4 More Days Left.

Why can’t Friday be tomorrow?! I’m so happy and thrilled for such exciting news, but on the other hand, it’s also pretty nerve wrecking to think about it. Here’s a hint to keep everyone guessing: It comes in different sizes. Any ideas? Some people have emailed me with guesses, but I’m not going to say “yes” or “no” until this weekend — that is if time permits. I’m totally going to have my hands full.

I did not get a chance to post yesterday and wish all mothers a joyous day, so although one day late, Happy Mother’s Day to all women (or any other women who have helped foster and love somebody special). I once heard from somebody, that a mother’s love determines how we love ourselves and others. I whole heartedly believe this.

Thank you, Mom, for giving me the life that I have – I now know that I love mine. I love you unconditionally forever and for always. You rock my world to the 92930809843029840293128763812th power.

I love her for everything that she is.

I love her for everything that she is.

People tell me that Im following in her footsteps.

People tell me that I'm following in her footsteps... That's a lot to live up to. =)

I’ve been so swamped with so many different things that I have not really scrapped that much. On the other hand, my scrap room is about 80% clean! I can now see the floor, and my desk is finally cleared. My desk is a glass tabletop with space right below it for storage, so I decided to put trays filled with random scrap supplies. I’ve got a tray for random letters, buttons, chipboard, jewel/pearl adhesives, diecuts, etc. I find that it’s convenient because you’re able to see a handful of supplies to use on projects as opposed to having it sit around never being utilized.

A handful of my button stash stored in a tray.

A handful of my button stash stored in a tray.

Random letters can be easily used up when in sight!

Stray letters can be easily used up when in sight!

I love the handles which allows for me to slide the trays out easily.

I love the handles on the ends, which allows for me to slide the trays out easily.

This was so worth the money. Get one!

This was so worth the money.

As for finished layouts, I created two more layouts recently. Both of them are for the clever and creative Deana. I asked her to swap photos with me, again… and she graciously accepted! She recently created a layout of Maui, and it is so ADORABLE! It’s totally going to go on my wall of inspiration along with the other layout she created with a picture of me in Hawaii. She sent me a couple of photos to choose from, and I decided to just make two different layouts for her! Hope you enjoy these, Deana! Be on the look out for some “happy mail” some time soon!

1. “You Are One Blessed and Lucky Mom”: The journaling is what she wrote on her blog about the experience of being a mother to her beautiful daughter, Bryn. Find it here (Sorry about the blurry part on the top – the scanner was giving me problems!). Lastly, this was inspired by the current challenge over at DreamGirls.

2. “My Favorite Scrapper”: I totally love Deana’s scrap style. I can’t get enough of her ability to create something brand new every single time. She inspires me in all ways possible!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead of them,




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15 responses to “4 More Days Left.

  1. gloria

    I love your new layouts, they are fresh and clean. Also, I am thrilled to see your scrap room 80% clean! Woohoo! I had a lovely mother’s day too.

  2. I am crying & giddy right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are the absolute coolest chick EVER! A simple thank you is just not enough, but please know that I adore you & your mad scrapping skills. Your work is such an inspiration to me, too, & so… well, you can never stop posting your work! 🙂 hee!

    By the way… your storage ideas & stash… so cute… looks like candy! 🙂

    And ps… that photo of you & your mom… oh my goodness… you are both GORGEOUS! And I love what you wrote about a mother’s love determining how we love ourselves & others. So true…

    Thank you again & big hugs ♥… 🙂

  3. Your mom is stunning. Love these photos.

    And yay for floor! LOL

    You know, if you ever want to photo-swap, I’m game. 🙂

  4. Oh, and I forgot to add that your layouts are gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful photos & layouts!! 4 more days huh ? Your hint only makes me more puzzed…lol…
    can’t wait 🙂 Have a happy week 🙂

  6. Oh yes, I also love her work, and her scrap room is a dream come true.

  7. I want to see your room. Take pics.

  8. WOW gorgeous-smorgeous photos and those LO’s!! Love your sense of colour!!

  9. This is too dang cute! the colors and whole Lo are awesome. Thanks for playing DG:) Really like your blog too.

  10. Glenda Tkalac

    Wow, she is so lucky as these are both gorgeous layouts!!! Thanks for playing along with us at Dream Girls!!

  11. Fantastic photos of you and your mom…such beautiful ladies you are! And I’m wanting a scrap desk like yours! I LOVE the idea of being able to see those supplies. I have to dig through my cute, but not necessarily convenient, boxes. My biggest problem is too much stuff!

    You did a fabulous job on Deana’s LO’s! I know she is thrilled with them. Hope you have a great “hump” day!

  12. That organization looks really nice! What a neat thing to have a glass table where you can see all of your goodies!
    What a neat page idea – to scrap about your favorite scrapper! I am going to file that away and use it sometime. 🙂

  13. Beautiful pages! So glad you were inspired by our Dreamgirls challenge!

  14. That’s some really awesome layouts babe!!! I’m always blown away by what you do and your style!

    Thanks for playing along with us 🙂

  15. loooove all your gorgeous pics and layouts! Loooove that pretty pic of you and your mom!!

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