Vomit. Bwech. Gag. Puke.

Sometimes, do you ever get the urge to just keep talking, and the words just keep spewing out of your mouth? Truthfully, in the past couple of weeks, I’d have to say YES. So, here’s to more word vomit.

People can really annoy the shiet out of me. I don’t know why they even bother to compare themselves to me or my life. I don’t have anything that great, and frankly, I don’t feel accomplished compared to most people my age, 25. I’m just an average girl experiencing life — doing what I do best, LIVING. If people think I’m jealous of them, or if they think they’re better… then so be it. Honestly, I don’t really care. The only person I care to live my life for is God and for myself. So, in honor of myself, I plan to have more word vomit about why I’m proud of myself (I’ve never complimented myself before EVER, so bare with me).

  • I love my skin color! I think being dark brown is hot. Just because my culture likes to be fair-skinned, does not mean I want to be pale.
I have finally realized that I LOVE my dark skin color.

I finally realized that I LOVE my dark skin color.

  • I could not ask for a better home. It makes me feel fortunate that I get to live and flourish in the bay area, especially since I grew up in the Sacramento area. Although small, without a REAL yard and only a patio, our home is comfortable and cozy for what we have, and in due time, we plan on buying an Eichler home somewhere nearby where I can finally have my own place to scrap and call my own. That is my dream, but for now, I have everything I need right here in our very first home.
Our first home sweet home.

Our first home sweet home.

  • I LOVE my hair – short or long, straight or wavy. I especially love the natural dark color of my hair. It’s who I am, and I don’t want to hide that.
  • I have the BEST family any girl could ever ask  for. I have parents that love me unconditionally without even questioning, and brothers who are amazingly and surprisingly supportive of all the things I do.
Seriously, the BEST.

Seriously, the BEST.

  • I’m fortunate to have a cute, happy, smart, and healthy dog. She may not be as photogenic as everyone else’s pet, but she fills our home with so much love (and entertainment, of course).
No dog, in my opinion, could make me smile the way she does.

No dog, in my opinion, could make me smile the way she does.

  • I’m surrounded by people who love me and support my every decision. People who choose to put me down or compare themselves to me — I don’t bother to associate with them. I have one life, and I choose to live it freely and peacefully. There is no reason for me to be jealous when I have everything I want and need.
  • I choose to love God. He has blessed me with a life I know I will not regret.
  • I LOVE the way I look. Some people may think I’m fat because I love to eat, but guess what?! Just because I’m not fair-skinned and SKINNY as !&$? does not mean I’m not GORGEOUS. I think I’m beautiful inside and out.  If you disagree, well… get your eyes checked because I’m hot. People throw themselves at me, haha. 😉
Admit it. This is hotness, inside and out.

Admit it. This is hotness, inside and out.

  • I’m smart, and can speak for myself. I fight my own fights. I’m articulate when I want to be, and when needed, I write and spell like a professional. 😉
  • I’m honest and true. I tell my life the way it is with no embellishments. If you don’t like it, then stop stalking me.
  • I’m lucky to have Gloria in my life. She’s one crazy weirdo that supports me in all ways possible.
On the bathroom mirror, to remind me of how weird we are.

On the bathroom mirror, to remind me of how weird we are.

  • I LOVE my ability to create. Sometimes, I find myself artistically challenged, but when I look at how many people feel inspired by my layouts and albums, I praise myself for my willingness to share my ideas. I may not be getting paid for my creative capabilities like others that use their creative to gain money, but I love to share. Greediness and money, at least to me, is not the way to live.
  • I’m fortunate enough to choose whether or not I want to work. I should probably be doing what everyone else in society is doing — working their asses off to pay off loans and saving up for future plans (aka future houses and family life)… but honestly, all of that is not what makes a FULL life! Life is being grateful for the blessings you have TODAY. Society wastes their life worrying about how much money everyone makes or what type of job they have. We have MORE than enough for being 25, and honestly, I don’t care. I’ll sit at home and scratch my ass all day if I want. Laugh at me now, but don’t be jealous. Life is life, live it.
  • I’m proud to admit that I’m a victim, but also a survivor. 🙂 It feels so good to admit that; it just makes me a stronger person.
  • I wear whatever makeup I feel like wearing. And actually, I still feel pretty walking around in public without it on. (Oh, and I LOVE the bags under my eyes. I can’t hide those, and I don’t plan on it. It just shows that I feel the wears and tears in life).
This is the real me, and I love her with or without makeup.

This is the real me, and I love her with or without makeup.

  • I stink most of the time from sweating because I like to get down and dirty… but guess what?! I don’t care. I love being dirty, so I can take a nice clean shower.
  • I have ugly feet because I don’t waste my money getting pedicures all the time. I rarely go, but who cares?! Feet are the last thing people look at.

Okay, that’s my list for now. I may have sounded conceited, but whatever. Think what you will of me. I love God, and I love myself. It took me 25 years to realize that, and I’m not going to have ANYONE take that away from me.

As for the latest layouts, I am so behind with posting all of the challenges and projects I have completed, but here’s a few to share:

Another sketch from Kelli over at Pink Sketches! I love how fun this one turned out.

Scrap Outside the Box has a fun challenge running for this month. Use an envelope on your layout, and share it with us. There’s prizes, so make sure to check it out! Here’s mine:

There’s a challenge over at Butterfly Crafts dealing with your favorite childhood toy! I loved my “My First Song” tape player!

I will definitely be back with more updates. I’m tired of immature games, I’m much older than that. But, it sure feels good to be where I’m at in life – HAPPY and fulfilled. That’s it for my word vomit. Excuse my mess.

Wishing you the best of luck,




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26 responses to “Vomit. Bwech. Gag. Puke.

  1. gloria

    The cows may one day fly, the worms may one day walk, but one thing you can always count on is that God will always love you and so will your family. 🙂

  2. agreed whole-heartedly. thank you for your love and your support. 🙂 i’m now starting to see how special i am.


  3. Melissa

    You rock! I love your honesty and your spark. Thanks so much for all of the inspiration. There are hardly any people in this world who can say the things you say. If people compare their lives to yours, they are obviously just jealous.
    The layouts are great your, and I’m glad to see you posting again.

  4. jan

    Vomit it all out. I’m jealous of your honest spirit and how creative you are. Teach me how to scrap like you! =) Keep on blogg’n.

  5. Your post makes me laugh & cry all at the same time. Lucky you that you’re 25 & have come to these realizations & acceptance of yourself & who you are. It was mid 30’s for myself. Yay for you! So glad our paths have crossed, so glad you’re back… I had to lurk around in your flickr account to get inspired while you were gone. Hee! 🙂

  6. Oh & thanks for posting some new LO’s… they are all AWESOME as always! 🙂

  7. What an inspiring post! You should never EVER apologize for who you are and loving yourself anyway. Welcome back!

  8. Sarah!, I praise your HONESTY and your GREATFULNESS! Im so the same way and ALOT of poeple say that “I SO MEAN!” Well if speaking my mind, being honest, showing how greatful I am, and being true to myself is being mean. Then D@MN Im gladly to say Im mean! I have two saying for myself and its this ” IM THE NICEST PERSON YOU WILL EVER MET, BUT CROSS ME ONCE AND I WILL BE THE BIGGIEST BIATCH YOU EVER MET! The second one is pretty much the same, just shorter… ” IM THE NICEST BIATCH YOU WILL EVER MET!”

    If you ever need or even want another person to let things out just know Im an email away and even you want to vent over the phone Im here for that too. Keep your head up high like you are and let the others just be jealous!

    HUGS to you!

    P.S Great layouts as always!

  9. Michelle

    AMEN! This post is inspiring. Don’t let anyone take you down. People are probably just jealous of how inspiring, pretty, and creative you are… I know that I am! =P I’m jealous of your exotic look.

    Can’t wait to see more layouts.

  10. Loveliest vomit ever. 🙂

    Seriously admire your attitude! Such a great reminder to keep my eyes on the blessings that surround me right now!

    And I’m so happy to see new layouts. I really need to scrap SOON! 🙂

  11. Good for you!!! You are awesome.


    I have to disagree on the stinky part. Trust me, I would know. 😀 As for the feet…. you know my stance on that one.

  13. It’s “Boo-weh” in this family! Not “Bwech” or whatever that is. lol 🙂

  14. Woohoo! Way to go, Sara!!

  15. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

  16. Isolde


  17. you go girl!!!! I think you’re hot on the inside and out too 😉 And you already know how hot Maui is 😀

  18. I think you are beautiful, articulate and you create amazing things. This blog entry ROCKED! Keeping it real, that’s the way it should be.

  19. well I agree with all the above.. you are gorgeous and amazing and I adore you. Love that love you yourself and love God…. thats what its about!


    PS and us white white girls wish we were a nice mocha color like you lucky girl….

  20. what an empowering post, good for you for taking the time to count your blessings and take inventory of all the wonderful qualities about yourself :] i feel like if more people did that they’d be a lot happier.

    oooh and yay for being a bay area native! i’ve lived here my whole life and cannot imagine being anywhere else :]

  21. OMG, you are adorable!
    And who says schnauzers aren’t the cutest bestest dogs in the world? She is just precious. My “Angus” (a black schnauzer) would have a bigtime crush on her! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I hopped on over here and you have made me smile! I’ll be back!

  22. Hi Dear Sarah!!! Yes dear you’re beautiful inside and out…Just do and remember…
    ….always be yourself.
    ….smile always.
    ….Love your family even more and say I Love You to them everyday.
    ….cuddle maui more often.
    ….and thank the LOrd for his everyday blessings.

    Ate Rowee

  23. What can I say? You go girl!!! I just love to always stop by your blog coz I just love how you lived your life to the fullest! You’re a reminder of how life should be lived! We are too busy and caught up in running the rat race to even stop and smell the flowers!

    I love everything about you, you know that girl! Most of all, I love that you know how much the Lord loves and cherishes you…that makes you even much more beautiful than ever! It’s that quiet confidence that gives you your beauty! And you are all that beautiful!

    Love your layouts btw! I had fun looking at each of them!

    Thank you for continually being yourself!

  24. Why would you need a REAL yard when you have the entire Bay Area? Who need their OWN yard, regardless of size when you have a dog-friendly, safe, and beautiful town to live in?

    Having places to explore and nice people to meet sure beats having your OWN house with a REAL yard in some crappy city. 😀 Those folks never get to do anything or go anywhere! Stuck for life. 😛 Whereas you have tons of room to expand, grow, learn, roam, and enjoy!

    /takes off corny hat….


  25. Has someone been picking on you again? You just tell us their name and kaPOW right in the kisser! Seriously though your fans (including me) think you rock and I don’t understand these people that keep trying to bring you and other popular bloggers down. I’ve seen other bloggers that felt they had to justify themselves because someone left them a nasty comment and I just don’t get it. Especially in the crafting community as I’ve always felt it was such a friendly, safe place. Anyhoo you just keep on keepin’ on and ignore those negative poo pooers.
    hugs accross the ocean for you and Maui

  26. rock on with your bad ass self ~ rad post here!!!

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