Dog Gone Naughty

Let me start off by saying that our dogs hardly get themselves into trouble. Honestly, it’s a rare occasion.

However, yesterday we came home to something that made our jaws fall to the floor. We came home to find stuffing from Uncle Scott’s “Austin the Octopus” all over the floor. They weren’t in trouble because they tore a toy to pieces and tried to eat the stuffing; they’re dogs so that’s totally understandable. It was because they decided to go on a chewing spree.

They chewed up Gloria’s sunglasses. Mind you, they are NOT cheap. …and this is the 2nd time it has happened. This is the second sunglasses casualty.

RIP - Electric EC DC

RIP - Electric EC DC

Oh, and last weekend, Maui was playing outside, and a bee stung here. She started to itch her face, gag, and cough. Since she seems to be allergic to everything, I just knew that she was having an allergic reaction to the sting. I whipped out the Benadryl that her vet tells me to carry around, and I gave her the proper dosage. The itching and swelling stopped, but her cough did not. We immediately rushed her to a nearby 24 hour pet hospital (it was around 9pm). They told us that Maui had a reaction to the bee sting, so they needed to give her a shot. She’s fine now, but the bank account isn’t. Pet emergencies are never kind to the bank account.

On a better note, the weather has been beautiful, so we’re spending lots of our time outside.

Isnt this just absolutely lovely?!

Isn't this just absolutely lovely?!

We always make sure theres adequate water for them to drink.

We always make sure there's adequate water for them to drink.

Why is it so hot today?!

"Why is it so hot today?!"

Heres one way to keep cool: Stay in the shade!

Here's one way to keep cool: Stay in the shade!

We have been teaching Hilo how to fetch. It’s much easier to teach since we have Maui to demonstrate. As a matter of fact, he’s actually brought it back a couple of times.

Gloria and Maui working on fetch with Hilo.

Gloria working on "fetch".

We also decided to buy one of those small dog pools to help them keep cool. After some treat prompting, Hilo was drenched. Maui would not even give it a go; she hates getting her feet wet.

Summertime means pool time!

Summertime means pool time!

Hilo: Its getting too cold!

Hilo: "Hmmm... Is this safe?!"

As for me, keeping the house clean and running errands, has kept me completely swamped. It’s a good thing that working from home helps me out a lot. …and suprisingly, I’ve had time to get my little craft on. I finished some layouts that I wanted to share with everyone.

I made this layout for the current challenge over at Dream Girls. I love the color combo that they picked, so I had to give it a shot.

My brother, Scott, has been asking me to make a layout of him, so I did. This layout totally cracks me up. Anyway, hope you like it, Scott!

Last but not least, here’s a layout about the dogs! I love how this one turned out. I think this has to be one of my favorite layouts.

Oh, and of course… Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful fathers or father figures out there. Not only is my dad my guide, he is also my good friend.

I have no idea why he'salways so goofy.

Goofy smile!

I love you, Dad! Thank you for always being understanding and giving me your support no matter what.

Happy Sunday to everyone!





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20 responses to “Dog Gone Naughty

  1. The lampshade picture! Dum dum dum dum dumber!

    I’m never my glasses or sunglasses in accessible location at your place ever again. They’re gonna go on top of the DVD shelf every time! You should throw Maui in the pool as her punishment for her instigation.

  2. maybe we’ll throw her in the pool later on today. gloria was so pissed at them yesterday!

  3. julie

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos and the LO’s….the worse Mr. Dandy has done was when we came home to our GARBAGE all over the kitchen and living room floor!!! UGH!!! U’d think we never fed him or something!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Aww, Im so glad to hear Maui is better from the bee sting. Sorry about Gloria’s glasses. Hopefully she wont have to go throught this again. Cute photos. They always bring a smile to my face. Awesome los and I got a kick out of your brother’s photo! Funny! Have a wonderful, but cool sunday!

  5. I just realized that I’m wearing the same shirt in the pic of me in Tahoe and the one with the lampshade on my head.

  6. Love, love, love the layouts!! And the dog pics!

  7. ann ann

    awww pretty layouts!!

    happy father’s day, uncle lars!!!

  8. My cat is the reason I am so afraid of getting a new couch. LOL

    As always, I just love the layouts!

  9. I forgot to mention that you excluded Mr. Hoshi in your One Beautiful Life layout. 😀

  10. I love chewing and de-stuffing my toys too! The other things that I’ve torn and chewed up includes newspapers, magazines and books…heh! Mom definitely wasn’t too happy about the clean up after that though =P

    You both look SOOO cute playing Fetch and in the swimming pool! I think we need to pull out the swimming pool at our home too!

    The layouts are too pretty! My favourite is the one about Scott…the lampshade on his head is hilarious! *grins*


  11. That Scott LO is perfection. While I only know about him from your blog, I’m pretty sure that sums up his personality. HILARIOUS… 🙂

    And I don’t know why I’m surprised to hear that dogs have so many allergies, but I found it interesting that you have to carry around Benadryl like I do for Bryn (plus an Epipen). That’s one of the reasons I carry a big handbag!

    I can only imagine Gloria’s reaction to her 2nd pair of sunglasses. I’m sure she was less than amused!

    Have a GREAT week! 🙂


  12. Phew! Glad Maui is back to her playful self! And Hilo is growing like a weed huh! Look at him now! Such a gorgeous looking boy!! 😉

    And your layouts are a bomb! Absolutely amazing! Totally love the pictures layering on the first layout! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Well, all of us who have had small pups have been in a similar situation at some time or another. Our labrador pup has done far worse things than what you’re describing, so count yourself lucky LOL. I can’t even begin to sum up the things she has destroyed, but still, I’m sure you know, it’s all forgiven when they flash those innocent puppy eyes at you isn’t it?

    I love all your LO’s, especially the last one. You have a wonderful style!
    xxx Peggy

  14. your layouts always blow me away, they are so perfect! the lamp one is my favorite, i have a picture of a friend very similar to that one :]

  15. We are having the same issues with our pup. Tilly chewed the tubing and wires to a very expensive sleep apnea machine! The machine is for my son and his dad (who paid for it) will not be too happy when he hears. Ummm, yeah, we’ve not spilled the beans just yet. LOL!

    Love you layouts, Girl! They are awesome! Hope your week is a great one! 🙂

  16. Sean

    So I check your blog for the first time in like 3 weeks and you’ve already posted like 3 new entries. Thanks for letting me know gosh! You always tell me to go read it, but you haven’t in a while so now here I am. HAHA you’re going to see where I’m viewing this from. California Department of Water Resources of course!!! lol When is the next time I’m going to see you sis-TAR? I think the next time you’ll be up here, I’ll already be at the Mulholland house so you’ll have to go and visit me there! I really should start packing up my stuff and cleaning but I’m just so lazy. Oh well…tell Maui and Hilo that they’re FAVORITE uncle misses them! (No, it’s not you Scott you dummer). Alright I’ll talk to you later!

    – “Clean up on aisle 1!”

  17. I love your brothers page.
    I hate ER vets. They rob you (it seems) bc we love our pets and if they are in need of care, we dont care the cost. How mean!

  18. These are really CUTE layouts! 🙂

  19. Hey Sarah,

    I’m sorry to hear of Gloria’s sunnies… she must have been totally annoyed!

    Love the layouts that you did! The one of your brother is totally hilarious!!! LOL! I was thinking he might have very much preferred to have a his face shown? LOL!

    Have a great summer babe!

  20. Love the Mr. Lamp LO! So funny!

    I thought about getting a little pool for Mollie but she is terrified of the bath, so I doubt she would have an interest. I know a lot of people that have these and their dogs just love it!

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