Happy Barkday, Maui!

[picture intensive, beware! hehe.]

Today, Maui is ONE – well seven if you are counting in dog years!

Yesterday, I worked on baking her a pupcake, and I ended up making three of them for her. Yeah, yeah… I know she’s spoiled. Any way, I didn’t know where to start, so I came up with my own recipe. For the frosting, I used plain fat free yogurt and sweet potato! I think it turned out fabulously. Actually, I thought it looked good enough for anyone to eat. Here are some pictures of Maui getting her paws on her pupcake:

"For me?!"

Topped with chicken?!

"Topped with chicken?!"

One sweet potato and two carrot pupcakes topped with chicken.

1 sweet potato and 2 carrot pupcakes topped with chicken.

I cant wait anymore. Give me some, please!

"I can't wait anymore. Give me some, please!"

Holy moly! This is delicious, Mommy!

"Holy moly! This is delicious, Mommy!"

The pupcake was too big for her mouth, so she waited for us to cut it up.

The pupcake was too big for her mouth, so she waited for us to cut it up into slices.

Just the way I like it!

"Just the way I like it!"

You cant get mad at me for getting crumbs everywhere!

"You can't get mad at me for getting crumbs everywhere!"

Pupcake attacked by a Miniature Schnauzer.

Pupcake attacked by a Miniature Schnauzer.

Im so full, but I have to keep going! Sooooo good!

"I'm so full, but I have to keep going! Sooooo good!"

::chomp:: ::chomp::

The end result.

The end result.

I wish we could celebrate my barkday everyday!

"I wish we could celebrate my barkday everyday!"

Last but not least, I wanted to share my latest layout. I totally loved this paper when I bought it at Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley, so I ended up buying more than one!

Sweeter Than Honey

Sweeter Than Honey

Happy Thursday!




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29 responses to “Happy Barkday, Maui!

  1. gloria

    Happy Barkday Maui! Yay! too bad you’re still a total troublemaker. “I’m a trouble maker, never been a faker..lalala” – weezer.

    Love the LO, bees are awesome until they sting you. However after watching The Bee Movie, I have a whole new perspective on those flying monsters!

    Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

  2. oh my gosh, I LOVE Maui and am seriously contemplating starting a fan club. :o)

    Happy birthday little one!!!

  3. Melissa

    MAUI!!! Happy Birthday, cutie pie! Hope you get all the treats and toys that you want!

    Bark Bark and more barks!

  4. franL.

    Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Maui. Happy birthday to you. Hugs to Maui times a million! 🙂

  5. sean

    i want a cake. can you make me one topped with carnitas?

  6. CUTE!! Those “pupcakes” are just adorable! I love that you topped it with chicken; what a dream come true for a doggy! The pictures are really darling, glad you posted ’em.

    (And now I’m thinking when I get another dog it will be named Pupcake. *haha*)

    HAPPY BARKDAY Maui!!! <– from MoJo, Wrigley & Cubby.

  7. Wait until Maui comes to visit her Uncle Scott this weekend. 😉 No, I’m not baking her a cake… I suck at cakes…

    +50 to Gloria for quoting Weezer

  8. Wait…. I’ve seen that plate before. You served ME cookies on that plate!! And Maui eats off it?!!?!

    … I feel so honored!

  9. So cute! Happy birthday Maui!!!

  10. Jessica

    Those pictures are too precious! Happy birthday, Maui! Lovin’ the pupcake idea.

  11. tna

    wow maui. what a blast of a birthday it was. cupcakes. yumyum. 🙂

    and i love that page sarah. cutie maui.

  12. Happy Birthday , Maui! The cakes look so yummy! Hope you get them again sooooon!
    Love the lo! Very cool title!

  13. Those don’t look like sweet potatoes… more like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos…

  14. Happy BARKDAY, Maui! Cute photos… lovin’ the pupcake!

    That LO is SO cute! Love the heart in the bee line! PERFECT! 🙂

  15. wendy

    happy birfday again, maui!!

    now if only i could have some of that cake!!

    shoot, it looks good!

  16. Oh happy barkday, Maui! Fresh yogurt and sweet potato! How lovely!! You are indeed sweeter than honey! 🙂

  17. Happy Birthday Maui!!! You’re a big girl now!!

    Sarah, those pupcakes actually do look scrumptious enough to eat! LOL! I’m such a glutton!

    That’a a really cute layout of Maui too!

  18. Holy Moly! Maui is SO cute!
    I absolutely LOVE those photos. And the pup cake, so precious.
    Your dog is gorgeous! And the layout is darn cute too!

  19. Ooooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAUI!!! Yummy cake and totally sweet layout!!!

  20. Your LO is as cute as Maui! The cake looks good too! Cheers!

  21. happy barkday maui! yummy treat eh!
    more barkdays to come 🙂

  22. Marcee

    Sorry I’m a bit late, Maui!!! Wishing you a wonderful belated birthday. Looks like your mommy spoiled you rotten:) I still think you are the cutest thing in the whole world.

  23. That is so sweet!!! Happy birthday Maui!!!!

  24. oh how cool!!!! I totally have a birthday party every year for our topanga!!! Maui is adorable!!! Happy Birthday Maui!!!

  25. Omigosh, I can’t believed I missed your barkday, Maui! Happy Belated Barkday! Your pupcake sure looks yummy! No wonder you finished every single bit…*wink* Hope you get lots of treats and hugs and kisses too that day…*grins*


  26. Your Maui is so incredibly adorable! These pictures were so sweet! I love the ones of her looking at her cakes. So loveley! Can’t wait to see your LO’s with them! 🙂

  27. This looks great! Thanks for sharing!!!

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