My poor baby.

Maui was spayed yesterday, and unfortunately, it wasn’t a smooth ride. Most spays are usually quick and fast, and I was not worried at all until we picked her up. When we first saw her, she wiggled her behind like usual, but she let out the most precious cry. I’ve never heard her cry that way before. The vet told us that she woke up early. I guess the anesthesia wore off too fast; it must have been because she’s larger than most Miniature Schnauzers. Anyway, she’s drugged up on lots of pain medication and antibiotics. She’s slept most of today and all of yesterday, which is a good thing because she’s getting her rest. Oh, and to make things worse, parts of her legs and her tummy are bald from the IV and the heart rate monitor. Eeeeeps! It’ll take a while for her hair to grow out! Hopefully with all the rest,  she’ll be back to her normal “pupself” very soon!

She cried most of last night.

She cried most of last night.

Owie! Resting with her latest toy, Valentine bobo.

Today, she managed to get outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunlight.

She managed to get out and enjoy the sun today!

Stopping to smell the flowers even though in pain!

Her face just reads, SLEEPY!

Her face just reads, "SLEEPY!"

I brought out her bed for her.

I brought out her bed for her.

As for scrapping, I haven’t cranked out any layouts, but I did make two mini albums recently. The first mini album is from my trip to Atlanta.

Atlanta Trip Mini Album

Atlanta Trip Mini Album

Some inside details.

Some inside details.

More fun details.

More fun details.

The second project I created is a heart chipboard album about my family. I really love the way this one turned out, and it means a lot to me.

My Family Mini Album

My Family Mini Album

Family poem on first page.

Family poem on the first page.

Family photo!

Family photo!

My mom and dad!

My mom and dad!

I have some other pictures I want to share from this past weekend’s dinner party. Gloria’s cousin took tons of photos from their Lunar New Year celebration that are absolutely stunning!



Adorable photo!

Adorable photo!

I love how this one came out!

I love how this one came out!

Maui misses them!

Maui misses them!

Glorias family

Gloria's family.

The baby!

The baby!

Last but not least, we found a new dog boutique, Happy Go Lucky in San Jose, which has a bunch of organic treats! I was really excited about this because Maui is pretty limited on what she can eat! Here’s a picture of her waiting to eat her sweet potato and chicken treat:

This takes patience, hehe.

This takes patience, hehe.





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18 responses to “My poor baby.

  1. Aww poor Maui! I so hope things start to look up for her soon. Poor baby! Like the mini albums.

  2. gloria

    The baby!!! Argh, it’s troubling to see her like this. You are the best mom to her ever, always watching over her when she needs to be loved and cuddled. Anyways, love your family mini album. It’s super cute and sentimental.

    Speedy recovery to the baby.

  3. I hasn’t been a good last few months for Maui has it. 😦 My poor, poor niece! How long until her leg hair grows back? Tell her that her Uncle Scott is in a lot of pain right now and under some ridiculous stress right now too.

    G, that first pic of you has, “Heh heh heh, take the damn picture already!” written all over it. lol

  4. Karen

    Ahhh poor Maui – get well soon. She is so sweet xxx

  5. Karen Lee

    How’s Maui…..doing better, I hope!!
    I love your mini albums……thats what I’m going to be doing this coming weekend!!! I have 7 of them to do!! Wish me luck!

  6. Oh poor Maui, those pictures just make me feel so bad for her…but it had to be done.
    Super cute minis!!


  7. Maui, get better soon! Hugs to you and your mommy! Rest up now! Poor thing!
    Love both minis! The pics are stunning!

  8. Dumber

    Awww poor Maui! I had no idea she was going to get spayed this soon. I thought you had rescheduled her appointment a couple months ahead. I guess Uncle Sean will have to get her some new toys and treats because she is so spoiled. When does he get to see her again. He told me that he misses her and wishes to be licked in all the right places. Alright, that’s about it. You’re a dumber! Later Gators! By the way, did you ever make that layout of that picture with the really nice SLR with the lens that has the really slow shutter speed?

  9. Hoping Maui is feeling better!

  10. Poor baby. Mine was just as sore after her surgery. She’ll be fine. Love the new pics!!

  11. Poor, sweet little Maui… 😦

    Those minis ROCK. I just bought what appears to be the same stuff at Michaels in their dollar bins… Colorbok? Cute, cute, cute! 🙂

  12. Veronica

    Hi Sarah! Happy New Year! And wishing Maui a speedy recovery. By the way, love your mini albums. 🙂

  13. OMG! Where and how should i start?!
    Am loving all your projects!! Those photos are absolutely gorgeous!! And please pleeeeasssse hug and kiss Muai for me!!! Give her all my TLC!!!!!

  14. RLionel

    Hi Sarah, it has been a long time since I last commented on your blog! My brother was overseas (Air Force!), so he home this past month.

    My heart and soul go out to Maui, but it’s all for the better. As the great Bob Barker (I a-d-o-r-e-d him on the Price is Right!!) always said, get your pets spayed and neutered. My partner and I have her in our thoughts and prayers.

    Those truly are “Adorable photo(s)!” you have posted! 😉

  15. Your puppy is sooooooo precious. Love the photos and that great mini.

  16. Oh my! Maui really looks like she’s in pain! I hope she gets better faster!!!!

    Lovely family portraits of Gloria and family! Help me wish Gloria “Gong Xi Fa Cai!!”

  17. Hi Maui,

    Sorry to hear that your surgery didn’t go as smoothly as expected! Hope you’ll feel better real soon…*hugs* The photos from the New Year dinner are lovely! And you look SOOO cute looking at the treat and waiting for it…*grins*


  18. melodyofamom

    I love your mini albums…your scrapping style is great. I have a Q for you…what do you DO with your mini scrapbooks? I have a few but they are just kind of shoved in random places and never get looked at. Do you display yours on a coffee table or something?

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