That’s hot…


So… I knew that Paris Hilton was coming out with a scrapbook line, and my reaction to that was *jaw hit the floor*! She revealed all of her products at the CHA. Here are a couple of  pictures that I found online, and thought I would share. Who plans on buying her stuff?

Pictures taken from:

Anyway, there are still a couple of projects I want to share with everyone. I’ll post very shortly, so stay tuned.

That’s hot! *wink*




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12 responses to “That’s hot…

  1. Ive been waiting to see this line, not that I would buy it. I think she is rich enough. On the other hand if I like something I buy it, but I’m not liking what I see on the shelves.

  2. no no no no no no no no no no no



    yea, i heard about this a week or so ago and about lost my lunch. it was worth a good laugh and now, after seeing the stuff, its such a joke. i’m sure it will be big with the tweeners though. not me.

  3. Hmmm… wow, I didn’t know that. Well, if it’s cute, I’ll probably buy it but if it says “parish hilton” all over it, then WTF? I do kinda like the album she’s holding though…

  4. This is REALLY funny to me. How on earth did she get her hands into the scrapbook world? That seems like kind of a contradiction for miss privileged party-animal…y’know, to do anything constructive with her hands. *ahem* I agree with the gal who said if it says “Paris Hilton” all over it, I have no interest in it. But if it’s just glam and sparkly, I might have to overcome the distaste, just as I have for some Martha Stewart products. *hehe*

    Seriously? Uh, yeah…NO!!

    I don’t think so! haha

  6. Ummmmmm…… NOT. 😦

  7. Im also not liking what shelves behind her either. So no way!

    Im just wondering if she is doing this to get out in the public eye more. IMO, She is slowly coming out of the lime light. So what else to do, beside go at one of the biggest art out there. EWWW, NASTY, AND NO WAY IN H$#@% will I buy anything from her line.

  8. sean

    she’s horrible at scrapping and not pretty.

  9. lol Paris Hilton. Now you know how I feel when random “stars” are brought in to lend their voices when anime gets released in the US.

  10. LOL! She really knows where to cash in for the industry?

    As expected, her lines I kinda expected pink (all shades) with lotsa bling.

    But I gotta see the line myself and see if it’s worth getting or not!

  11. Jess

    Well if you look at the pages behind her, there’s nothing interesting or new there… just a bunch of wannabe layouts and putting pictures here and there. I think I’ll skip this one….

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