It’s raining, it’s pouring…

the little white dog is snoring. Well… not right now she’s not, but she was earlier, haha. Because the weather is cold and wet today, we spent most of it indoors scrapping, of course!

A day in the life of Maui:

Check out Mauis sleepy eyes.

"I got bored watching Mom scrap, so I fell asleep on a blanket that needed to be put away."

Let me show you some of Moms garden!

"Let me show you some of my mom's garden!"

These are the latest addition to Moms garden - daffodils.

"These are the latest addition to Mom's garden - daffodils."

Its time to play with Sock Monkey!

"Is it time to play tug-o-war yet?!"

Since Moms too busy scrapping, Im going to play MY OWN game.

"Since Mom's too busy scrapping, I'm going to play MY OWN game."

This game is called hide-n-seek!

"This game is called hide-n-seek!"

Bet you cant find me under the curtains!!!

"Bet you can't find me under the curtains!!!"

Is it time to go outside now!?

"Is it time to go outside now!?"

I’m not even finished with this post, and she fell asleep. So I wasn’t lying when I said she was snoring!

As for scrapping, I actually got a lot done today.

The first card I completed was inspired by Sketches! {by tamara}. I followed Recipe #32, which called for lined paper, journaling box, and ink/paint. I thought it was a neat concept to have “recipes”, so I tried it out. I even managed to use a Red Oak Lines journaling spot.

Hi. - Recipe #32

Hi. - Recipe #32

The second card I completed was completely random. I just had stuff out on my desk, and I wanted to use it up. Since Valentine’s day is coming up, I thought maybe I’ll make a lovey dovey card. This is what I came up with:

What a Catch!

What a Catch!

I thought this next project I made was pretty neat. Gloria and her family are celebrating Chinese New Year this weekend, and I have been invited to their festivities. I made this “Good Fortune Bag” as gift to her, which I plan to fill with tons of her favorite Chinese snacks and goodies.

Good Fortune Bag

Good Fortune Bag

Last but not least, my day would not be complete with at least one layout done. Here is my layout for the day:

My  Funny Valentine

My Funny Valentine

Happy Wednesday,




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20 responses to “It’s raining, it’s pouring…

  1. Fran

    You are on a roll girl. It takes me a week to make 2 cards! I’m also in love with that Chinese New Year bag you made!!! FUN STUFF!

    Do you mind if I kidnap your dog?! 😉

  2. Wow. You had a very productive day! And awwww Maui kept you a company 🙂 Love what you created today. Love that chopstick idea on the bag. Happy Lunar New Year!!

  3. Loooove the Good Fortune bag! That is super cute!

  4. Really cute cards and layout, you sure had a super productive day!! BTW, I think Maui pics may be the cutest thing I’ve seen!!

  5. Michelle

    Maui is so cute !
    Loving your work Sarah !
    I’m sure your friend will love her Good Fortune Bag.
    Very clever !


  6. Oooo my day would not be complete without seeing Maui’s picture!!

    And I sooooo love the ‘Good Fortune Bag’. What a clever idea to use the chopsticks to bring on the mood!!!

  7. what on earth are you doing up at 3:45am???

  8. Oh man… I KNEW I should’ve saved the chopsticks from PF Changs last weekend! That bag is just WAY awesome. Such cute, cute cards & I love that LO, too! You are so inspiring! 🙂

  9. Maui is adorable! Sounds like my dog – he’s always sleeping too.

    I’m jealous of your garden – the last frost date here is at the end of May! Today we’re getting another big dump of snow.

  10. Maui

    Hi Mom,

    So I learned to type yesterday while you were watching tv on your brand new one. I am quite the talented dog. I’m probably so smart because Uncle Sean bought me that Chuck-It for Christmas. He’s really cool and funny unlike Uncle Scott. For some reason, sometimes Uncle Scott’s face tastes weird when I lick him, but oh well. And Mom, how many times do I have to tell you that I don’t snore. You snore a lot louder than me. Hopefully, I don’t have sleep apnea. If I do though, I’d love to see my nurse hehe. Ok back to sleeping. Tug-o-War in a couple hours? Let’s say about 10:00 AM? Sounds good. And please don’t scrap all day, I want to play too. OK bye Mom!


  11. Wow! That’s some gorgeous cards Sarah! Your style is really evolving I tell ya! Maui is sooo cute! Must be the cold to make her “hibernate” more.

    I love the cheerful looking daffodils!

  12. Andie

    Love the pictures of Maui and your CNY bag is so creative! Keep up the great fabulous work!

  13. that bag is just incredible and I love those cards!! Kisses to Maui 🙂

  14. So did you take Maui out after it stopped raining? I hope she got to go out. I love those cards and that bag is beautiful!

  15. ha! maui. you were bored when you woke up, no?

    i hate when i wake up like that. drink some water and get some caffine and foods in you and hopefully you’re feeling not so hung over.

    oh and thanks for stopping by the store and checking out my album!!!!


  17. Hi Maui and Sarah!

    So sorry for not visiting sooner! You sure look cuter by the day, Maui! Your Mom’s scrapping looks AWESOME as usual…I especially like the Good Fortune bag! Maybe it’s because it’s nearing Chinese New Year…festivities are in the air. *grins* Hope you have a great weekend too!


  18. Maui’s sleeping on the blanket that I used over the weekend. I see someone hasn’t gotten around to putting it away, even after I was nice enough to fold it up nicely and make the bed.

    And to Maui: I’ll make sure my face tastes like CORN and PORK next time I come to visit. 😉 I kid, I kid!

  19. Maui is so cute!!! And talented!! That reply on your blog is excellent!!

  20. Maui is really oh so cute Sarah! No wonder you love her so much!

    And those cards are goregous! Love that Chinese card with thechopsticks.

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