It’s Tuesday?! – Time for a RAK.

How in the world is it Tuesday all ready?! Time just never stops, does it? Any way, since the last time I’ve posted, lots has happened. Yes, I did get some scrapping time!

On Maui’s birthday, her “Auntie Jennie” came to visit. She brought us a cake in celebration of Maui’s birthday – how sweet (no pun intended). Unfortunately, the little rug rat was not allowed to eat this cake; she had her own pupcake to devour.

No, Maui did not get any of this!

"Please! I really want some of that."

Over the weekend, I went to visit my family. I haven’t spent time with all of them in a while, so I thought it would be fun! It felt good to just kick back, and enjoy some family time.

I looooooove road trips!

"I looooooove road trips!"

For her birthday, Maui got Austin from Uncle Scott.

For her birthday, Maui got "Austin" from Uncle Scott.

My dad was thrilled that we visited.

My dad was thrilled that we visited.

We played Rock Band for hours!

We played Rock Band for hours!

Maui giving Uncle Scott lots of love.

Maui giving Uncle Scott lots of love.

I find this picture of Hoshi hilarious.

I find this picture of Hoshi hilarious.

Boy, do they love each other! haha.

Boy, do they love each other! haha.

Khiara loved playing with Maui.

Khiara, my cousin, enjoyed playing with Maui.

Do you think I look like my mom?

Do you think I look like my mom?

Khiara is soooooo energetic!

Khiara is soooooo CUTE!

Playing outside brought back my childhood.

Playing outside brought back my childhood.

This is Maui... tired. haha.

This is Maui... tired. haha.

The two of them kept racing each other!

The two of them kept racing each other!

I love Mauis face in this one!

I love Maui's face in this one!

Now, on to some scrapping stuff…

The Pretty Committee issued their second challenge for the month of February. I totally loved the concept of this challenge! You have to use a closeup of your eye and use eye make up somewhere on your layout. I used eyeshadow and eyeliner to highlight the large picture of my eye. Here’s mine:

Over at Pink Sketches, the DT rocked another awesome week with beautiful interpretations of Kelli’s sketch. I decided to create a layout about my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary cake. Come join us and follow this sketch:

I also finished a couple of layouts just for the pure joy of scrapping!

Last but not least, it’s RAK time!

Leave a comment with what makes you anxious or what makes you worry. You have until the dreaded Friday the 13th, up until 11:59pm, to post a comment to this post.





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40 responses to “It’s Tuesday?! – Time for a RAK.

  1. franL.

    Beautiful photos. Looks like you had such a fun time this past week and that’s always a good thing. I worry about visiting my in-laws. =)

  2. Thank-you for the compliment. The stuff in your shop is super cute!!!

  3. Oh, and I’m always anxious about my seizures. I have epilepsy and I always worry about when they’ll happen (since I’ll never know when).

  4. Let’s see… well, I have really bad panic attacks sometimes where I can’t stop puking. It sucks, so I get a lot of anxiety from that (yay for pharmacuticles!)

    But I guess, what I worry about the most is my daughter. That she is safe and happy and all that but more that I am rasing her to be a strong capable woman. I worry alot that I’m not a good enough mother and I don’t want her to get any of my faults!

  5. Oh yeah… you and Maui look so cute in your coordinating striped sweaters! Awe!!!!

  6. Andie

    My job makes me worried all the time and so do my parents.

    Or perhaps it’s just the stress those two topics give me.

    Btw, I love your LOs that you made. Glad to hear you’re doing fantastic. Btw, did you get a new camera because your shots have improved.

  7. My 4 y/o is a wild child. He gives me such anxiety areound others. He’s never met a stranger and will talk to anyone. That scares me!
    🙂 Your puppy is SO cute…and I love Rock Band…my family designated me all time singer!

  8. What makes me worry is that maybe I can’t have kids. We are trying for 6 months now and sometimes it scares me.

  9. Melissa

    Loving both the new photos and the layouts, especially that eye one. What a great interpretation of your eye. I feel nervous thinking about bills and money issues.

  10. Heather

    Thanks for the compliment on my Story Matters layout! Your new layouts are adorable!

    Driving on the interstate makes me extremely nervous. I’m not worried about my driving, but everyone else’s! LOL

  11. I just love what you did with the challenge! What a great title! And I loved looking at the photos in your post.

    I get anxious when I know my loved ones are traveling.

  12. Sarah, your layouts (and your photos!) never cease to amaze me. Great job!

  13. oh, I almost forgot: the current state of the environment makes me worry. We’re destroying our beautiful planet. :o(

  14. Sarah,
    I think I love your dog. Seriously!! (I miss my schnauzer sooo much still!)
    Great pages too, thanks for all the gorgeous inspiration.
    As far as anxiety goes, various things set me off. Money, work are the biggest. I get freaked out if I can’t sleep (it’s silly but it’s true!) The environment is another worry, especially since becoming a Mom.
    Take Care,

  15. Right now the economy…in particular dh and I’s jobs.

  16. Thanks for your sweet comment. Speaking of cute layouts, I’m loving all of yours. The eye one is super cool!!! I’m going to have to add you to the list of blogs that make me smile. :]

    ❤ B

  17. oh and decisions that require big changes always make me anxious.

  18. When my brothers hurt, I worry so much about them. One of my brothers is going through alot right now and I worry to death about him. I love them both so much that I wish I could carry the weight for them….b/c I would.
    But, he always comes and talks to me, so that makes me and him feel better. 🙂
    I think you are very pretty, girl!! You look somewhat like your mom. Your cousin is adorable! And your layout is killer cool!
    Hope you are having a great week! 😛

  19. I enjoyed looking at your pictures taken back with your family! It must have been fun and therapeutic eh? Love your layouts!! Especially for Pretty Committee! I think that’s fab!!!

  20. Super cute pics!! What worries me? The fact that my thesis is due next week…and I am no where near done

  21. Well you & your mom are BOTH very pretty!

    Love the LO’s especially the “eyes” LO… may have to try to do that one. I do love makeup! 🙂

    Not entering the RAK, but Bryn’s food allergies are my definite worry… especially when she’s not with me. 😦

  22. Worried and anxious? Doctors, job security, health care, “being single forever,” meeting women, and driving in the fog.


    You really need to do a LO about Chrissy and/or Lyca! I don’t think you’ve ever done one for Chrissy. And don’t give me that excuse about having no good pics of her. 😉

  23. my children make me worry sometimes. It’s hard to let go when they reach the teen years and want to leave the house all the time. I always want them home safe.

  24. wow you’ve already scrapped photos of maui’s barkday. talk about fast. ok – my greatest worry at this time is house training our new maltese puppy (he’s 4 months old) who thinks the entire house is his toilet. sigh…i don’t know much about raising dogs that’s why i always take a peek at your blog to see your wonderful pups.

  25. Blue is her color all the way. I must say I do LOVE white fur babies.

  26. It seems like you had a lot of fun with your family!!!
    And Maui is adorable, love the layout you did of her!!

    My younghest one makes me worried most of the time.
    She’s sick for most of the time and there is nothing they can do about it!

  27. Wow, your trip with Maui looks awesome! Maui sure is loving all the attention given by everyone…*grins* Hope you have a great week ahead!

    Scottie & Audrey

  28. Kate

    Khiara is such a darling!!

    What’s making me worried now – i’ve got a dr’s appt on friday, and i don’t like drs!! eek!!

  29. liz

    wow! love your stuff! what a cute puppy…and the pupcake is too clever. love your layouts too!

    thanks for stopping by to visit me! have a great wednesday!

  30. kristin

    hmm…. It makes me nervous that this is my first year owning a florist on Valentines day! Wondering if I ordered enough, if I will be able to get everything done… etc etc! LoL Fun pictures!!

  31. I always enjoy your photos. Your pages are so cute!! Well, money issues and health issues worry me all the time……

  32. I’m always worrying about losing my things, esp .my purse and cell phone. When I couldn’t find them (even though they’re in my bag), I’ll get very anxious and panic.

  33. so glad you got to spend time with your family! ^_^ aint family time the best? ^_^ maui is so super cute!! her cake was so yummy lookin’!!! let’s see – what makes me nervous?? doing a formal speech in front of VIP’s!!! i hate speechees – thank goodness I seldom do them! ^_^

  34. Maui!

    I’m sorry I haven’t dropped by your blog for so long! It’s grrrrEAT to be back and see what everyone’s been up to lately!

    You had a birthday?! OMDog, I must sing the birthday song!

    Happy Barkday to you,
    Happy Barkday to you,
    Happy Barkday dear Maui,
    Happy Barkday to you!

    I hope you had a GRRRReat day my friend!


  35. Adorable new los and great photos as always!

  36. “Khiara is such a darling!!”

    I lol’d.

  37. Looks like you had a great visit with you family.

    I worry that I’m doing the right thing with my life.

  38. Really cute pictures and LO’s!!
    I get very anxious when I feel like
    my kids are in semi-dangerous or
    taking chances situations and my
    hubby says everything is fine.
    Makes me crazy!!


  39. Mary Dunn

    I love your blog updates about your dog. I am a puppy mommy, too and I love to see other people who love their dog as much as I love mine. I worry about my husband deploying and I’m really anxious when he’s gone.

  40. sean

    holy cow!!! hella comments!

    i hella say hella

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