I don’t know where to start with this post. I’m not even sure what to write about today. Perhaps it’s because I feel blah and slightly anxious, and I can not even find the root cause of it. I suspect it’s because I am disappointed in so many things. I guess I just don’t understand why people are not allowed to marry who they love.

Also, I don’t understand why people like to snoop around in my business. Yes, I do keep track of the snoopers.

On another note, life has been crazily moving fast forward. I can’t even believe that Memorial Weekend has come and gone, and summer is full speed ahead.

Anyway, this past weekend, we headed down to SoCal. We witnessed the union between Gloria’s cousin, Selisa, and her now husband, Steven. It was a beautiful event, watching two people celebrate their love for one another. Everything turned out lovely, and I am so honored that she asked me for wedding planning advice prior to the big day. Here are some pictures to share:

One beautiful outdoor wedding!

The bride walking down the aisle.

The pretty bride walking down the aisle.

A rose placed on an empty chair for her late mother.

A rose to save a seat for her late mother.

These two are adorable together.

These two are adorable together.

Weddings... *sigh*

I thought this picture was cute.

Yellow and red - perfect colors for an outdoor wedding.

Red and yellow - a perfect color combination for an outdoor wedding in a botanical garden.

…and here are some other random pictures from our outing this weekend:

We stayed in La Jolla at the Hilton Hotel - theyre pet friendly.

We stayed in La Jolla at the Hilton Hotel - they're pet friendly.

Maui surely enjoyed the preferential treatment this past weekend.

Maui surely enjoyed the preferential treatment this past weekend.

While walking around, we were told that there was a dog boutique in the village, so we hit up Muttropolis. This place is majorly cute! They’ve got tons of stuff, and there are actually treats that Maui and Hilo can have.

Please, can I have one?! Ill be a good doggy!

"Please, can I have one?! I'll be a good doggy!"

We walked around the area and just enjoyed the La Jolla views. How lucky of us to come down on a weekend with great weather!

I can never get enough of the ocean. I live for it.

I can never get enough of the ocean. I live for it.

On our walk, Gloria and I traded turns carrying Hilo in the sling I sewed for him.

While walking around, Gloria and I traded turns carrying Hilo in the sling I sewed for him.

Hes such a monster, a very cute monster.

He's such a terror, a very cute terror.

I’m so surprised “the kids” made the drive down to SoCal with no dilemmas. They don’t get carsick, and they can actually sit in a car for long amounts of time without getting too rowdy.

On the way back up to the bay!

On the way back up to the bay!

So yeah, that was my weekend. Now, onto some scrapping updates.

The sketch this week over at Pink Sketches is totally worth checking out. Play along with us, and show us what you’ve got! Here’s my weekly contribution:

…and here’s another one, just for pure fun:

Oh, and as promised, I finally got a chance to draw random names for the the 20,000th RAK. I decided to draw two names for this one, and the winners are… *drum roll please*

aww, your new dog is sooo cute, congrats on the newest addition to your family!! I can’t wait to see you scrap his pics too! :) I hear ya, I want to do lots of fun stuff like you, but no money :( No ring for me either but it better be within the next year! haha. I hope you get un-exhausted soon!!


that picture of them on the couch is just so precious! congratulations on the new addition to the family! *huggies*

You know the drill, girls! Send an email over to redoaklines@gmail.com, and I’ll send out your package of goodies!

That’s it for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week ahead of them.

Recovering from this past weekend,




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18 responses to “Unknown.

  1. gloria

    I love the latest layouts, especially the guilty verdict. I am very happy to see you scrapping again. I know a weekend with my family and without scrapping causes you to (as Homer Simpson says) “go something something.”

    On a side note. Thanks for enduring a crazy drive with my crazy family to attend my cousin’s wedding. She’s ecstatic that her and Steven are now unionized. Now if the other 52% of California would give equality a chance. (i.e. especially those in multi-cultural unions because 20 years ago that was considered an abomination!)

  2. Yeah disappointments can be tragic, don’t worry too much and I hope you’ll feel better soon.
    Glad to see you scrapping again, take care.

  3. Totally awesome pictures and adorable layouts!

  4. Jeanie

    I agree with you on that. People should marry who they wish.

    Looks like such a beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos.

    Like always……….. enjoyed looking at your layouts. πŸ™‚

  5. beautiful bride, and your so right, I don’t understand why people care so much about who someone else is marrying. Those people should waste their time caring about something else and maybe the world could be happier place.

  6. I’m so so glad you had a good time at the wedding!

    I am totally loving your new layouts!!! <333 So pretty, so inspiring!

    ❀ B

  7. Beautiful wedding photos you took. Your los are so cute and I like that little blue monster on the lo of you. Did you make him? It seems like Maui and Hilo had fun too. How neat is that, that there was a doggy retreat/spa πŸ˜‰ for the kiddos!

  8. Julie

    Sounds like U are having a rough time….hope things get better soon….{{{HUGS}}} ….loveeeeeeeeeeee the photos and the LO’s ARE GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  9. Marry who you β™₯ & stop listening to what other people say…

    The LO’s rock. So do you. β™₯ that photo of you & the kids. Still cringing over the photo of poor Gloria’s hand… not fun.

    Hugs…. πŸ™‚

  10. Hilo got bigger since the last time I saw him.

  11. Sean

    Hi sister! I love you!

    P.S. there was a typo
    “They don’t get carsick, and they can actually sit in a car for long amounts of time without getting too rowdy.”

    “They didn’t get carsick, and they can actually sit in a car for long amounts of time without getting too rowdy.”

    That is all. Oh yeah, Hilo’s huge compared to a couple weeks ago!

  12. looks like a lovely wedding & a fun weekend. Love the LOs too! πŸ™‚

  13. The bride is so lovely to behold! And what a gorgeous day for a wedding! In Singapore, the poor bride and groom and guests will be sweating buckets in our humid weather for an outdoor wedding!!!

    I’m loving your layouts as always! They are always to fun to look at!

    Oh yes, cute doggy sling for Hilo!!! LOL! Reminded me of the times where I used to sling my boy up when he was a baby!

  14. Oh Sarah, that’s not fair. That’s why I love Toronto..come get married here! (I’ll doggysit!)
    Your work is gorgeous and always inspiring.
    Hugs to you,

  15. Ok, seriously. Maui is too damn cute. Hilo is just puppy cute still, but Maui is just fabulous. I’m sure Hilo will look studly, like his Uncle Scott, when he’s older and fills out… But Maui… DAMN! Hot.

    I wanna come down and see the kids and the new floors, beds, and fixed up patio, but I can’t make it down this weekend. 😦 Send me pics like how I sent pics when the house here was worked on a few months ago!!

  16. sad/angry along with you at the news, but your layouts and dogs look fantastic. πŸ™‚

  17. Hope you feel better soon, dearie. And your layouts are simply cute! Love the choice of embellishments used!

    Take care!

  18. yay, thank you so much, im so excited i won a rak from you! πŸ™‚
    beautiful wedding pics, i loved their wedding colors! Love those pics of you guys carrying your dog in a sling too, so funny!
    im sorry youve been stressed about stuff 😦 I hope things turn around for you soon and you get to feeling better!

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