The San Francisco Ballet – The Nutcracker

Over at The Pretty Committee they are still hosting the 12 Days of Scrap-Mas. On my tutorial post, they were kind enough to give out a RAK if you comment by tomorrow morning (Sunday). Hurry, there still is time to post! If you want to see the tutorial for the Scrapper’s Ornament Gift, find it here. Here’s a picture of my simple and quick gift to give to a fellow scrapper:

It's filled with scrapping goodies!

Yesterday, I indulged in the ballet; I could not resist The Nutcracker. I usually go during the holiday season, but last year I was not able to go. This year, I splurged. It was absolutely mesmorizing; the way the dancers moved was so gentle and elegant. The men were amazing on stage; they jumped so gracefully with such power! The costumes and makeup sparkled under the lighting. It was unbelievable! Also, the San Francisco symphony that plays was fantastic! If you ever get the chance to enjoy San Francisco during the holiday season, I highly recommend checking out the ballet. My ticket was definitely money well spent. I’ll definitely have to be in New York one year to check out their ballet company’s performance of The Nutcracker.

Pictures were prohibited during the ballet for safety measures, so some others to look at:

The stage!

All the lights of the grand room sparkled!

Sean and Gloria explored the grand room.

Across the street, sits the illuminated City Hall.

Across the street sits the illuminated City Hall.

Dont ask?! The cold weather makes them weird.

Don't ask?! The cold weather made them weird.

Guess who?!

The mysterious ballerina... Who is she?!

This morning, we all headed to The Country Way in Fremont for brunch. I have to admit, they have the best french toast I’ve ever tasted in my life. It’s absolutely amazing. It’s crispy, but not oily or buttery, and it has powdered sugar on top for sugary goodness. It’s so good, that you don’t even have to drench it in syrup; it tastes good plain. Yummy! Gloria and I go here at least once a month just to eat the french toast, and I’m still not sick of it.

This is the best french toast, Ive ever had.

This is the best french toast, I've ever had.


This picture makes me laugh.

I made Jennie try my favorite french toast!

I even made Jennie try my favorite french toast!

Having the people I love around me was definitely a great break for me. I’ve been so busy with work and the rush of the holiday season that I’ve forgotten to sit down to enjoy the warmth of the people you love during this time of year. With their unending support for my scrapping hobby, they’ve pushed me to scrap our memories, and I’m definitely grateful to them. When I’m older, I’ll probably have a library of scrapbooks filled with memories such as this weekend, and I’ll thank them for letting me scrap them!

Last but not least, Maui wanted me to post these pictures of her! She was trying take the camera away from us, so we ended up taking these random ones of her, which she wanted to share even though they’re unclear and rather blurry. She’s such a weirdo!

Time to lick the camera!

"Time to lick the camera!"

Do I get a turn to take pictures too?!

"Do I get a turn to take pictures too?!"

I can’t wait for this upcoming week. Christmas is less than a week away! Are you excited?!

Off to cook dinner for everyone,




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8 responses to “The San Francisco Ballet – The Nutcracker

  1. Andie

    Love the pictures. You should do a layout on the ballet. It is gorgeous! I hope one day I get to watch it in NYC.

  2. tna

    go maui! {you are such a cutie} 😀

    so excited about Christmas too.

    Happy Holidays to you, Sarah!

  3. Mmmm such yummy french toast. *drool*

    And Maui is absolutely a sweetie!!!

  4. Adorable ornament gift idea for a scrapper! LOVE it! 🙂

  5. Lisa McDowell

    OMG Sarah!!! I’ve always wanted to see the San Francisco Ballet! I’ve heard that they’re absolutely marvelous. teehee ^-^ Whenever you get the chance, you should come out to New York to check out the New York Ballet. You should stop by my work too! I work over on Queens Boulevard. There’s a super cute guy that washes the lettuce there, but soon he’ll be on fries, then the grill. And pretty soon, he’ll make assistant manager, and that’s when the big bucks start rolling in.

  6. Darryl Jenks

    Sarah, I completely agree with Lisa (Hi baby!). The New York Ballet is fabulous. A block from the ballet is an amazing coffee place, where I you can get yourself some coffee that is amazing. But seeing the ballet is fun. It’s a real cute sport, especially how they balance and bounce on their toes. It’s a fun time. Anything for the kids!

  7. WTF….. Those are HORRIBLE pics of me. Is there no screening process for pics? Jen, G, and Sean look fine… but you had to go and pick the worst pics of me. You suck!

    P.S., Bring those Mystery Spot stickers with you tomorrow. 😀

  8. Vel

    Wow, Sarah, what fun! I always love your pics, especially since you can pretty much be assured of there being one of food and some of Maui!

    Happy holidays!

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