House Renovation Pictures

Lately, I’ve been on a scrap supply binge. I’ve been buying left and right. Do I need these things? Not really. Will I use it? Yeah, probably… if it’s visible, of course. I guess this is the joy of being a scrapper, right?

Yesterday, I bought the latest journaling spots and alphas from Jillibean Soup. I’m in love with their stuff!

Arent these cute?! I bought more than one color, haha!

Arent these cute?! I bought more than one color, haha!

I love the vibrant colors!

I love the vibrant colors!

What’s a girl to do with new supplies?! Use them, of course!

Scrap Schemes released their latest scheme today. Use the image below as inspiration for a project, and make sure to share it with us. My layout used brads, heart cut outs, and ribbon to create that linear focal point from the balloons in the photograph.

Scheme 23: Use this as inspiration for a layout/project.

Scheme 23: Use this as your inspiration.

Guess what?! I also managed to finish up a couple of cards. Wahoo!

Random pictures from today:

Can you please open the gate? I want to chase a squirrel!

"Can you please open the gate? I want to chase a squirrel (or a bird)!"

What?! I had to teach Hilo how to bark at them (squirrels and birds).

"What?! I had to teach Hilo how to bark at the intruders (squirrels and birds)."

I guess both of them wanted to help me photograph the latest projects.

I guess both of them wanted to help me photograph the latest projects.

From a bell pepper that we ate, heres what the seeds become. Wahoo!

From a bell pepper that we ate, we took the seeds and planted them. Talk about growth!

Speaking of growth, I dug up the old pictures of the house when we FIRST moved in. I can’t even believe how much progress we’ve made since then. Many people have requested to see pictures of the renovations, so I’ve decided to share some before and after pictures.

The Family Room: We use this room the most. It used to be very dark in the room due to the colors of the wood paneling. We removed all the wood panels and acoustic popcorn on the ceiling, painted the walls, and removed the carpet.Before: Family Room

The Fireplace Area: We are not entirely done with this project yet. We have someone making our mantle for us, and we also need to remove the old tile and put something new there. Hopefully, we’ll have it all done by Christmastime so we’ll have a chimney for Santa Clause! 🙂

The Patio/Outdoor Dining Area: I used to hate the patio, but now I love  this space! Originally, it was all concrete, and it just felt so BLEH! However, we turned it into an additional part of the house. There’s now a cute outdoor dining area to eat and chit chat, grass for the dogs, and a garden for our fresh vegetables and herbs. At night, we light lanterns and candles for night lighting. I’ll have to take a picture of us hanging out after sunset!

Do you like it?! Do you? Do you?! All I can say, is that we did the majority of the work ourselves — ripping the wood paneling off the walls, painting the entire house, moving all of our boxes and furniture on our own without movers or family help, putting up curtains in each room, buying furniture, being our own delivery worker for the furniture we bought, removing the concrete in the patio, buying and lugging manure, sod, and top soil to plant the grass… The list could go on for days. All I know is that we put massive love and HEART into this place. We’ve come a long way not only aesthetically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I’m glad we’ve created so many memories in this place, and it hasn’t even been a year.

We’re not even entirely done with everything, so when more renovations occur, I’ll keep everyone posted!

That’s all I have for today.

Hugs and more hugs,




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15 responses to “House Renovation Pictures

  1. Wooooo I’ll be down there in a couple days!

    Unless Michael Jackson really passed away… then I’ll be in mourning for the remainder of the month listening to Bad on repeat and wishing I had purchased Moonwalker for the Genesis when it was dirt cheap.

  2. gloria

    it is nice to see the changes we’ve made. augh finally. few more to go. =) love the cards.

  3. Your house looks absolutely amazing! Like magazine photos! Marvelous. 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos!
    I love the colors of those alphas, but they remind me of the Love elsie alphas. I don’t love that about them.

  5. Awesome scrap scheme lo! LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! Your house is coming along so beautifully !

  6. Kate

    I love your new place!!

  7. Your house is just gorgeous!! You have done an amazing job – wow!!

  8. Your house is beautiful, Sarah, & I ♥ your decorating style. You can tell it is a house FULL of love…

    I ♥ your take on the Scrap Scenes photo… TOOOOOO CUTE! And your cards are ADORABLE!

    I’m going to try to go back to Michaels today & grab a copy of your Paper Crafts mag/pub. You need to photograph that page & post it for ALL to see on your blog, too!

    Toot Toot for Sarah’s publication! You rock, girl! 🙂

  9. Your renovations are amazing Sarah! I wish I had this kind of vision. I absolutely love the transformation of the family room and the patio. Such a beautiful space!!

  10. thanks for all of the wonderful comments on the house! we can’t wait til it’s all done!! 🙂

  11. Your house is lookin’ good :):) Love the page you did for Scrap Schemes. Your cards are so cute, too.

  12. GIRL…your house is amazing!! awesome job on the renovations. and i really like those stickers you posted too. too cute, and great color.

  13. WOW! I like the new appearance of your blog!

  14. Gina (siameseplease)

    Holy cow, those renovations are AMAZING. Your house looks gorgeous. Great job! Now, can you come to mine?!?

  15. wow ~ the house is looking sooooo pretty ~ amazing really 😀
    im in love with that robot card ~ stinkin, stinkin cuteeeeee!!! love the layout too 😀

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