It’s Parti Time! 20,000+ RAK!

I forgot to mention last week that when I was looking at my blog stats, I noticed I was over 20,000 by a few hundred hits! I didn’t think that anyone checks my blog, but I guess people love to stop by. Boy, does that make me happy! 🙂 Just because all of you readers are so kind, let’s do a RAK. Just leave me a comment on this post — that’s it. You have until May 21st! Good luck to all.

Now… on to the fun stuff.

I am so exhausted beyond belief. Lately, I’ve been dealing with tons of house renovations, shopping around for new furniture (the new bed finally was delivered), and trying to keep our place clean and tidy. Even though there’s a lot going on, we deciding on making another big decision.

No, I didn’t buy any nifty electronic gadgets like an iphone, but I do plan on getting my new laptop very soon.




No, we’re not planning on buying another house. I wish I was that rich though, haha. Give it another 4-5 years, and all that money will go into some small dinky house which is completely overpriced due to the housing inflation all over the bay area.




No, I’m not going to someplace cool like Greece, Italy, New Zealand, Hawaii, etc. Hopefully though, I’ll be going soon! Vacations are always on the must-do list.




No, I didn’t get a pretty and sparkly diamond ring. I’m anticipating that for next year. Thus, there is no wedding. Hopefully, in a couple of years, I’ll get to walk down an aisle.




No, it’s not a new car or new camera. Although, I did get a new car and camera earlier this year.




The exciting news:




Introducing the newest member of our family, Hilo.

Introducing the newest family member, Hilo!!

If you guessed “puppy”, “furbaby”, “schnauzer”, “dog”, etc., then you were absolutely right! 🙂 We jumped on the opportunity and decided to add to the family. Now, there are two monsters running around the house. We picked him up this weekend from the same place we adopted Maui. Yup, he’s a full Miniature Schnauzer; we can’t seem to get enough of that Schnauzer personality. He’s considered Parti color, and oddly enough, he’s tricolored. Oh, and get this — they are actually blood-related! I was so worried how Maui was going to react. Suprisingly, Maui can’t get enough of Hilo. They can’t stop playing with each other, and the wrestling and tug-o-war games are endless. To make things even better, they sleep next to each other.

So, do you get why there’s a BIG smile on my face?! Well, if you don’t, let me show you why:

The floppy ears always gets me!

Hilo has floppy ears too, just like his sister.

That face is just as precious as Mauis!

That face is just as precious as Maui's!

Adorable, dont you think?!

Adorable, don't you think?!

On the first day, they were all ready playing in our grass.

On the first day, they were all ready playing in our grass.

Meet the kids.

Meet the "kids".

Maui and Hilo hanging out together with that squirrel toy.

Maui and Hilo hanging out together with their latest toy - that squirrel toy.

This was way too cute - they like to sleep next to each other.

This is way too cute - they like to sleep next to each other.

A bundle of cutness... and of course, terror!

A bundle of cuteness... and of course, a terror! He loves our grass.

Bed time for the kids!

This is what bed time for the "kids" looks like!

Okay, so do you see why I’m grinning from ear to ear?! I’ve got a house full of LOVE and more LOVE. There will be more cuddles and more adventures to enjoy. There’s also going to be a lot of potty accidents and chewing incidents, but patience will keep us going. Get this though, he learned sit in 3-4 tries! Wahooo!! It’s going to be one up and down ride, but here goes. Send us the best of luck!

Oh, and for those of you who guessed right, I plan on putting your name into the drawing three times. I’ll have one of the furbabies pick a name out.

I had time to scrap. Can you believe it?! I created a layout with the latest sketch over at Pink Sketches! Here’s mine for the week:

Oh, and if you haven’t all ready, join us in the latest challenge over at Scrap Outside the Box! I’m dying to see what people can create with the challenge I posted! Seriously, I dare you to give it a go. I want to see players in this one!!!

Also, thank you to Gutter Girlz for selecting me as one of the winners for the last challenge. I had such a fun time playing along, so it’s even cooler that I’m going to get more happy mail in the mailbox.

Hugs to all,


PS – I want to see those comments!!! If I get over 30 comments on this one, I’ll send out an even bigger RAK… and perhaps, I’ll draw two names! 😉



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38 responses to “It’s Parti Time! 20,000+ RAK!

  1. Hilo already loves his Uncle Scott! I didn’t really get a good look at him this weekend because he was always in his crate or laying around, but those pics are awesome. Where the heck was I when all those pics were taken?

  2. hmmm, let me think…?! you were back at home while we headed back to our house! duh! 🙂 the kids LOVE playing in the grass out in the patio.

  3. Hilo is so cute! When my girls see this, they will be drooling over him! 😉

  4. Omigosh! Hilo is too cute for words!! I have not seen a parti-colored Schnauzer before…SOOOO cute!! *grins* Maui, you’re like the perfect big sister! Thanks for sharing the photos with us! Can’t wait to see more of you both…*wink*


  5. I got it right! Hilo is so adorable! I wish I can have one!

  6. I enjoy being right. 😀 They make an adorable pair! That last photo makes me smile. And I’m impressed that you’ve had time to scrap! (I haven’t yet…LOL.) Great page.

  7. Hi Sarah!!! Congrats on hitting 20,000!!! Hilo is so cute just like Maui. They are so lovely together… I think Maui is happy being with Hilo…

    Ate Rowee

  8. Congrats! Hilo is looking like he’s enjoying his new home – and his new family.

  9. gloria

    *rraaawwwrrr** I think that’s what Hilo said to me this morning. Love the pictures and the lay outs. How about you make me something for my cube? =P

  10. I thought it may be a new furbaby!!! Congrats on the new addition to your family! That is so exciting and he is just too cute! Cant wait to hear about how the training goes! Fun, fun, fun!!

  11. Absolutely too cute for words! Congratulations AND good luck! lol!

  12. O’ Sarah, he is so ADORABLE! and TOTAL CUTENESS!

  13. Mustangkayla

    Wow! Congrats on all the hits and a big congrats on the new furbaby too! He is adorable and I love his name!

  14. aww, your new dog is sooo cute, congrats on the newest addition to your family!! I can’t wait to see you scrap his pics too! 🙂 I hear ya, I want to do lots of fun stuff like you, but no money 😦 No ring for me either but it better be within the next year! haha. I hope you get un-exhausted soon!!

  15. Sean

    Uncle Sean > Uncle Scott
    ∴ Uncle Sean = #1 Uncle

  16. love the equation format sean. but really the formula goes:

    Uncle Scott = Uncle Sean
    ∴ Both Maui and Hilo want the same attention and love. AKA: toys and treats!!!

  17. wendy


    WELCOME, HILO! You are (going to be) one lucky kid 😉

    *from auntie wendy in dc*

  18. Yeah!!! What a cute littel dog. I’m sure you are so thrilled with the new family member.

  19. elysia

    your puppies are adoreable! i love schnauzers! i discovered your blog after admiring your work on and once i saw Maui, i was hooked. Best of luck to you and your babies!

  20. CONGRATS on your new baby!! Oh my gosh, he is the cutest thing in the world! (Next to Maui and my own doggies of course. *hehe*) We used to have a Parti Cocker, but I had no idea Schnauzers came in Parti!! His face could not be more precious with that awesome coloring. Love him! Can’t wait to watch him grow up. 🙂 Have fun!

  21. Or we could settle this scientifically. Stand out on the patio, equal distance from Maui, let her go outside and see who she runs to first. Run some trials, switch postions, run more trials, and then cruch the statistics.

    Or you could tell her “Where’s Uncle ____?” when we’re not there and see who gets the more intense tail wag/butt shake.

  22. Oh my goodness! Hilo & Maui…. 2 CA-utie PA-tooties!


  23. Love the new pup! Glad to hear Maui took to him so quickly.
    Puppies are just the best thing ever!

  24. krismakes

    Two is always better! Such cute puppy lurve going on at your place. I really like the breed; if I ever get more puppies (I’d have to move to a farm ha) I might just get a mini shnauze.
    Enjoy your family time!
    Kris xox

  25. Oh Sarah! Hilo is sooooo cute!! Can’t wait to see him on your layouts 🙂 I’m sure you have taken a whole bunch of photos already :):)


  26. Michelle

    Hi! Your new puppy is sooo adorable!! Thats exciting that Maui is adjusting well sounds like he
    has a new Best friend!! Congrats on over 20,000 posts thats just amazing and so awesome!!
    We didnt get to go to the Beach the weather wasnt quite warm enough with the wind! We will go after Memorial day weekend is over !
    Hope your having a great week!

  27. Kate

    that picture of them on the couch is just so precious! congratulations on the new addition to the family! *huggies*

  28. OMG!!! Hilo is such a cutie!!!!!!! Look at tat face!!!!!! I so wanna squeeze him!! I am still waiting for my little furboy to come home with mama. 😦

  29. Your new puppy is sooooooo cute!! I just wanted to stop by and say hello back! But I found a bonus…an RAK! Yeah!! I have to say 20,000 it is a great reason to celebrate!!!

  30. I guessed right and oh what a cute!!!!! I want one soooooo bad!!!!! Great pics!!!! Happy Tuesday!!!!

  31. Well congrats are in order all over the place!!! The puppy is ADORABLE!! And Congrats on the ScrapSchemes DT!! I can’t wait to “work” with you!! Gotta get working on the one that’s up and the one that’s coming….

  32. Cheryl

    OMGosh! I thought your first baby was the cutest, but now the new one is making it a tie! Your lil babies are too cute! Congrats on the new arrival! 🙂 🙂 Hope you are having a great week!

  33. Hi! Just found your blog today, although I think I’ve been here before! Very cute doggy, congrats!

  34. Hi Sarah! Maui and Hilo are both adorable!

    Stay happy and take care,
    Ate Lil

  35. They look soooo cute together!! Congratulations with your newest baby Sarah!
    xxx Peggy

  36. Oh my!!! Isn’t Hilo so precious??? I love the colors on him! He’s so sweet!! I’m glad Maui has got a new permanent playmate and your house will be bursting full of love!!!! Great job on the Pink Sketch! Love layouts of Maui always!

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