The celebration begins! Scrapping updates!

[This is an extra long post.]

March is always my favorite month of the year. Why? Because it’s my birthday month, haha! Just kidding.

I haven’t written in a while, so I have lots to share!

This past weekend we headed up to Tahoe for a weekend getaway. It really was a planned surprise early birthday celebration for me. I had no idea, so they definitely pulled it off.  We were fortune enough to stay up in a quaint cabin owned by one of my mother’s friends.

First day: We got to our cabin later in the afternoon, so we played for a short time outside. Later that night, I was in for a SURPRISE. Then, we hopped into the steaming hot jacuzzi (Yes, we are crazy for doing this in the snow).

Mauis first time seeing snow.

Maui's first time seeing snow. We weren't sure how she'd react.

...she LOVED it.

...she LOVED it! She ran around like a maniac.

Sean and Maui rolled around in the backyard.

Sean and Maui rolled around in the snow together!

Later that night, I was sooooo surprised. Gloria and Sean wanted me to go grocery shopping with them, so I went.  When we got home, the house was decorated with balloons and streamers, and there was a birthday cake lit just for me. ((Thank you to Scott and Jen for all of the pretty decoration)).

This was on the table when I came home from the grocery store.Strawberry cakes are always my favorite.
Totally surprised! (Maui was in on it too, hehe)

I was totally surprised (Maui was in on it too, hehe)!

The greatest brothers anyone could ever ask for.

The greatest brothers anyone could ever ask for.

No cake for Maui, so she got treats (I LOVE the Schnauzer on the box).

Maui got this instead (I LOVE the Schnauzer on the box).

Second day: More snow fun, of course! After playing in the snow, we explored Tahoe and went shopping. Yes, I went to the scrapbook store and picked up more stuff, haha! I couldn’t resist. Later that night, we hit up the casino. I don’t really like to gamble, so I played in the arcade.

Sean up on the lift.

Sean on the lift to the top!

One of Sierra at Tahoes amazing views.

One of Sierra at Tahoe's amazing views.

It was a perfect day to play in the snow!

It was a perfect day to play in the snow!

Oh, how she LOVES the snow!

Oh, how she LOVES the snow!



Take that, Sean!

Shes so awesome!

She's so awesome!



They make me smile, and Im very thankful for them.

They make me smile, and I'm very thankful for them.

I consider myself to be the luckiest sister ever.

I consider myself to be the luckiest sister ever.

My own personal dog walker, hehe. ::Wink::

My own personal dog walker, hehe.

Her (EXPENSIVE) shoes; theyre more than mine. So spoiled.

Her (EXPENSIVE) shoes; they're more than mine. So spoiled.

Third Day: Time to go home. On our way home, the snow started to come down hard. Good thing we left early because later that day, they closed down the freeway.

Bye bye, Tahoe!

Bye bye, Tahoe!

I dont want to go home! I want to stay here.

"I don't want to go home! I want to stay here."

So, the real question is… did you get anything for your EARLY birthday celebration?! YES, I sure did! I’m so lucky and thrilled with my new presents from you! It’s not even my birthday yet, and I’ve been so spoiled this year.

1) Zutter Bind-it-all: Gosh, I can’t wait to start playing with this! Looks like I’m going to have to make more mini albums!

The new ZUTTER Bind-it-all!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

2) Mikimoto Earrings: Since I can remember, I’ve been in love with the classic look of pearls. I got another pair of pearl earrings to add to the collection! They’re so beautiful, and you really know what I want.

It’s not even my birthday, and I feel so loved. Thank you so much! Now, I really can’t wait for my real birthday!


Finally, on to lots of  exciting scrapping updates and TOOTS for me!

I’m totally in love with the latest  My Little Shoebox lines! …and I’m soooooo excited to say that I was featured on their blog as a guest designer! Click here to check it out!

To top that, I’m going to be published again! Weeeeeee! I’m so excited about that! I never thought anyone would enjoy my scrapping style, so this is such an accomplishment for me.

Butterfly Crafts is on the lookout for a new design team member, so if interested, do apply! The latest challenge is about using one of your favorite books for inspiration. Here’s my project:

Pink Sketches has added some new faces to the design team. Head on over to see these lovely and talented ladies. Also, make sure to check back on Sunday for a fun sketch!

Other cool news — Scrapping Across the Universe really enjoyed my layout, so I won their latest challenge! This is such an honor for me! I never really win anything, so this made my day.

Okay, that’s it for now. Sorry for the LOOOOOOONG post. I’ll be back soon for the winner of the RAK!





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25 responses to “The celebration begins! Scrapping updates!

  1. Andie

    Nice! Glad to see you had a great weekend. I can’t wait to see what you do with the zutter bind it all. btw, I love those pearl earrings. Whoever bought you those must think you’re super special 🙂

  2. Michelle

    Your pictures are always so fun to look at! Looks like you all had a blast. I want a ZUTTER! Pearl earrings are definitely a timeless pair! You are so lucky!

    Can I have your dog?! 🙂 She’s the cutest dog I’ve ever seen!

  3. jan

    i visited tahoe when i was much younger, and it was definitely a site to see. i’ll have to visit again soon. congrats on all of your latest scrapping accomplishments! it’s no surprise to me that you are being published again. keep it up, girl!

  4. Hi Sarah!! Thank you for the sweet comments! I truely excited about joining the DT…can’t wait to get started! BTW…I used your embellies from Red Oak Lines and they are AWESOME!!!! (I’m singing that) I did a layout for Inspired Blueprints and will be out later this month! I’ll be ordering more soon! Thanks! :))

  5. congrats on the toots and pubs and stuffs!!!

    i LOVE my mikimoto set. so much that i never wear them and have cheapish freshwater pearls for everyday use… yea…

    happy early bday btw.

    i actually did my 1st bind it all album over the weekend using some of the new jenni bowlin. i didnt really think it was my style, but as i started to put it together (turned into a beach themed album) it turned into something like me… blog post later this week, but you can find it at my flickr:

    ps. how did you get maui to wear her boots?!?!?! i couldnt get mister to wear his we lived in the snow. he tore them off and then ran around like a little black snow bunny.

  6. Happy EARLY Birthday! I’ve been to Tahoe, but only in the summer… looks like you guys had a nice change of weather from home! 🙂

    Very cool gifts… gotta love some Mikimoto goodness… 🙂

    Love your LO & totally cool that you are Guest DT for My Little Shoebox… I think their stuff is so CUTE! You deserve it, girl!

    Hugs ♥…

  7. My doggies LOVE Frosty Paws!! But they can only have a very little bit (I split one container between the 3) because I’ve noticed…erm….digestive issues with it in the past. *haha*

    Maui’s booties are SO cute! I can’t believe she left them on her paws! Totally awesome.

    March is my Birthday month TOO! Same name, same Birthmonth! Hooray! 🙂 (My day doesn’t come till the end, though. The 30th!)

    Sounds (and looks) like you had an amazing weekend vacay. I’m jealous of all the snow play!

  8. OMG. It looks like you had so so so much fun. :] I loves looking at all the pics.

  9. Those photos are so much fun. I’m glad that Maui got to go along. Congrats on winning a couple of challenges. Saw you on Dreamgirls as well 🙂 You just rock!!

  10. Well, for someone “who never really wins anything”… you must be having a lucky streak…

    (or…. maybe you’re just that GOOD! 🙂

  11. That is one AWESOME trip! Maui, you sure look comfortable romping about in the snow…*grins* Happy early Birthday, Sarah! Congrats on winning the challenge too…I’m surprised you didn’t always win, coz I LOVEZ your layouts! *wink*


  12. this post reminds me just how much I miss the snow in Colorado, congrats on the win.

  13. W@W!! That snow looks incredible. How sweet of them to surprise you like that. Maui looks so content in his new shoes 😉 Congrats on the Toots!!

  14. The photos from your surprise Bday weekend are fabulous and you guys look like it was tons of fun. Also, congrats on all of your latest scrappin’ accomplishments…you’re amazing girl!! Keep it up!


  15. Karen

    Hi Sarah,

    Those photo’s of Maui are so cute!!!

    Congrats of winning the Dreamgirls contest – it’s a yummy RAK!!!

    Karen xxx

  16. krismakes

    Hi you are one of my top ten faves!
    ps happy early b’day

  17. WOW, what a great early birthday!!! Mikimoto pearls!! awsome. I love Maui’s boots, they cracked me up!! And Frosty paws are my mini dachshund Zip’s FAVORITE!!! too cool darlin. Have a great week!!!


  18. Happy birthday sarah!! Mine is in march too, but not until the end of the month 🙂 That is so cool that you got a surprise birthday trip – looks like a blast! You were spoiled, too, lucky girl!

  19. OMG, girl!! Those are the best freakin pics eva!! haha They are so freakin cute and the pup in the booties…awww..I need them for my baby, Miya. hehehe
    Anyhoo..I hope you are having a good week. I do like the warrior lo. Why do we feel like warriors..I wonder. hmmm (insert sarcastic tone..I know I do this alot..but geeeezz..)

  20. and it wasn’t even your actual birthday yet. gonna have to take it up a notch or 2 in a couple weeks……

  21. i just clicked the pearls’ link…….

    ahhhhh!! for my birthday i got…. umm a free lunch at mizu? and maybe some manga? T_T

  22. hey lady!! fun vacation pictures!!! i saw your layout of my little shoebox – congrats in that!!! happy birthday coming up!!!
    {xoxo} ally

  23. This was such a fun post! Great snow photos and great scrappy project 😉

  24. Oh my!!!! That’s a really fun get-away in Tahoe! I’m enjoying all the photos from way here!!! You’re really blessed to have such great friends and wonderful brothers!!!

    I’m so glad you got yout Zutter-Bind-It-All too!!!

    And TooOOOttttT! Congrats for making My Little Shoebox GDT!!! And also for getting published!!!

    Wow! You must share where and when yah?

    Pssst! When’s your bday??? Email me girl!!!

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