More Holiday Giveaways – RAK #2

I didn’t get a chance to blog on the 10th day of Christmas because I was out and about catching up on holiday shopping, decorating, and scoping out the Christmas lights.

However, I do have a winner from RAK #1. …and the winner is

Alecia Castro

If you could please email me at I’ll have a package of scrapping goodies sent out to you.

For this next RAK, leave a comment with the theme of your Christmas tree (or if you don’t have one, what you wish it to be.) Comment by the 17th, 11:59 pm, Wednesday to be entered into a drawing.

This past weekend I decorated a Christmas tree for Gloria’s mother. Her theme is red, blue, and silver, so I went out shopping yesterday to buy holiday decor/ornaments to fill her tree. She thoroughly enjoys the outcome, so it makes me glad that I can brighten up her holidays.

Red, Blue, and Silver Christmas Tree

Seriously, one scary elf. haha.

Her scary elf ornament. haha.

Top of her tree. (I love the Bambi ornament! hehe)

Top of her tree. (I love the Bambi ornament! hehe)

Holiday love in front of the tree!

Holiday love in front of the tree!

She thought it was a toy! Eeps!

She thought it was a toy! Eeps!

Hmm, I know there are goodies under this tree for me!

"Hmm, I know there are goodies under this tree for me!"

As for scrapping news:

Butterfly Crafts is hosting its 2nd challenge for the month. Join in on the fun by heading on over!

The Pretty Committee is still hosting 12 days of Scrap-mas, and there are frequent updates going on over there as well.

Last but not least, Pink Sketches posted a new sketch for this week. Here was my take on Kelli’s awesome sketch.

Stay tuned for more holiday giveaways!




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28 responses to “More Holiday Giveaways – RAK #2

  1. Gloria

    Thanks again for doing my mom’s tree. She loves it! I wonder what Maui found under the tree! I personally think the tree is gorgeous.

    Your newest layout is really cute. The casserole is nice.

  2. Oh, love the tree. My Christmas tree theme is red, white and blue. Eddie’s favorite ornament was a Santa Claus. He would jump in the couch and stare at it. So I end up giving him the Santa, it is his current favorite toy lol. Love the tree and the LO.

  3. HI! Love your Christmas Tree!
    My Christmas Tree design theme this year is very much still into berries but I call it now my Family Tree. This year, I added glass balls I had a glassblower make for me. Inside the glass balls, I placed individual photos of my family and of my ancestors printed on transparency. These christmas balls made it appear that the photos are floating inside the balls. By doing so, I made the tree have more meaning to us this year. I’m thinking of adding more balls every year, this time, adding photos of our friends and other family members. You can check it out in my blog at
    Merry Christmas!

  4. wow Sarah … what a beautiful tree. My family tree doesn’t have a theme, we just put on all the pretty ornaments that mean a lot to us. But when I move out and have a tree of my own, I want it to have a beach theme. I’ve always dreamed of having a tree full of seashells and flip-flops and beachy things. Someday.

  5. Peggy W.

    Our Christmas tree is just the kids ornaments that we have given them every year. I love it, because it brings back so many memories. Thanks for the RAK. Peggy W.

  6. i want it to have a vintage theme, probably in shades of pink and blue. 🙂

  7. Veronica

    Yikes! Haven’t put up our tree yet! But our theme is usually red and gold. 🙂

  8. kristin

    hmm our tree theme is the colors in a peacock feather LoL blues, greens, copperish gold very whymsical….

  9. RLionel

    Maui looks so precious in those photos Sarah! She looks different. I can’t put my finger on it, but she looks different somehow.

    My partner and I were thinking about getting a dog for our apartment and I just couldn’t think of anything other than a schnauzer. We have fallen in love with your bundle of joy!


  10. Aww! What a cute doggie! My Mackey is a Westie, but I love Schnauzers too, they are so cute!

  11. Wow Sarah! That’s a really beautiful tree that you did! Now I’m gonna have to ship you over to Singapore to work on my pathetic Christmas tree! Mine is a fibre optics tree decked sparingly with red and gold baubles! =( It’s really sad looking! LOL! You’re giving me inspiration to go do something about it!

  12. Hi Maui & Sarah!

    That Christmas tree sure is beautiful! Congrats on a job well done! Love the layout you did too…*grins*

    I have yet to receive the Christmas card you sent, Maui, but I’m guessing it will take a while because you’re sending it all the way from the US to Malaysia…hehe! I will definitely let you know when I’ve received it! *wink*


  13. Gorgeous gorgeous tree!! Maui looks so cute in the red sweat shirt!!

    And I totally love how you did the title for this layout!!

  14. I wanted our tree to be different this year, but it was so hard to decide, so it’s STILL red and gold but the shade of red is on the maroon side. Still used poinsettias. Next year I’m hoping for a more victorian look.

  15. Susie Tan

    My Christmas tree theme is color purple, quite unique and elegant. You’re so generous for your RAK. Thanks.

  16. The tree turned out so great! Love the last lo too and Maui under the tree!

  17. The tree turned out so great! Love the last lo too and Maui under the tree!

  18. JElton

    OMG Sarah! The tree looks wonderful. And yet again Maui looks more precious than ever. I like to wear circular glasses with yellow lenses and I have been knighted in the UK. Oh and who is that RLionel character? He seems pretty cute. Alright g2g, I have the ppf.

    XOXO ^-^

  19. Michelle

    Wow, fantastic tree! it’s so pur-ty! I’m totally loving all of your pictures, especially the one of Maui under the tree. This year our tree is mostly red and green – with tons of elves!!

  20. hi sarah 🙂
    thanks for the lovely card and the really cute pic of maui.. my card is on it’s way there – hope you like it..
    if i had a christmas tree of my own, i’d like it to be a reflection of what I love to do at the moment – bits of handmade decor, crochet stuff, pictures of my family, my christmas list..

  21. Janet

    Your tree is so pretty!

    My dream Christmas tree theme is Candies!
    Where I hang lots of colourful hand-made felt candy-canes, gingerbread man and donuts (I only made donut, see here: And not to forget the gold and silver ribbons. Then, light up the tree in colourful lighting. Simple and totally sweet!

  22. Hi there! Your Christmas tree is beautiful! I am hoping to decorate ours by Saturday. We don’t have a certain theme but it is about family history. We have been adding photo frame ornament of our daughter every year. We always put the year and the name if it’s a gift on the ornament.

  23. OH! neat! the “theme” of my tree is toys and hand crafted things. posting pictures on my blog!!

  24. Donna E.

    Our Christmas tree’s theme is red/pink/gold/silver. The ornaments are a collection of poinsentia and glittery ornaments. On the tree top is an angel in white satin dress with red and gold trimmings.

    Thanks for the RAK!

  25. tna

    hi sarah (and to maui too) 🙂

    love what you did with your tree. being that we are in the phils, our tree and ornaments are the same for the past 6 years. i loved the combination of red and gold. and so my tree is filled with red and gold balls, ribbons and flowers. and i have an angel at the top. hope to share a picture of it soon. 🙂

    merry christmas

  26. oh fun!!! love your tree and the topper is soo cool!!! my theme of our Christmas decor is snowmen and snowflakes- lots of white and blues…

  27. Chi

    If I had a tree, it would be Star Trek themed! Or maybe Battlestar Galactica…. Definately sci fi 😀

  28. Great LO, great tree and i love the ornament!!

    i came home once and found my dog had opened one of my hubbies christmas pressies, it was a white chocolate orange, he managed to get it out of the package and ate the whole thing 😮

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