Counting the Days. Dog Toys. WINNERS.

The more I sit in anticipation, the more the days come slowly. Less than two weeks away, and I’ll totally be jumping up and down (or keeping my hands full with things to do). EEEPS! I can’t wait to share the news. (HINTS: Something I have always wanted. Something that needs to be picked out. Something you have to shop around for. My family is excited. — any guesses? If you know the answer, please don’t give it away.)

Yesterday, I decided to take some time to sew, so I went to pick up some fabric. I ended up making a blanket for Maui, since she needed a new one. Besides, there was no way I was going to spend $30 at a dog boutique on a blanket. I made one side flannel and the other side fleece — two of her favorite fabrics! On top of that, I LOVE the patterns. I wasn’t sure if she was going to like it compared to her puppy blanket, but I gave it a shot any way. Here was the end result:

I love my new blanket! Its the best ever!

"I love my new blanket! It's the best ever!"

Check out my cool new blanket. I love everything about it!

"Check out my cool new blanket. I love everything about it!"

I’m so glad she approved! Otherwise, I would have donated it to the local pet shelter, Human Society Silicon Valley. You can never go wrong donating! 🙂 …and while we are on the topic of dogs, I found a couple of things for a true bargain the other day.

1. Kong Wubba Toy: I found it for about $2.00! I couldn’t pass it up the deal, so I bought it. It’s a great fetch and chew toy. She chewed on it for at least an hour last night. I would totally recommend this to any dog owner, and I’m pretty sure they come in all different sizes.

She fell asleep with one of these last night.

She fell asleep with one last night.

2. Monster Mouth: I found this funny and cute dog toy on sale! It was about $2.00 as well. I think they normally price them at $7-8, so I scored myself a deal.  It’s similar to the rubber Kongs where you put treats inside, and your dog can spend hours trying to figure out a way to get them out.  I, personally, like this design much better.

I stuck num nums in this one, and she was going at it for over an hour.

I put "num nums" inside. She went at it for over an hour.

Here’s a toy Maui doesn’t have, but I’d totally buy it to get rid of doggy boredom. I’ve seen the squirrel version of this at a dog boutique, but I’ve never seen the turtle one. I think the turtle one is funnier and cuter.

Isnt this cute?! Id buy it if I didnt have to pay bills, lol.

Isn't this cute?! I'd buy it if I didn't have to pay bills, lol.

Okay, I’ll stop talking about dog toys. I’m sure I’m boring everyone with this topic, haha. Besides, it’s not like she needs anymore toys. Not only does she get spoiled by me and Gloria, our families and friends spoil her too. If I took a picture of the toys in her toy basket, you’d think we were crazy. 🙂 Maybe I’ll go through her basket of toys and find some to donate to the shelter.

Okay, as promised… the winners to the RAKs! A big thank you to everyone for playing and linking Red Oak Lines to their blogs. I totally appreciate it! I randomly picked these names out of a bowl of entries, and here are the results:

Double RAK (one RAK per winner): Mallory and Shel

Chipboard RAK: Chelsey

National Scrapbooking Day RAK: Vanessa

Congratulations, girls! Please email me your mailing address to, and I will send out those packages as soon as I can. Also, there’s still time to play along with the ribbon and scraps RAKs; you have until the end of today.

As for scrapping, I haven’t had the time to scrap. I guess I’m in the middle of a creative block with paper crafts. Someone please send me their mojo!





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14 responses to “Counting the Days. Dog Toys. WINNERS.

  1. Wow!!!! Thanks so much Sarah!! I am so excited to get the Chipboard RAK!

    Also, I love your reviews on dog toys! Mollie has a huge bin of toys that she literally walks inside of to pick out what she wants! ha! I am always picking up new things and there is nothing better than finding a sale! 🙂 I have wondered about the Kong Toys. Do they make a mess with all of that stuff you put inside?

  2. Now I’m curious what you are up too? Something big, ohh I have so many guesses.

  3. Congrats, girls!! That is the cutest puppy pic ever! Yes, she def looks like she loves her new blanket! 😀

  4. Congrats to the winners! I wonder what news you gonna tell us. I guess I have to be patient huh? Those dog toys are so cute! And that turtle toys is so funny!

  5. Andie

    I haven’t been on here in awhile. Just dropping by to say hello. Love your puppy’s blanket. Your creations give me inspiration.

  6. Hi! Your blanket is sooo cute! I wouldn’t give it to my gog thou as it would turn brown in less than a day!!!! Love that wubba kong too! Agree with you, Cally is mad about it!

  7. hey those are so cute toys, and you’re into sewing too! u rock girl, i have a sewing machine but i just use in my scrapping i’m too scared to sew on fabric hehehe
    looking forward to see ur los soon, tc

  8. Jen

    cute blog! great pics and scrappy LOs!!!
    thx for stopping by 😀

  9. Wendy

    I love that blanket, too! Looks so comfy! Magkano? jk. You did a great job sewing 🙂

  10. Lovin’ all those doggie toys!!! My girls are chewing on some fresh rawhide chews as I type.
    That turtle one is just adorable!!!

  11. Congrats to the winners!

    Have mojo, need time! 😦

    I think I know the good news & something tells me there will be LOTS of photos… 🙂

  12. Hmmmm I have two ideas on what your news could be….guess I will just keep coming back till you tell us!!!!
    I agree with Deana – there will be many photo’s right?
    Wishing you well
    Kris xox

  13. Maui so needs her nails trimmed. 😀 Uncle Scott has the battle scars to prove it! Hahahahahhaaa!

  14. I was so excited to receive all of the chipboard today!! I have already gone to work with some of it! :0) Thanks so much for an awesome suprise Sarah!

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