Maui Video! and other random stuff.

When we drive around, Maui always wants to stick her head out of the car to get some fresh air! It’s one of her favorite hobbies. Today, she thought it would be fun if she did it in style. Check this short video out!

Anyway, Maui and I are completely drained from the Chinese New Year festivities; we did, however, have tons of fun this weekend. I didn’t take that many photos from the dinner party because I was so busy eating, haha! I did manage to take a few. Here are some pictures to share.

The post office again?!

"The post office again?!"

ARGH! I see that bird, and I want it!

"ARGH! I see that bird, and I want it!"

Im dressed all ready to go! Hurry up!

"I'm dressed and all ready to go! Hurry up!"

Gloria waits for family members to arrive.

Gloria trying to figure out why her uncle is late.

Is it time to eat yet?!

"Is it time to eat yet?!"

Maui thinks shes a stuffed animal!

Maui thinks she's a stuffed animal!

Shes in love with the sheep from New Zealand!!

She's in love with the sheep from New Zealand!!

My two newest friends - Selisa and Steven!

"My two newest friends - Selisa and Steven! Please come stay with me again!"

Also, I randomly picked a name from the 10,000th view RAK, and the winner to this RAK is…


Congratulations! …and thank you to everyone for playing along and coming back to read my posts.

Lastly, I wanted to share some fun news! Pink Sketches is back in action, and ready for more scrapping. This week, there are two sketches up, so make sure to check it out for inspiration from the rest of the amazing DT!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week ahead of them!




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14 responses to “Maui Video! and other random stuff.

  1. sean

    I love my niece Maui. She’s the best dog anyone could ever have. Now I can’t get a dog cuz it probably won’t be half as cool as Maui. That sucks. Oh well…I can’t wait until you post your next LO though. Should have some pretty nice photography though with a really nice camera with lens that has a really low shutter speed. I wonder what it’s going to be. Anyways, I never realized Maui closes her eyes when she sticks her head out the window. Oh well, see you later!

    -Red Oak Lines #1 Customer

  2. She’s my niece too!

    Aren’t those 2 LOs older? I know I’ve seen those beach pics before. And I know “Maui Owie” has been on your desk for some time now. Very nice, like always. Yes, VERY nice.

    I lol’d through that entire video of Maui! Look at that moustache! Hahahahahhaaa!

  3. Adorable, I love the complete joy on Maui’s face while she’s enjoying the breeze…so cute!! How did you shoot that video anyhow?

    Great layouts as always, you’re very talented!!
    LOVE your stuff!!


  4. Apparently all the New Year’s festivities tired Maui out. She’s so cute sleeping next to the sheep!

  5. Your brothers’ comments crack me up….

    Love the LO’s… especially love the “Maui Owie” title… πŸ™‚

    Have a great week!

  6. Melissa

    love the layouts!!! and that video is sooooo cute! i had to show it to my husband!

  7. Ooohh! I like what I’m seeing for your takes on Pink Sketches! Great Takes gal! You’re absolutely rocking them!

    The video of Maui is too cute to boot! She really is doing it in style! Have a great Chines New Year celebration with Gloria yah?

  8. Aww, Maui is the cutest! Love the new los!

  9. OMG!!! Maui is just too cute!!! Loved the video! Your layouts are just so cute and fun!!! totally love them! Have a great day!! *hugs*

  10. gloria

    yay food! love your new LOs. keep up the great work. When is your next adventure?

  11. dianaisa

    what a cute dog! Love your scrapbook work! I will visit your blog more often from now on…lol.

  12. wendy

    Thanks so much for the rak! I can’t wait to scrap with “legit” scrap items, per se. Maybe I will make a layout for you with the goods and send it back to u! hehe
    hope you’re having a fantastic wk so far!

  13. Hi Maui,

    Is that a doggie banquet? Cool! Love the shots of you with the soft toys, you look real white and fluffy – bet your mum loves to hug you πŸ™‚


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