Sewing projects. Maui update.

I’ve been so busy crafting away that I didn’t post any updates yesterday. Ooops! I did, however, get a chance to pick up fabric and play with my sewing machine. I haven’t pulled out a sewing machine in years, so I was a little bit rusty at first, but I finally got the hang of things after a few mistakes here and there.

Both my family and friends were asking, “Are you sewing up a ‘Sarah’ shirt?” They were absolutely right! I was sewing up a top that looks like something you’d catch me wearing on a typical day. I bought a pattern for it, but only used it half way through the process. I then altered the design to make the sleeves look the way I wanted them to look. The fabric I used on this shirt was just a striped green and whiteΒ  pattern, which I found on clearance for $2 per yard! When added all up, I probably spent less than $5 on this shirt! I totally loved the way it came out, and I look forward to wearing it when I go to Hawaii!

I cant wait to wear my new shirt!

I can't wait to wear my new shirt!

The top half of the shirt.

The top half of the shirt.

Close up of one of the cute pockets!

Close up of one of the cute pockets!

With my free time, I also finished sewing up a cute bag for myself. I bought a pattern for this one as well, but again, I slightly altered parts here and there to get it the way I wanted it to look. The fabric on this project was also in the clearance section – $2.50 per yard! It’s a brown small checkered pattern, which I absolutely love, and the inside lining is just plain brown fabric. I loved how it turned out; it’s simple and cute, and I can’t wait to use it some time this weekend!

Im so excited that I finished this purse!

I'm so excited that I finished this purse!

Here is a close up of the fabric.

Here is a close up of the fabric.

The inside lining is brown to match the exterior.

The inside lining is brown to match the exterior.

All of this free time has gotten me into the groove with the sewing machine, but it also allowed me to finally finish the puzzle! It took me and Gloria a few days, but we didn’t give up. I really like this vintage painting of the city of San Francisco. It has all the prominent locations back in the early 1900s, and it shows a lot of history.

We finally finished it - 1000 pieces!

We finally finished it - 1000 pieces!

I love the Victorian homes in this puzzle.

I love the Victorian homes in this puzzle.

This is going to be totally random, but while at the store this week, I saw the cutest bathtub accessory. I had to buy it! For some reason, I think that hippos are incredibly cute, so I could not resist this. To make it even better, he’s green, my favorite color! I had to share it with everyone.

My latest bathtub addition!

My latest bathtub addition!

Last but not least, after anxiously waiting, we did hear back from the vet about Maui’s lump. The nurse called us and told us that Maui’s lump is not a cancerous tumor. *sigh of relief* It turns out that the lump is an allergic reaction to the rabies vaccine, and the tissue just grew excessively to heal causing a lump. That makes a lot of sense because after she was innoculated with the rabies vaccine, she broke out with fever and didn’t want to move. Anyway, the doctor wants us to put heated pads on her lump to try to decrease the size. If that doesn’t work, they encouraged us to get it removed by way of surgery. ACK! Let’s hope it decreases. Other than that, she’s happy and sleeping right now. I took a couple of pictures of her, and she got so annoyed with me, haha!

Shes so adorable when shes asleep.

She's so adorable when she's asleep.

Cant you tell shes getting annoyed?!

Can't you tell she's getting annoyed?!

So... she tucked her head on the covers to get rid of me! haha.

So... she tucked her eyes under the covers to get rid of me! haha. I guess she thought, "Out of sight, out of mind."

Now, I have to get ready. We plan on taking Maui to the beach today. It’s a warm enough day in the city to have a picnic on the beach. Plus, it’ll give the little rascal of a dog enough time to run around free on the sand meeting new people and other dogs.

Have a wonderful and RELAXED Saturday!




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12 responses to “Sewing projects. Maui update.

  1. gloria

    Love the post. Happy to see that you are doing things you enjoy. Now you can sew me a hat! hahaha jk!

    Anyway, I love the way everything came out. Perhaps your new hobby will be sewing. HAHA. I know scrapping is your favorite hobby though. Have a kick ass saturday.

  2. I really need to pull my sewing machine out of the box and give it a go again. I could never understand the patterns and nothing turned out right. But I could do pillows and quilts.

    The forest pack has 40 sheets in 10 designs. The scrap pack has 369 punchouts, 3 dividers, 4 foil treated 12 x 12 papers, 8 solid 12 x 12 papers, 12 patterned 12 x 12 papers. Hope this helps.

  3. Oh, so happy for Maui, i was thinking about her and came here to check if you had any news! And I loved that hippo too πŸ™‚

  4. Oh… how I’d LOVE to be having a picnic on the beach right now! It’s snowing here… 😦

    Totally impressed with your Sarah shirt & bag… so incredibly cute! I really do have to just start practicing with my sewing machine. I think I’m going to start with American Girl doll clothes & go from there. At least that way, it’s just a doll looking frumpy, if I make a mistake, & not ME! LOL! πŸ™‚

    Very happy for Maui’s good news… πŸ™‚

  5. And Uncle breathes a sigh of relief that young Maui is a-okay! Oh, and you guys suck for going to the beach without me… But then again, going to the beach is better than driving up here to visit.

    As for the Sarah Shirt….. I lol’d. I was expected a shirt with frilly sleeves, but it still fits the anticipated image. Frilly pockets!! Small stripes!! GREEN!!!

  6. Michelle

    You are such a clever lady Sarah !
    I love your shirt and bag ! Fantastic !
    Great to hear that all is well with Maui too !


  7. Wow. You are so talented! Love both the shirt and the purse.

  8. Ok you know what’s not fair? That I have a sewing machine and it must be broken cause when i sew it looks nothing like what you make πŸ˜‰

    Come teach me!

    Big sigh of relief about Maui! Yay!

  9. Owner of Mizu

    You could have gone to Steve and barrys and bought shirts there for $1. It’s pretty similar to the dollar tree. By the way, all my sushi is gone…

  10. Wendy

    LMAO on the comment above mine. HAHAHAHAHA, only because i’m pretty sure who wrote it!

    Sarah, your brothers are hilarious.

    Those sewing projects of yours are amazing. I second the previous comments: you are such a talented lady. Keep up the awesome work!

    Now let’s go ice skating!

  11. Sarah, you are a girl with many crafty talents. I havent sewed in a loooooooooooooong time. I want a sewing machine so bad!

  12. The shirt and the bag look fab! So glad you got good news about Maui’s lump! I must do some sewing today!:)

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