Time off. HMITM Challenge #97. Maui update.

I’m still taking the time off to relax and just enjoy life by order of the doctor. I have to admit that being idle drives me a little insane, haha! I guess I’ve trained myself to keep my schedule busy, so that I would distract myself from any worries; now that I know I suffer from anxiety disorder, I’m bringing everything down a notch. …or at least I’m trying to.

With this time off, I’ve managed to start a 1,000 piece puzzle that I picked up from the store yesterday. Gloria opted to help me finish it. It’s a “vintaged-out” painting of San Francisco. I’ll have to keep everyone updated on our progress!

Im trying to finish this bad boy!

Definitely a work in progress! Wish me luck!

Some of the pieces in the box.

Some of the pieces in the box.

We finished most of the pier area.

We finished most of the pier area.

...and most of the Golden Gate is complete!

...and most of the Golden Gate is complete!

I’ve also managed to organize a ton of my acrylic stamps. I was getting annoyed with the way they were sitting around in stacks, so I put them into plastic sleeves. I like this way so much better because I can easily find which stamp I want to use!

I finally organized some of my acrylic stamps.

I finally organized some of my acrylic stamps.

I even cranked out another layout. I got my inspiration from the challenge site How Much is Too Much? For the latest challenge, you had to use 9 circles in a layout. Journaling reads, “sometimes i wonder if you’re really a cat becuz most of the time you act like a dog. i love you either way.”

Here was my take on it:

Tribute to Hoshi, the orange tabby!

Tribute to Hoshi, the orange tabby!

Ive been so into playing with different stitches.

I've been so into playing with different stitches.

It’s Thursday, and we still don’t have an update on Maui. The vet told us it would take about 72 hours, but still no word. We called the pet hospital, but they had no answer for us. The lump on her shoulder is not hindering her from doing the things she loves – tug o’ war, running around the house, hide and seek, etc. She, however, felt “icky” after the biopsy earlier this week.

Maui felt icky after the procedure.

Maui felt icky after the procedure.

I felt so bad for her. She got extra cuddles this week!

Don't worry, I made sure she got extra cuddles this week.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

Until then,




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16 responses to “Time off. HMITM Challenge #97. Maui update.

  1. gloria

    awww Maui looked so sad. Hope she feels better and i’ll keep my fingers crossed for all good news.

    On a side note, glad to see you’re enjoying the puzzle and I love your LO. Keep up the relaxing!

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am sorry to hear about your anxiety disorder. Hope you get well soon! Be sure to take it easy and just have fun!

    Lots of hugs,
    Ate Lil

  3. Natalie

    Good thing you’re getting rested up. You deserve it. I haven’t done a puzzle in so long, but since you brought it up, it makes me want to go and buy one!!!!!

    Fun layout of the cat!

  4. anna

    poor maui!

    can’t wait to see the finished puzzle

  5. I love that lo and love doing puzzles. FABULOUS storage idea and I just might have to do that too. Question though. with the bigger stamps that comes in a big package with other stamps how do you go about putting them in? Do you keep the plastic behind them or no?


  6. Michelle

    Glad to see you’re still resting up Sarah !
    Enjoy your puzzle !
    Best wishes for Maui… hope she will be OK !


  7. Hi Sarah,
    Sorry to hear you guys aren’t doing so well. I’ve dealt with anxiety (and post partum depression) for a long time and wanted to send you some hugs. Hope you’re feeling better.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for Maui too. I grew up with a Schnauzer and I do know they get a lot of lumps and bumps, most terriers do, and it’s normal. My parents also had a Wheaton and she got them too. They both lived long happy lives.
    Love your work too!

  8. Hope you finish that puzzle soon. That’s a nice design you chose. Hope Maui gets well soon. And that layout of the kitty cat is really cute!

  9. Uncle Scott is giving Maui an 1nt3rn3t5 hugz!

    Did she get a bath? She looks cleaner than she did last weekend.

  10. sean

    I already miss Maui. I hope she’s feeling better. Make sure to check this cool blog I found. It’s called bang for your buck. You’ll have to check it out.


  11. I really love your storage idea and those stitches… I’ll have to try that too! Maybe an idea to bind my book that way? (you saw the tutorial on my blog, thanks for your sweet comment!) And keep up the relaxing girl, you need it and you deserve it!

  12. Poor Maui! Hope you get good news from the vet and soon!
    Puzzle looks great! So does the lo-love the stitching! Keep relaxing!

  13. Marcee

    Awwwwww……………sweet little Maui. I wish I could give her some love. I hope the vet rings you today. Glad that you are taking it easy-I also have issues with anxiety, so I feel ya! Puzzles rock-have fun and try not to worry:)

  14. Thinking good thoughts for Maui. I’m sure she’s getting a LOT of extra hugs. 🙂

    Love that cat LO… so cute! And lovin’ the funky stitching! 🙂

    Have a great weekend… hope it’s VERY RELAXING! 🙂

  15. Hey Sarah, thanks for visiting my blog! You are so super talented….I just had so much fun looking through your blog 😀

    We have a mini-schnauzer too…Edgar…aren’t they the best?!

    Have a great break!


  16. Poor Maui! I am so glad that you are taking a break, Sarah!!!!

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