Georgia on my mind, again.

Boy, am I tired! I went to bed late Sunday night. Only after a couple hours of sleep, I  stumbled out of bed at around 2 or 3 AM to get ready to head off on a flight to Atlanta. I felt like a walking zombie yesterday. Ack! Good thing I got tons of sleep last night!

Other random stuff — Toot for me! I am now officially an inductee into the Scrapping the Music hall of fame! I didn’t even expect to win the last challenge. Thank you to the girls of STM for the continuous inspiration you give me.

Also, I was picked to be one of the guest designers for the month of March over at Let’s Scrap. For the month of March, we were allowed to use our own sketch, so I decided to make one to use.

…and here’s a card I made with the sketch:

Here are some other layouts that I worked on over the weekend:

It’s a new week for a new sketch over at Pink Sketches. Come check it out for some inspiration. Here’s my take on this week’s sketch:

Another layout I finished was done for the current Dreamgirls challenge. The challenge required that you use “something out of the scrap aisle” and a safety pin. On top of that, you were given an ad for inspiration.

I stumbled upon another challenge blog, Scrap Schemes, and thought their challenges were a neat concept. Basically, you follow a “scheme” and create a layout. Here’s mine:

Last layout was inspired by the girls over at Scrapmojo. The latest challenge is to create a layout about “if you ruled the world”. I had fun with this one.

Recently, I was nominated by both Karen and Deana with this award:

I’m supposed to nominate other people, so if you guys want to participate please play along. Otherwise, don’t worry about it. 😉 — Mica, Lydia, Sophia, Kelsy, and Sarah.

Random  pictures for those who want to see some CUTENESS from the weekend:

Ne-ner, ne-ner!

"Ne-ner, ne-ner!"

Maui meet some new Schnauzer friends at the park!

Maui meet some new Miniature Schnauzer friends at the park!

Bet you cant catch me!

"Bet you can't catch me!"

I love when its sunny outside... I get to play all day!

"I love when it's sunny outside... I get to play all day!"

New Question from a blog reader: where do you get inspiration for your layout designs from?

I get inspired by EVERYTHING! … I look at other people’s blogs, challenge sites, magazine ads, ads on the street, ads on tv, old photographs, talking to people, etc. I pull from just about everything. When I see something I can turn into a project, I do just that.

Okay, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for pictures of my adventures this week.



((note to my future self: I feel so accomplished and really spoiled today! You’ve accomplished a lot in the past two days!))



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25 responses to “Georgia on my mind, again.

  1. jan

    your recent layouts are looking really great! the colors are so bright and fun. congrats on winning some of those challenges.

    is there a picture of maui that IS NOT cute?! hehe!!!

  2. Andie

    Yay! I love the pictures of Maui. Atlanta….I heard it’s hot there right now or at least muggy.

    Congrats on winning another scrap challenge. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. Aww! You are in GA! I wish you were in Savannah! I so would have you over for dinner :)! Great los! Im going to have to come back to see what award you left me. Its not showing up for me at the moment.

  4. Thanks for the award!!! I feel special that you thought of me! 🙂 Truth is, it’s easy to comment on your posts because there’s always so much to see. You’re the scrappinest girl I know! *haha* And your pages today are, as always, seriously cute. My fave is the snow one. That pink & orange combo you’ve got going there is great!

    Love the pics of Maui and the Mini Schnauzer brigade! *hehe*

  5. ♥ all your LO’s…. I laughed when I read the part of your journaling on the “equality” LO that said cupcakes would be considered healthy food… 🙂

    Seriously… just ♥ all the color, pattern & FUN you put in your LO’s… always, always, always inspires me! 🙂

  6. i am inspired by so many things… but a lot of your layouts lately have made we want to scrap. i love your use of bright colors and different fonts.
    awesome girl.

    and that dog of yours…. no words. luv luv!!

  7. Melissa

    Tons of beautiful layouts, Sarah. 🙂 I always love stopping by to check out your latest projects, and of course those cute pictures of your dog. Have a great day.

  8. Are you going back to the scrapbook clearance store while here in GA. Nope I’m not making mooncake, I didnt realize they were such a thing. I’m going to attempt to make one of those race car track cakes with the cookie crumb road. We’ll see, I’m not so great at baking.

  9. Have you seen How much is too much challenge site. I always think they have very challenging prompts.

  10. Huge congrats on your recent Toots!! I soooo loved your sketch and card at LS 🙂

    Maui looks so happy at the park with the other pups 😀 Confirmation that he is going to need a buddy to hang out with.


  11. Big congrats on the toots, girl – very well deserved!! Love your latest creations, and that sketch (and card!) is awesome! I’ve always wanted to make a sketch but haven’t done one yet!

  12. YOur card is so lovely sarah! maui is soooo cute! can u kiss him for me? Like you I’m also inspired by visiting others blog. Sometimes I scraplift some that I really love.
    Have a great day!

  13. Karen Lee

    Sarah….I love these layouts. Its always fun seeing pic’s of your little pup!!

  14. Sarah, I LOVE your works! So fabulous. (:

    Maui is soooooo cute! I feel like cuddling Maui…. =P

  15. Oh my!!! Look at all that scrappy goodness! Congrats for making it to STM hall of fame! Woohoo!!! I’m going scrappy happy and inspired just looking at your layouts!

    You really do know how to inject details and oodles of fun in your layouts gal!!

    Thanks so much for awarding me with the award! *blush* Will do so to play along k?

  16. Some things never change? I beg to differ! Just look at me in those pictures chronologically and you’ll see a gain change!

  17. OMG!!!! I am totally loving ALL of those pretty layouts!!!! MMMMM….. ❤ B

  18. sean

    how come the most recent picture you have on there is like from 7 years ago? by the way, get me something while you’re in georgia.

  19. WOWZERS, look at all this fabulous work!! Loving the doggie pics too!!

  20. Thanks for the Nom! I posted it on my blog!

  21. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Love all the funs stuff on yours. I’ll be back.

  22. Jana

    Great job Sarah!! I love your layouts… especially the equality one. Such an inspiration!

  23. Eva

    WOW…your card and layouts are sooo gorgeous!!! Love your take on the challenges! And your doggie pictures are adorable, too!!! Thanks for playing along with our challenge at the Dreamgirls!

  24. Great layouts! Love all the fun colors on the Mojo layout! Thanks for playing along!

    -Lindsay (Mojo)

  25. Wow, you have been productive. Great take on the mojo challenge. I love your title work. Thanks so much for playing along.
    Michelle Scrap Mojo

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