Last day of 2008.

I really can’t believe that today is New Year’s Eve; this year went by way too fast! Anyway, I wanted to wish everyone the best in the year 2009. Hope all your dreams come true!

I also wanted to share that I was able to attend Sing-Along Sound of Music in San Francisco last night. At first, I was a little hesitant to go because I was feeling drained from this past week, but my friend encouraged me to go. It was seriously an awesome experience. You get to watch the movie with a bunch of fanatics, and everyone gets to sing along with the movie! On top of that, when you enter the theater, they hand out small props for everyone in the audience to use during certain parts of the movie! For instance, they gave us little white flowers to wave around during Captain Von Trapp’s Edelweiss. It was sooooooo much fun!

One of the greatest movies!

The stage!

Now, on to other things to share. Earlier this week, we were able to drop off our belated Christmas gifts to Maui’s buddy, Meiko! Kristin, Meiko’s mommy, told us he was really into one of the treats we put in their Christmas stash. She was so kind enough to share some fun pictures of Meiko checking out the gifts, so I had to share with everyone!

Meiko must smell something he likes in that gift basket we gave them!

Meiko must smell something he likes in that gift basket we gave them!

Hmmm, I wonder what Meiko is looking for?!

Hmmm, I wonder what Meiko is looking for?!

We're so glad he loved that snack bar we put in their Christmas goodies!

We're so glad he loved that snack bar we put in their Christmas goodies!

Meiko gave Maui a bag of make your own homemade Buddy Biscuits Bake at Home Dog Treats for Christmas. It was fun and super easy to do! The best part about these treats was that she totally loved them! Before I opened the package, she was all over it. The whole time they were baking, she kept roaming around the kitchen by the oven.

Maui wanted me to bake these!

"Thank you for these delicious treats, Meiko!"

Pleeeease, I really want to bake these!

"Pleeeease, I really want to bake these!"

I cant resist that smell anymore!

"I can't resist those treats anymore!"

Tray of goodies just for the furbaby.

Tray of goodies just for the furbaby.

As for scrapping stuff, I have some layouts to share as soon as I get the images of them uploaded to the laptop. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share those very soon.

Again, hope everyone has a safe and wonderful new year! Now, I’m off to drink some champagne and toast to a great year ahead of me.




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10 responses to “Last day of 2008.

  1. gloria

    Hey! Sound of Music was tons of fun!

    You forgot waiving curtains and flapping placards of Julie Andrews flibbergibbert/clown! Hahaha. That was tons of fun. Perhaps next year we shall go again.

    Now if only they would bring Oklahoma! Happy New Year.


  3. tna

    happy new year sarah. 🙂

    {kisses} to maui 😀

  4. lol Maui is nekkid! 😀

    Hahahhahaa, I’m here now, leaving a comment, and you’re right here making me leave a comment!


  5. happy new year!!! (almost)

  6. Happy 2009! Hope it’s a GREAT year for you! 🙂

  7. kristin

    awww Glad Maui enjoyed her buddy biscuits! That is good to know. Hope you guys enjoyed all the other fun treats and toys in your basket! Meiko, Arlene and I enjoyed ours! Yay for 2009! It’s going to be a great year!!!!

  8. Andie

    Hiii! I love your sound of music singalong event. My mother and I used to sit together every Thanksgiving to watch it. I love that movie.

    Anyway, I hope you had a fun New Year. Take cares.

  9. bangforyourbuck

    Barngforyourbuck is going to be bored this weekend and is looking for something to do (and possibly even for someone to join in with him on his festivities). Let me know what ROL is up to because BFYB wants to see Maui and doesn’t feel like hanging around boring old Sacramento. Cranium perhaps?

  10. Sarah, how do you make those treat? I would love to try and make some for my babies 🙂

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