Happy Birthday to Me! – Birthday RAK.

((I’m posting this slightly early on March 17th because I’m getting sleepy. Just pretend like it’s really the 18th, haha!))

Guess what?! I turn 25 today – March 18th. No, this is not my nifty birthday cake (Wouldn’t be cool if it was?!). I found the picture online, and it is quite suiting for my 25th birthday don’t you think? Besides, I love the brightΒ  colors on it; it looks like it could be on a piece of Cosmo Cricket paper, haha!

Anyway, I usually don’t pay too much attention to my birthday. This year, however, I feel really excited to turn 25. It might be because I am now a quarter of a century old! Or perhaps, it’s because I feel like 25 is going to be a special year. Either way, I’m just happy that it’s my birthday.

As for birthday plans — I plan on going out to dinner with friends and family tonight, so that should be pretty fun. Maybe go bowling afterwards? Then, this Friday, another scrapbook expo is coming my way. I’m excited for that because I’ll be surrounded with scrapping goodies (at a very LOW price)! I couldn’t ask for a cooler celebration for my birthday! Wahoo! Then, I’m headed back to my parents’ house this weekend to have another birthday celebration. I guess this year I’m being spoiled, haha.

Oh — and I forgot to wish everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day! I have no drop of Irish blood in me, but it’s always fun to pretend, right? hehe. Maui decided to make sure she was dressed properly yesterday; she didn’t want to get pinched (or nipped by another dog at the dog park).

Green time! I didnt want to get pinched!

"Green time! I didn't want to get pinched!"

Mauis cute beach bum shorts!

Maui's cute "beach bum" shorts!

Arent I cute?!

"Aren't I cute wearing the color green?!"

I feel bored -- lets go to the dog park!

"I feel bored -- let's go to the dog park!"

Anyway, because it’s a SPECIAL day today, let’s celebrate! How about a RAK?! To play, just leave a comment to this post telling me about the most memorable birthday gift you have ever received. Last day to enter is March 21st, 11:59 pm. …and remember, please share the word. I’d love to hear what other people have to share.

…and some recent layouts to share:

I played with Scrapping Out Loud again this week; their challenges always get the creativity going. I managed to work with all three challenges in one layout: 1) used the song “That’s What Friends Are For” 2) word of the week – “embrace” 3) sketch of the week.

My next layout was inspired by Sketches! {by tamara}. I decided to use last year’s Halloween pictures because I want to make sure I keep up with the growing stack I still have to scrap. I followed Sketch #87, and this is what I came up with:

A random layout to share:

…and this last layout, I just LOVE. Scrap Schemes gave me the inspiration to get me going on this one. I created it today thinking about the discrimination lashed out against me, and I started to think about how my scrapping is not meant for anyone. It’s really meant for myself as a way to document and remember the way I am and how I feel at that particular moment in time. I think this one is my favorite layout thus far because I put heart into it! It says, “dear me, everyday live life with happiness.” I feel like it can’t get any better than this, well at least that’s what I think.

Oh, and before I forget… a few people have asked me if I’m on Facebook. Yes, I am. Find me here, and if you want to add me, go right ahead!

Question of the post: What scrapbook item is your most favourite one?

My favorite item would have to be patterned paper. I find that it is the backbone to all paper crafts. Without this item, I wouldn’t be able to even scrap! ACK! I can never get enough of paper. There are so many different colors and patterns that the opportunities to create projects are endless! I love all manufacturers and lines – old and new. πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday to me!




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42 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me! – Birthday RAK.



    See you for dinner tomorrow. πŸ˜‰


  2. HAPPY BDAY!!!

    are you going to the expo on friday or saturday? i’m going to be demoing at the memories live on booth on saturday, if you happen to be around say hi!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! (: What could be better than celebrating birthday with family and friends??

    My most memorable birthday gift is given to me a few years back. It is to give up my present and donate SGD$500 to tsunami victims (remember that saddening disaster?). Yep that’s it, it is so meaningful!

    Enjoy your birthday day and have a great time!

  4. Happy bday girl! lots and lots more to come!
    ahhh don’t bother about those nasty anonymous b*tches hahaha they’re just jealous!
    I had experienced the same as well and they even left foul messages on my cbox, and even used my name to write nasty comments in my friends’ cbox, ridiculous people!
    Just let them be and I hope you continue to write and post photos in your blog πŸ™‚
    Take care!

  5. happy birthday! and glad to read you’ll continue providing us inspiration regardless of that anonymous commenter who obviously does not have anything better to do. best b-day gift ever was from my bf (now DH) when i turned 30. he hired the bar where we met, invited our friends and hang balloons that read Triple XXX all over the place for me.

  6. happy birthday SARAH! πŸ˜€

    most memorable birthday was the year when turned 25 {too, hihi}. it was the year when i had my son and i being that birthday is Christmas eve, it seems so different because i was already a mom. hihihi.

    love Maui’s shorts {i simply love green :-D}

    enjoy your birthday celebrations! you deserve to be spoiled. πŸ˜‰

  7. Happy Birthday Sarah! beautiful layouts! love you SOL layout and great job on all the challenges! Your doggie looks so cute in that little outfit…very cute!

    for your RAK, my most memorable present (a couple of years ago)…and I mean memorable not in a good way, is someone bought me a bunch of makeup and a halloween mask….I know weird right!

  8. Kate

    Happy Birthday!! *huggies*

    Well, the best birthday pressie I ever got was a 3D4N cruise!! It was awesome!!

    Have a great one!!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sarah! Hope it’s a GREAT day & a very memorable year!

    β™₯ the new LO’s…. I may have to do a Cheesecake LO, too, as much as WE eat there (or do carry-out!) LOL! πŸ™‚

    …. and that cake looks yummy & ADORABLE! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Gloria brings it home to you! πŸ™‚

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Love the layouts too!!!!!!

  11. Cute LO’s! I’m glad you decided to keep blogging. Who cares about some stupid troll with nothing better to do than make people’s lives worse. It’s just cuz they are so miserable and lonely that they can’t let anyone else be happy.

  12. Oh… and DUH! Happy Birthday!!!

  13. My most fantastic birthday present was the surprise party for my 25th birthday. My boyfriend organised it and it was awesome!!!!

  14. Great layouts Sarah! I need to scrap last Halloween too! Happy 25th b-day!!! Oh…to be 25 again!!! Enjoy your special day girl!
    Legoland is awesome and the city and park are so clean and pretty! If you can go it is sooo fun! πŸ™‚

  15. pat

    Happy bday ! Hope it is the best! Loved your pages.

  16. Happy Birthday to you!!!!! Enjoy your day!!! Your pages are amazing….loved your sol page and fantastic job on doing all 3 challenges this week!

  17. WoooHooooo Happy Birthday to you!!!
    I hope you have a fabulous time and get
    everything that you’ve been wanting!
    I think my most memorable birthday was
    my 21st because my hubby actually remembered
    and planned a night out…he doesn’t do that very often (shame on him). That cake is fabulous!!!
    I need to see about getting something like that
    for my little girl about to turn 9 here in a couple of weeks…soooo FUN!!

    Happy B-day again!

  18. Hi, Sarah,
    Have a very Happy Birthday! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
    (Loved all the layouts you shared.)
    And Maui looks just divine in green!

  19. Karen

    Happy Birthday Sarah – have a great day!!! xxx

  20. Happy Birthday! Woot Woot!

    for RAK…my best birthday present wasn’t really a thing it was more a birthday feeling…the time I spent with good friends wine tasting! The wine didn’t last but the memories did!

  21. Happy birthday!! I hope it was great!

    I saw your comment on the Sketch 87 so I had to check it out. All your LO’s are beautiful!

  22. HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!

    Your SOL layout rocks, love the green and that brown boarder really pulls you in!!!

    Best bday gift ever……my engagement ring! πŸ˜‰ Unless my hubby knocks my socks off in 2days I’ll leave it at that.

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What you did to Maui is soooo cute πŸ™‚ Love all your pages. I just love your colors and the titles. I always have hard time coming up with the title and end up with something so boring…


    Fabulous los! I really love the one you did for the SOL challenge blog! Maui looks so cute as always.

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday!

  25. Happy Birthday Sarah!!! Awesome layouts and love little Maui in his green shorts πŸ˜‰

    My best birthday gift was not actually the gift but that I even got one at all. I usually never receive birthday gifts and one year, dh bought me a new camera. He had it in a gift bag with nice tissue and everything. Had the kids sign a b’day card. The works! I ’bout fell over with a heart attack and then I immediately asked him who he was having an affair with…lol.

  26. Singing,” Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Sarah! Happy birthday to you!!!”

    Wow! I’m loving your layouts and wishing me some of your mojo! Love how you are so productive in your layouts! I really enjoyed your “We are Foodies of The cheescake factory” & of course your “everyday live life with happiness”. I feel happy looking at your happy LOs!

  27. Umm
    #1 SOunds like an awesome birthday celebration!! Have a great day πŸ™‚
    #2 Can this post be any more inspiring? LOVE all of your layouts especially the last one
    #3 WHen I actually have time to scrap, patterned paper is all I need too!
    #4 Most memorable birthday gift: Beautiful Tiffanys necklace from my parents for my 21st!

  28. Happy Birthday. At 25 I hjad to make a page titled half way to 50. I love your everyday page. Its wonderful.

  29. Jana


    My most memorable birthday present is when my hubby decided to buy me 33 scrapbooking things for my 33rd birthday. He went to the store and bought things off my list (I expected him to buy 2 or 3 not the WHOLE list plus more)… and spent $250! (Our limit is $100 for birthdays) Good thing – I got lots of great stuff! Bad thing – he now knows just how much this hobby costs so I can’t hide it as much!!

  30. Sean

    I want to win the RAK so here’s my submission

    My favorite birthday present of all time was when my parents took me to Kentucky Fried Chicken for my 8th birthday.

  31. nice sean. haha. i don’t remember that at all. lol.

  32. Happy Birthday! You have great pages on here. My most memorable birthday present was when I turned 16. My parents gave me a jar full of M&M’s. I thought it was a strange gift at first but hidden inside they had put a promise ring. It was special for me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. happy birthday Sarah! I hope this year has nothing but the best in store for you. πŸ™‚

    So far, the most memorable birthday gift I have ever recieved was my dog, Misty. I got her for my 7th birthday and she was by my side for 14 years until the day she passed away. She is missed but I do treasure all the memories!

  34. I don’t remember KFC either…..

    But I do remember my sister’s birthday party at Roller King. I got in trouble for wanting to eat the cake earlier and because I didn’t help clean up the wrapping paper.

  35. Sarah, just wanted to let you know I have a little RAK to giveaway on my blog. check it out and spread the word!

  36. kristin

    Hope your birthday was FANTASTIC!!!! I’m sure you had tons of fun. Your layouts are AWESOME!!! ❀ the last one the most!!!! =) OH and Maui’s shorts, ADORABLE!!!! heehee I bet you are anxiously awaiting next week. Yay for Hawaii!!!! I would have to say my most memorable gift was my birthday gift this year, a ring. (its supposed to be a holding place for a ring to come haha) The ring wasnt necissarily the most memorable part… it was more the talking about future plans, wedding plans, etc together and going to open our wedding savings account. The talking about colors, flowers, locations, guests and styles was my favorite part heehee But you know how we love wedding stuff! haha

  37. Happy Birthday!
    I am so loving the beach bum outfit!!!!!
    So freakin cute!!!

  38. Happy 25th Birthday! Sounds like lots of fun activities planned for it too! Love your layouts and the cute photos of your doggie!!

  39. Awesome pages, you’re very inspiring!

  40. Karen Lee

    Happy Birthday!!!!!
    I think one of the best b-day presents I ever received was a hand written card from my dad when I was 19. It made me cry on that day and I still cry today when I read it. That card was given to me 38 years ago.

  41. I love rub-ons and my white signo pen from stampin’ up the best. =) Happybirthday!

  42. Jessica

    I’m so sorry that I’m so late on this! (I hope you find this comment easily, despite being several new posts down. My bad.) Happy belated birthday! March 18th is seriously the BEST day to have a birthday! :0)

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