one year anniversary. rak anyone?

Last year, I decided to start blogging.

I blog for me. I blog to document. I blog to keep in touch with my family and loved ones. Since I started blogging, I have learned a lot about who I am. I have even “met” the most amazing, talented, and creative people through my blog. All of you inspire me with your countless amounts ofΒ  artwork shared. I can not thank you all enough for giving me inspiration day in and day out with your work. You make me smile when you share your lives through your own blogs and when you leave such kind comments to my posts.

…and most importantly, blogging has become another form of therapy for me. I blog to track my anxiety. This year was the hardest year for me to overcome, but it is and has been the most incredible year yet. There has been so much mental and emotional growth on my part, and I am grateful for this change. When I look back and read about what I have done and what I have accomplished, I smile at this past year’s journey. πŸ™‚

Therefore, in honor of my blog’s one year anniversary, I plan on sending out a RAK to one lucky reader. It’ll probably consist of a variety of patterned papers, stickers, and other random embellishments. All you have to do is…

1. Comment to this post telling me what you like about my blog.

2. You have until August 15th, by 11:59 pm, to leave a comment.

Now, here’s some layouts and projects for your weekend viewing pleasure. πŸ˜‰

Lastly, I just wanted to share some photos I snapped of the dogs. Maui and Hilo both love to pose for the camera. Many of you have asked me, “How do you get them to sit so still?” Well, I trained them to “sit” and “pose”. HAHA. Just kidding! Originally, I used to give them treats for sitting still in front of a camera. Now, sometimes I don’t even give them treats, and they just “pose”. Consider me lucky, I guess.

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese. Now can I have some cheese?

Maui: "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese. Now can I have some cheese?"

Arent I adorable?! I deserve more toys and treats!

Hilo: "Aren't I adorable?! I deserve more toys and treats!"

One day, we picked them up from the pet hospital, and they came out like this.

One day, we picked them up from the pet hospital, and they came out wearing these. Cute, huh?!

A big thanks to everyone who has shown me so much love and support.





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33 responses to “one year anniversary. rak anyone?

  1. Now this is easy, I’m just going to repeat the last comment I left you, which was: “I so like the mix of your stories and scrapwork in your blog. You’re blog is so entertaining, I love visiting!”

    I’m glad I wrote this the last time, now you know I really mean it LOL!!!!! But seriously, that mix of stories, cute pics and scrapwork is what makes your blog so appealing to me.
    xxx Peggy

  2. Kate

    Other than those cute photos of your 2 dogs, your scrapbooking style has changed, though similar. Know what I mean? It has evolved, though it’s still very Sarah – and it’s evident from your previous works. Thanks for being an inspiration.

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary! Here’s to wishing you lots more! *huggies*

  3. Julie

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm..what I love MOST about your blog?!?!?!? Well…..I love U….so that’s a PLUS!!! LOL! And I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your lo’s…and I loveeeeeeeeee loveeeeeeeeeee loveeeeeeeeeeeee your puppies!!!!! They are SOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!! And let’s see…I have a question for U… U remember how we “MET”?????? :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Oh my gosh… that photo of Maui & Hilo made me laugh… TOO DANG CUTE! πŸ™‚

    I β™₯ your blog because you ROCK & you have some made scrapping skills that never cease to inspire me.

    LOVIN’ the Nikki Sivils book… cute, cute, cute! πŸ™‚

  5. Hmmm… that was supposed to say MAD scrapping skills. I just finished a 1 1/2 hour spin class & I’m a little shaky right now. LOL!

  6. Easy question….all the gorgeous EYE CANDY!
    From your colorful layouts to the great pics of Maui and Hilo. (Angus thinks the latter is the best part btw!) πŸ™‚
    Even though I cannot get him to pose in front of the camera for the life of me!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. My favorite thing about your blog is how open, honest, and flippin’ creative you are! πŸ™‚

    How cute about the pups! Lola has stopped fighting photos, for the most part, which is a lot more fun for me.

  8. Your blog rocks because:
    -awesome layouts!
    -witty banter
    -cute cute cute dogs!!
    Have a great weekend, Sarah!

  9. i love the layouts you share. they help jumpstart my mojo. πŸ™‚

  10. Aww HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! What I like about your blog is, You are true to yourself. You are very kind to those that are kind to you. You are an all around one of the sweetest and funny girls I have met through the net. Also cause your adorable photos of your fur babies:) and all of your amazing mini albums, layouts, and alter projects.


  11. Jennifer French

    I just started visiting and love your stories, photos and papercrafting projects! Happy Anniversary!

  12. Chris

    happy anniversary!!! Your dogs are the cutest, most adorable, and so totally photogenic. Loving your new layouts too!

  13. Can I have that pic of Maui? This weekend, you better get some good shots of the CATS. I’ll help to get Chrissy out too.

    Oh! What I like about the blog? Well… My SISTER of course! Duh George and Gina!

  14. scott – yes i’ll give you that pic… the original size too. shall i email it to you? πŸ™‚

  15. Beth

    I am always so inspired by your layouts. They are so colorful and they capture a story. I have been a “fan” of yours for a while. I think that a blog is a great release. I hope you continue to share your wonderful talent with all. Your the kind of person that is so friendly and selfless and i feel like i have known you forever.

  16. Hey there chica. What isn’t there to like about your blog?

    1. You are too cute.
    2. You are genuine.
    3. You share your beautiful work.
    4. You let us take a glimpse into your life.


    Love ya, girl!
    ❀ B

  17. I love seeing photos of your trips. (I never have that kind of opportunity.) I love your scrapbook style and of course I like seeing the puppy dogs. I think most of all I like your I dont give a shit attitude with the negative. That is awesome about you.

  18. Happy Blogiversary. The MAIN reason I follow your blog is because you inspire me creatively!!! I love looking at all your designs!
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  19. happy birthday Red Oak Lines! And congrats, Sarah. :o)

    I love your blog for many reasons, but most of all because your layouts are incredible and super inspiring to me! xox

  20. Oh Sarah, how can I pick just ONE thing I love about your blog??? Well, let’s see–there’s your adorable puppies! I absolutely adore seeing pictures of them. And your LO’s are totally amazing! Thanks for this RAK, you’re such a sweetie.

  21. Your blog is just wonderful! I like everything about it, from the photos to the way you tell about your life to your fantastic layouts! BTW, that photo of the dogs in their bandanas is priceless.

  22. I love your inspirational Layouts and your fun photos of your pups!

  23. Michelle

    Happy Blog Anniversary!! I just love seeing all the pictures of your adorable dogs!! I love seeing your creations because they are always inspiring!! Its just so fun to read about your traveling adventures!!
    I hope you have a wondeful week!

  24. Happy Blog Anniversary Sarah!
    I decided to blog too and I totally love it….I love the friends I met along the way…who I would never had met any other way!
    I love visiting your blog because you are so freakin talented..really..your work is such an inspiration.Love the way you write about your life wish I could!And I love your photo’s!
    You made an awesome the colors and the puzzle pieces!And that book is gorgeous!Love it!

  25. jessica

    i love your blog for so many reasons. one being that you are open and honest about your life. it takes a lot of courage to share that with everyone. two, i love looking at all of your pictures. it’s always fun to read your adventures and look at the pictures. it feels like i went along with you. three, who doesn’t like looking at your dogs?! they have to be the cutest dogs ever?! here’s to more blogging! cheers!

  26. i like your blog design! *wink wink* hahaha.
    and i adore your puppies.

  27. I LOVE that last pic of the furbabies! They are so photogenic!

    I LOVE LOVE reading your blog! I like the mix of scrapping and life stories. It is nice to hear the stories behind all of the beautiful layouts! keep it up girl – you are awesome!

  28. Hi, Sarah!

    I just want to congratulate you on the first anniversary of your blog! I love how you are able to express yourself through words and your artwork. Stay happy!

    Ate Lil

  29. What I like most about your blog is the visuality (is that a word?) the bright and colourful photos of your work, your dogs, the places you visit, your friends and family and of course YOU!
    As always thanks for sharing Sarah :o)
    Kris xox

  30. Not here for the RAK, but to say COngratulations my friend on your blog birthday. *hugs*

  31. LOOOVE your blog!! Of course I do. I’m here pretty regularly. What do I love most?? probably your LOs and stories of Maui and now of Hilo too. All of your work is such an inspiration but there’s just something about fur babies that make me melt πŸ˜‰ HUGS and congrats on your 1 year anniversary!!

  32. Sarah – I love your work and I’m so glad I was introduced to your blog/etsy items! I’m usually a stalker! LOL I love reading your blog and what’s going on with ya and maui! eheheh ^_^

  33. Pingback: a big HA-HA! « Red Oak Lines

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