On the 8th Day – ROL DT call.

It is sooooo cold today (for where I’m located, it’s freezing)! I took Maui out this afternoon on a walk, and it felt like it was TWO in the morning. It was kind of funny because she was shivering while she was doing the “deed,” hehe. I also felt sad, because I saw so many domesticated cats and dogs left outside in the cold. If you or someone you know has an animal outdoors, please bring them in during these FREEZING days (or at least give them LOTS of blankets).

My little furry elf, Maui.

My little furry elf, Maui.

You seriously cant resist her.

You seriously can't resist her.

Santas little helper (aka, making a mess with the gift wrap).

Santa's little helper (aka, making a mess with the gift wrap).

Check out those elf ears!

Check out those elf ears!

Other exciting news to share, I just recently launched my Etsy Store, Red Oak Lines. I just started today, so there’s not much for sale right now, but I plan on posting tons more very soon.

1. If any challenge blog sites are interested, I’d love to sponsor your site. Just email me at redoaklines@gmail.com.

2. Also, I will also be looking for a couple of people to design with some of my item(s). This means, I plan on sending out items for you to work with. It’s not a lot, but hey, it’s free as long as you promote my Etsy Store and use the items I send you in projects so we can share with everyone! If you’re interested, again, please email me at redoaklines@gmail.com with the subject as “ROL Designer” and leave the following information:


-location (US scrapbookers only, sorry.)

-contact information

-links to any blogs or galleries

-attachment of some of your projects (optional)

Trying to stay warm,


((Side note: A BIG thank you to my brother, Scott, for helping me with the ROL banner! …and to Gloria for all your patience and help …and to Jennie for motivating me, haha. …and to my younger brother, Sean, for always making fun of me.))



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13 responses to “On the 8th Day – ROL DT call.

  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Way to go girl! the items are looking really cute too! Can’t wait to see more of what you have to offer!


    Love, Sophia

  2. Oh yes. Maui is sooo adorable as your Christmas Elf!!!

  3. Congrats on getting your esty shop open! I cant wait to visit. O and Maui looks so adorable! I love looking at all her photos you put up.

  4. I bet Maui didn’t have the hat on for very long. It’s obstructing her ears! You better e-mail me that second picture of her so I can use it as my wallpaper at work.

    You’re welcome for the banner. I probably could have done a better job with a different mushroom (or a higher res image of that mushroom), but I did what I could!

    (Psst… I’m not on your blogroll.)

  5. Maui, you look SOOOO cute in that elf hat! Mom tried to find something similar to that for me but no luck…mwahahahaha! Congrats to your Mom for opening her store! It looks AWESOME! Hope she’ll get lots of business…*grins*


  6. I am in love with your shop already! I can;t wait until you fill it up…I will have to place a big order 😉

  7. Congrats on the new shop!
    Maui is so very cute with the elf hat!

  8. sean

    HELLA SICK!!! I got 2 shout-outs in a row!!! Woo-wooooooo!!! (Bubb Rubb) I’ll call you later as always.

  9. congrats on the shop! Maui look so cute!

  10. Wendy

    Congrats on your launch!!!! I’m excited for what awaits you with that project 🙂 All I know is I’ll be in line!! hehe.

    Maui looks so precious with that elf hat!! *gives a mischievous look* Hak and Zuni would approve! =D

    0oO and guess what? I survived the qtr. a.k.a i didn’t fail anything! WOOT! let’s celebrate!

    < 2 more days!

  11. Andie

    Yay, nice shop. I love the logo.

    Maui looks absolutely annoyed that her elf hat is on. Nonetheless cute! Congratulations on your shop. I hope it does well. 🙂

  12. Oh how cute! Would you send Santa’s little helper to my place, pleeaaaasssseeeee!! Kekeke.

    Big congrats on your new shop!! Too bad I’m living far away or I would definitely apply for your DT!! ;P

  13. Hey Maui,

    Congrats to your mum for her etsy store, I’ll try to paw my mum and remind her to visit 🙂

    BOL, your hat looks fun!!

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