Creative spark – RAK!

I’ve been totally inconsistent with posting updates. Oooops! In the past couple of days, I’ve been trying to relax and enjoy life; however, I still feel exhausted emotionally, physically, and mentally. Although tired, I still have a creative spark going, which is a great thing because it helps me relieve stress.

I’ve been busy scrapping about every project – layouts, cards, altered items, etc. I’d love to share ALL of them, but unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until I get permission to post.Β  Until then, I’ll leave you with a couple projects.

My latest layout was inspired by Scrapping Out Loud. I really liked the idea of this challenge site; basically, you get a “Word of the Week” and a “Sketch of the Week”. You have a choice of either doing one or the other or both. I decided to play along.

"Beginnings Are Hard"

Over at Scrapping Across the Universe, they are hosting a challenge,Β  which Red Oak Lines is sponsoring! Play along with the current challenge, and you could win a package of some of my goodies.

Win all of this over at Scrapping Across the Universe!

Win this over at Scrapping Across the Universe!

…and because I already had a pile of scraps out, I cranked out a card for Valentine’s Day. Here is a random and spontaneous card I made:

For that special sweetheart!

For that special sweet"heart"!

I was already on a roll doing Valentine related projects, so I made a little felt pocket to store little love notes. I know a lot of couples write and doodle down notes to each other throughout the day, so I thought this was a cute way to store everyday sentiments. Of course, you can add a magnetic strip to the back, and put it up on the fridge!

Love Note Felt Pocket

Love Note Felt Pocket

Closer view of the pocket.

Closer view of the pocket.

Yesterday, Maui got to go to the park since it was sunny. She was completely drained from playing that within a few minutes in the car, she fell asleep.

Im sooooooo tired!

"I'm sooooooo tired!"

A couple of minutes later... ZzzZZZzZzzzz

A couple of minutes later... "ZzzZZZzZzzzz"

The past couple of days, I’ve been also working on the patio area. I’ve been trying to add more color to our empty space, so I planted some flowers. I plan on growing vegetables and herbs, but I’ll wait until the cold chill goes away. Anyway, I wanted to share some fun little “critters” in our garden.

Fred the Frog. He loves violas.

Fred the Frog: he loves violas.

she loves violas too!

Special the Squirrel: she loves violas too!

he loves flowers in general.

Mango the Ladybug: he loves all flowers.

…and I was so excited when I saw these pop out of the ground. I counted around 4-5 buds, and hopefully more will be sprouting out soon! Thank gosh for the sun because I’m starting to dislike the cold!

I can't wait for all of the tulips to bloom!

Those are all the pictures I have of the garden right now. I’ll update more soon!

And last but not least, I’m giving out a RAK. I have more random stuff to giveaway, so if you want to play. Just leave a comment with what flower you think I should have in our garden. Last day to comment will be Sunday, January 18th, by 11:59pm.

Happy Thursday,




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36 responses to “Creative spark – RAK!

  1. Andie

    Hey hey hey!

    Love the felt pocket of love notes. I am excited that your tulips are growing. Wow Sarah, you have to take a picture when they start to bloom! Make sure to water them and smile πŸ™‚

  2. Fabulous lo. I love the colors and pp you used. Thanks for playing along. Im going to have to check out Scrapping Across the Universe. Love the card and the felt pocket too. How adorable! Glad to hear that Maui had fun. Looks like it too :)!

  3. First of all; Wow, loved your layout for SOL you did a wondeful page! Second your card and felt pocket are very beautiful…love your craftiness can’t wait to come back and see what you come up with next!

  4. Ohhh, Wow…that’s an amazing LO, Sarah!

    Not only is it an amazing LO, this is a fabulous blog! I’m glad you played along at SOL so that I could stumble upon it’s cool-ness! πŸ™‚

    So as far as planting flowers in your garden…hmmm…how about Honeysuckle?

  5. Hello, thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I was wondering how often you choose a DT or team members for other things. Thank you! : )

  6. Hi. I love your felt message bag.Can you teach me to do that..You create yummy cards too!

  7. ooppsss..i forgot my flower..I love roses!white one..can they live there?MY hubby once suggested to me we better plant roses too..Its freezing cold here at the moment so I digress.;)

  8. Ohh wow thanks so much for playing along with us this week…I just adore your pg…I love seeing one of my sketches blossom into such a beautiful pg.!

  9. Love your LO and the LOVE note holder! Very classy! If you do have tulips, great! I happen to love hydrangeas because they come in bunches of little flowers, and you can press them and use them for LOs! Hope you can grow them in your garden!

  10. Beautiful layout! I love the mixed up fonts!

    Thanks for playing along with us!


  11. peonies or daffodils! πŸ™‚

  12. Your projects are totally adorable… especially the Love Notes pocket. Too cute! πŸ™‚

  13. Those wood floor things… are they new? I’ve never seen them before.

  14. Great page and cards!!! Love those pearls so much. For your garden, how about pansy or marigold? I think they will go with your violas.

  15. Hey Girl!
    Love all ur creations! also the love note felt pocket so beautiful! I’m into gardening too but here in the philippines u cant grow violas and tulips. I grow roses and some herbs. How plant some daisys and sunflowers, they grow so fast.
    Happy gardening.

  16. OMG! I totally love the felt pocket!!! I am so gonna try making one of that! Thanks for sharing! And …. I wish i could be in the car so Muai can sleep on my lap … such a darling!!

  17. So cute…I’m such a fan of your felt goodies!!!

    I once had (at my old house) these little antique white climbing roses. The centers were pink, and they smelled delicious! I’m not sure what they were called, but I loved them!! You should totally try something like those.


  18. I’m glad to know you have a blog. I always loved your work when I saw it posted on Can’t wait to read more about you…

    and as far as flowers, plant dahliahs. They are just beautiful. The house we rent has a garden full of nothing but dahliahs and they are awesome for cutting. But they are a late blooming flower. Aug.-ish in washington state.

  19. Just wanted to say you are FABULOUS! Now hit up my blog and check it out! Thats if you are FABULOUS ENOUGH! :)!

  20. Susie Tan

    Hi Sarah,

    I love orchids! It’s beautiful and classy. It’s easy to grow or you can buy with flowers about to bloom and it will last for a few weeks.

  21. Michelle

    Sarah, I am exhausted just reading about everything you have been doing ! Your work is just stunning !
    And I absolutely love your patio pots… how cute are they ? Hope you’re feeling more relaxed…


  22. Thanks for playing along with this weeks challenge. Your layout was great! I loved everything else in your post too!

  23. Hey girl hush hush, relax! and yeah surprise us more with your beautiful projects!
    love to see a glimpse of your garden, can’t possibly have that here in SG but back in Manila my parents definitely have green thumbs πŸ˜‰

  24. Delia W

    I just can’t believe how organized you are. I haven’t even thought about Valentine yet. Love the card and LO.

    I always like pea’s… and sunflowers. They such happy flowers..

  25. Love the love note pocket! Just adorable!

  26. Pat

    Your Lo for SOL! Is so cool, love the colors!

  27. LG

    Love all your works!!!!

    Btw I suggest sunflowers!!! They are big and very beautiful. For me, it reminds me that life is sunny no matter what Im going through

  28. LOVE your LO and the cards are just gorgeous! Look like you have a really fun garden. I wish I had a green thumb:/ Someone is going to be a very happy girl with those ROL goodies.

    I’ve decided I want a Maui!

  29. Hi Sarah!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your comment was really nice. Your blog is awsome!! So is all of your work. Your valentine’s day items are so cute, and I saw your lay out about your cat on Flickr. I swear my cat is your cat’s twin!!! they have the same markings on their head.. and the title with the word “monster” in it really suits my cat!!
    again, thanks for visiting. I hope we can chat again soon!

    {hugs} Danielle

  30. hello Sarah! reading your posts always makes me feel so good! i so admire the way you spice up you LOs with your “randomness” – doesnt seem random at all. you are truly an artist even with your home and garden decorations. as for flowers to grow, i’m thinking of carnations for they symbolize love, hope, and gratitude of the good things that pass our way each and every day! Happy blogging and scrapping to you always! πŸ™‚

  31. Thanks for the RAK, Sarah, I’ll go with the tulips. I love the smell of sampaguita an dama de noche but I doubt that’s feasible there. I enjoyed looking around your blog and I think I feel a creative spark coming on. πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  32. Hi Sarah,

    I loved Roses, and lavander. They are simply beautiful. Try to put some in your garden.

  33. kristin

    ohh when you plant your herbs you should totaly do some Lavander!! Then you can dry it and keep it in the house. In our garden we have lots of green plants like ferns, little succulent planters, different varieties of Japanese Maples (my favorite) LoL Ohhhh and honey suckle is fun, it smells so yummy! Morning Gloryies are easy to grow from seed and so pretty! Okay sorry im going on and on but i love garden stuff! heehee your making me want to go refresh ours! haha Still a little to cold here though. Can’t wait to see your tulips in bloom!!! woohoo!! Your garden is going to be awesome im so jealous of your sunlight!! =P

  34. I think sunflowers would be great! I don’t think it’s the right time of year for that, though, and I don’t know how difficult they are to grow (I have never had a garden because I’m completely 1000% urban and live in a condo in the city LOL). Also, it’s not really a flower, but tomatoes would be great! My mom grows tomatoes and they just taste so fresh and delicious right off the vine as opposed to sitting on a produce shelf for who-knows-how-long in the supermarket, with who-knows-what-pesticides it’s covered in.

    Looks like you’ve got a lot of great suggestions!

  35. Hi babe! I’m loving your V-day projects! Especially the Love notes! Awesome LOs and projects! Your style is evolving too!

    Hmmm, I love those daisy-looking flowers, think they are called Gerberras or something? And roses! They never fail to look awesome and pretty in a garden!

  36. your Maui looks exactly like my Sassy πŸ˜‰

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