the cut finger for your little brother. I have a shorter middle finger from an adolescent injury. I’m sure I know how he feels.

    ANyways love the LO. Stay super warm. The anchor man did say it was going to be chilly.

  2. Ho ho ho Hoshi, ho ho ho Hoshi, ho ho HO HOSHI… He’s been overly affectionate recently, almost to the point of being annoying. Like he kept rubbing up against my leg and licking my sock while I was laying in bed. Then he kept coming over by my face, which was horrible considering my head is all stuffy and my nose is runny.

    I’m not as sick as I was earlier today, but we’ll see how tonight goes. I need to take some medicine again, but it knocks me out pretty fast and I wanted to do some reading.

  3. Ok, did i get this right?? You got a cat now?! Oh wow! How’s Milo taking it? Love those tiny little chicks on the ribbon!!

  4. sean

    i wish that doctor would have prescribed me some pain killers cuz my finger hella hurts. not to mention that dude didn’t even write me up a doctor’s note. what a douce…by the way, you should have posted the pictures i emailed you of my finger. that would have made your blog famous!

  5. Love the title on your page. Hope your bothers are feeling better.

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