I’m on a roll! Heart Day RAK!

I’m so impressed with myself. ::pats myself on the back:: I’ve finished a handful of layouts this week! I usually can only crank out 2-3, but this week, it seems like I have some extra mojo.

I decided to play along with Ad This. This week, we had to use the given ad to help inspire us to create a layout. Also, we had to use “green” products. Instead of using “green” products, I decided to use stuff from the “leftover scraps” pile. Also, the “out” in “outdoor” was the remnants of used up stickers. I cut it out to make use of what would have been thrown out.

One Little Word prompted to use the word “fun” in your layout. They inspired me to do the layout above and the layout below.

…and justΒ  for fun, I made a layout about me and my mother. I wanted to document the similarities that I see between us.

Now, on to the good stuff. Because it is Valentine’s Day, or Single Awareness Day for others, I’m going to do another RAK.

For this one, you’ve got to leave a comment to this post about one thing you LOVE about yourself (this holiday is about LOVE isn’t it?!). You have until Sunday, February 15th by 11:59pm. Share the news!

Have a wonderful HEART day,




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21 responses to “I’m on a roll! Heart Day RAK!

  1. Oh how I love that rainbow & cloud! Awesome LO’s… you ARE on a roll!

    Have a Happy V.Day… hope you enjoy lots of TREATS this weekend! πŸ™‚


  2. gloria

    I love the layouts sarah! great job. i have a crooked smile. oh well, keep up the really nice layouts. I’m happy to see you are scrapping for yourself and not for some deadline πŸ™‚ I love your work, keep up the awesome crafts.

  3. awesome layouts! Love what you created for OLW!

  4. Hi Sarah…I didn’t realize you were part of Pink Sketches! I have done a few of their sketches and wanted to submit for the DT call…then I got my ROL order in yesterday and LOOOVVVEEE IT!!! SO so cute! Can’t wait to put them to use!
    Thanks so much for your beautiful work!!! :))

  5. wow .. you really are on a roll! Send some of that scrappin’ mojo over here, will ya?

    One thing I love most about myself is my intuition. I’ve learned to trust my heart because it’s always right. ❀

  6. I am super duper impressed!!! Especially because I’ve been in quite a scrapbooking slump for the past few weeks. Hey, did you steal MY mojo? (You better not have…that’s my dog’s name! *haha*)

    My favorite of this batch is “On the Fun Side.” So, so, so cute. I like your style, girl!

  7. Kate

    one thing i love abt myself? i love me! how can i possibly just choose one? Heehee…

    Happy Valentine’s Day!! =)

  8. franL.

    BEAUTIFUL and bright designs, sarah! you ARE really on a roll!!!

    one thing i love about myself is the fact that i think i’m a great mom to my children. or at least i think i am! =)

    have a good weekend.

  9. Yup, you deff. got that extra mojo! Send some my way please!

    Well one thing I like about myself is Im a pretty cool, awesome, crazy, funny, wierd, silly, and your the best mom. Well my kids think so and always tells me. This lets me know I do the best job and Im proud of it! πŸ™‚

  10. LG

    Great LO!!! Wishing you all the luck for the AD THIS challenge!!!

    and for your question: The best thing I love about myself is my creativity

  11. Colorful and pretty LO! (: Wonderful LO Sarah!

    One thing I love about myself? I guess is that I may look weak on the outside but I am definitely STRONG on the inside! (:

  12. Hey Darling! You’re definitely on the roll here!!! Love it when mojo hits you so that I can get inspired too!
    And yes! Do play along over at Groovie Covers yah?

    What I love about myself? Hmmmmm, can I say that I love that I’m a people person? LOL!

  13. Heather

    Wow girl you have been on a roll! I love the OLW layout! It’s fabulous!

    What I love about myself is that I am impetuous and lots of fun to be around. (I think?) LOL

  14. gorgeous LOs!!! hope you can rub off some of that mojo to me this weekend πŸ™‚

    my one thing I love about me? I’m a public server and love it. I find pleasure in serving and helping people.

  15. tna

    hi sarah. πŸ™‚

    happy hearts’ day!

    i love {like} that i really don’t look my age (it definitely works to my advantage at times, hihihi)

    keep the mojo flowing girl πŸ˜€

  16. Hmm, what do I love about myself. I guess I love my addiction to books and crafty stuff. It gives me some relaxation.

  17. kristin

    HAPPY HEART DAY!!!! Hope you guys do something totaly fun! I love my creativness! heehee

  18. Hi, Sarah! It was so good to hear from you on my Blog! I’ve been thinking of you and I needed to come by and post a note to you!! I love your LO! Maui LO is just adorable! I love that LO of you and your Mom how beautiful the two of you are! You both really do look a lot alike! Its nice to see you in a picture so now I can match your name with a picture! How adorable that Maui got a pupcake for his Birthday! How fun! I drew up some sketches so I can start working with your awesome products by next week! Then I will upload them to my blog and I will email you when I have some completed! Hope your having a great weekend!
    Michelle H.

  19. I love that I can make other people laugh when they are having a bad day. I also love my life!!! πŸ™‚

  20. I love your first (outdoor fun) layout and the rainbow is amazing too! Love them!

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