Patio, Pages, and Planning.

I wish the weekend was longer, but then again, I think most people agree with me on that one. This past weekend, my family came to hang out. My mom was totally impressed with my garden. Yippppeee! She told me that my vegetables and herbs were more abundant than hers! Personally, I find that hard to believe since she’s got a major green thumb. I can’t wait to reap all of the fresh produce!



On top of the vegetable garden, we’ve been working on making the patio feel warm and homely. We’re pleased with how everything turned out, and so are the dogs! There are a variety of flowers that add so much color to our place, and the dogs now have grass and bark to run around and play in.

The yellow totally pops with the blue pot.

I absolutely love how the yellow daisies totally pop with the blue pot.

Our defective, yet pretty red daisies.

Our defective, yet pretty red daisies.

Earlier today, I caught Maui and Hilo in their outdoor toy bin. I guess they were tired of the toys in their usual indoor toy basket. Luckily, I had the camera with me, so I decided to snap some shots of the both of them.

Hilo: We decided to come out here and play instead.

Hilo: "We decided to come out here and play instead. Playing inside the house was boring!"

Maui: Which one should we play with?

Maui: "Which one should we play with?"

Hilo: Get out of here, Mom! Maui and I have this under control.

Hilo: "Mom... Maui and I have this under control."

I’m so impressed that both of them get along. Before we brought Hilo home, I was so worried that Maui wasn’t going to be thrilled about the new puppy. Good thing she loves his company. They really are inseparable nowadays.

They do almost everything together.

They do almost everything together.

Recently, I’ve been deprived of scrapping, so I had to play in the scraproom. In the past couple of days, I worked on some DT work and other layouts just to appease my scrapping craze. I’m totally loving my latest layouts.

The first layout was created for the current Scrapping Across the Universe challenge, which requires for contestants to scrap about exciting news you have received. Mine was about moving into our new home.

I also finished a layout for the current challenge over at Scrap Outside the Box. Ally hosted this challenge, and her “outside the box” item was a clothing tag. Play along for a great way to challenge yourself!

Last but not least, the weekly sketch from Kelli over at Pink Sketches is now available. Here’s the sketch:

…and here’s my layout for this sketch:

I love the Jillibean Soup letter stickers on this layout. Don’t you?!

Okay, that’s it for now. I’ve got to get back to planning. I have to look into different caterers in the area.





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17 responses to “Patio, Pages, and Planning.

  1. Love the daisies! You’ve got green thumb like your mom too!
    Great LOs, Sarah~!

  2. Hey, Sarah,
    All the new layouts are fantastic! Love the one about the new house!
    wow, Hilo is such a cutie. Glad that he and Maui get along so well.

  3. Julie

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos of your garden…and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the LO’s!!! GORGEOUS!! Thanks soooooooooooooo much for playing along with SATU! :):):):):):):):):):):)):):):)

  4. Great photos, great LO’s… as ALWAYS! ♥ those Jillybean letters! Did you order them from that site?

    Looking into catering? Does that mean an at-home ceremony? Like maybe that’s why you’re beautifying your patio??! 🙂

    Hugs ♥…

  5. PS. Bryn said, “Awwww! They’re so cute!” when she saw the pictures of Maui & Hilo. AND she thought your SATU LO was “cute!” 🙂

  6. Great job with the layouts and I could use a bit of your green thumb! I’m a lousy garderner! Wishing you luck in finding the perfect caterer!

  7. Michelle

    Your daisies look stunning. And your dogs……. are they schnauzers?! I have never seen a white or multicolored one before?! They must be pretty rare!

    And of course, your layouts are always so bright and cheery!

    Good luck planning.

  8. Love the pics from your garden and the LO’s are perfect!!! Ahhh..wish I could get out and do some gardening, but this darn rain will not stop!!!! Thank you for the wonderful comments you leave, I so look forward to hearing from you!!! 🙂

  9. I saw the ‘closed house’ layout on Flickr. I love it!! And I love your other layouts, too!
    So funny and adorable are your pups going through their toy bin!! So so cute!!

  10. ahhh! I love your doggies 🙂 They make me smile and think of my little one! Sooo adorable!

  11. Hey! I’m finally back online (I think it’s been about two weeks…eek). Your flowers are so pretty! Love that you’re scrapping again, too! I haven’t forgotten our photo swap — we moved, so things (scrap stuff) aren’t totally unpacked yet. But soon!

  12. I love Yellow flowers in bright blue pots. I did the yellow marigolds in blue pots along the walk , last year and Josh thought it was the dumbest idea. Afterwards he liked them. Duh. Looks like Hilo has made himself at home.

  13. Another awesome post! I love the pictures as always. Your los are so cute. I got some news. Our two females dogs had two puppies. They are so cute. It was a supprise. So now they are going to be getting an appointment to finally get sprayed.

  14. Little Dude needs to get bigger! I know Maui will still be bigger, but golly, Hilo needs to get bigger, so he isn’t such a puppy terror that scratches and bites my face and neck!

    I’m fragile.

  15. Sarah,
    I opened my email today from Memory Makers and there you were! They featured a layout you did,
    We Love and Miss You. Congratulations!! Joan

  16. Woohoo!!! I love the first layouT! Then again, I do love the 2nd, and then I thought you were rocking the Pink Sketches one! You know how much I love your style!

    Loving how your garden looks! I can’t wait to visit you in August! Be sure to invite me to your place for tea and a time of scrapping!

  17. I love, love, love that “We Closed on the House” LO! Really beautiful!!!

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